DLC items - Terrible Update

DLC items no longer being useable if you don’t have the DLC is an absolutely terrible update. Here’s my reasoning:

  • You can’t use DLC items to gear your clan if they don’t have the DLC.
    *Players can’t equip or see the items on their character to see if they even like paying with the DLC before purchasing to craft items themselves.
  • Some players have no incentive to invest in a single account because the only feasible way to play without constant harassment is by having multiple accounts.
  • PvP rewards from killing other players with DLC loot are non-existent if you don’t have the DLC.

Feels like some executive who has doesn’t know what it’s like to play the game thought this was a good idea. Feel free to add or argue.


Nothing makes these armors more worthless than knowing you can’t craft them for your friends. They lose significant value compared to the originals.

The devs even mentioned that this prevented them from putting the armors on the Khitan mercenaries and Mek-Kamosis. Just constantly shooting themselves in the foot because they think it’ll get one more person to buy an overpriced armor set that not even their NPCs can wear.


The most annoying thing about the new armours is that you can’t use them offline or if the connection to the servers is lost.


While I’m not a fan of stopping people from sharing DLC stuff with others (c’mon It’s mean guys) This right here is my biggest problem, I’ve paid for it, I should be able to use it! Offline or on!


What has happened?
Has an update been pushed thru that now DLC is under the same (deleted expletive) protocols as Bazaar purchases?

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When I first joined a PvP server, I visited a big Yamatai castle built by another clan. After a friendly tour guided by the owner, he gifted me a full set of Yamatai armor knowing I didn’t have the DLC.
That was the most heart-warming experience I had in my CE life.
Now, it will never happen again.


Pretty sure you just admitted to circumventing bans with alts, but ok


So, I will disagree.

That DLC could be shared was a monetization error.

Development costs money. DLC brings in revenue to fund development.

That we disagree is fine. It is opinion, nothing more.


I just went in with my secondary account that was not made to circumvent any bans by the way I use both on our server. The old DLC s are still available to me there issues are with battle Pass and Bazaar items. The new Stormglass items I purchased with my primary character I can not make with second character .


On playstation you can share dlc with every account which is in this playstation too. But the account who purchased the dlc need to be primary. Also siptah I can share with my friends account on my PlayStation. I have also two alt accounts I used to administrate my g portal server.


Although that is certainly true for the new BLB and Battle Pass items, there was mention of DLC items such as Yamatai armor no longer being sharable. I have not attempted to confirm this personally, I am only pointing out what has already been claimed, possibly erroneously, in this thread.

And yes, not everyone who has an alt account has done so for the sake of attempting to circumvent bans. I do not have one on Conan Exiles but I did have two accounts on Age of Conan because I wanted more characters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not at all. Other accounts to circumvent hackers and enemies from tracking, not bans.

I understand that DLCs brings in revenue to fund development. However as a PvPer, that revenue is clearly not spent on fixing the issues with the game that most affect PvPers. So, if I can’t play the game because issues that affect me aren’t addressed with the revenue I already give them, why would I spend more money for Funcom to spend that money on making more DLC to just make money and ignore issues that matter to me as a player. Like the game is broken, but developers are content with pushing out the next shiny thing instead of fixing the things that prevent the game from growing.

Owning a DLC should be a asset to those that have it, and not a detriment to those that don’t have it.


Correct. Items from old DLC like Yamatai are no longer shareable on PC.


Unfortunately the new purchases through Bp and bazar don’t share the same convenience


It wasn’t though, Joel and the original developers stated it was fully intended.

You are correct here, but have omitted that before Conan Exiles was announced, Funcom was very close to shuttering. Conan Exiles was their “Hail Mary” and it, along with it’s original DLC monetization and the original promise that there’d be no pay to win or timed exclusives is what literally saved Funcom from shutting down.


Nope. I’m not sure what the OP is going on about.

The only thing I believe is restricted and has been since 3.0 was illusioning a piece of armor with DLC. But you can still craft armor, weapons, pets, and give them out. You can probably still do placeables also. The building hammer doesn’t let people build DLC pieces as normal.

And if using Steam Family share, all shared accounts still have access to DLC items if the primary has them.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can’t share items you don’t own. Sorry, I bought it, you shouldn’t be able to use it. From a busness point it’s a horrible idea to allow players that haven’t purchased an item to use an item.

Think about it. You have a ten man clan, you have one person purchase the items and he makes all the gear for his team. That is wrong! And probably why you can no longer do that for anything. If you don’t own the building piece, you can’t craft it. If you don’t own the cosmetic, you can’t use it.

That is only fair. Why are there so many cheap players in this game? Well, I shouldn’t say the game because I play on an official server that is full every night and I haven’t seen anyone that doesn’t have the DLC items. So maybe I should say why is everyone so cheap on the forums? I’m not saying this in a derogatory way. I’m just wondering why everyone thinks it’s okay to expect people to give them free stuff? All I ever hear on the forums is “why isn’t this free?” Um, because it costs money to make and you can’t run a business if you’re not generating money to run it.


I know… I fogot to say that :sweat_smile:

But also I am OK with that if both are not possible to share between accounts.
I mean I am fine if I can not craft it but I would like to use it. Specially for amor and weapons.

As server owner also that I couldn’t use the stormglas set in my admin account. But that wouldn’t be a big thing to do it once with my main account and creating a new char after that when I would start the server.

Multiple accounts isnt against the rules.

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