Exceptional Raider armor encumbrance bug!

Game mode: Online Server
Problem: Bug

I unlocked the raider armor, and a thrall level 3 armorer which i added to the armorbench. However, after creating the exceptional Raider armor and trying to wear it, the game doesnt notify it as armor, and it doesnt remove my encumbrance when i wear the armor. So i walk around with too much weight when i wear it…

Please fix! The armor is way better than the royal armor, but unusable since it doesnt work…

Armor doesn’t work like that. The weight of armor is not removed upon donning it for ‘any’ set.
If you’re used to the Light, Medium and Heavy unlocked at level 10, they add an encumbrance bonus, as does the Royal gear. But their weight is still applied. Raider gear increases a different stat, accuracy if I remember correctly.

You just need to increase your encumbrance and/or apply armor reduction kits to your new gear.

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Ah really?! I will remove this post then :open_mouth:


I actually wore the basic medium armor all the way to level 60 because I liked the look and it gave an encumbrance bonus. If you craft the exceptional set, you’ll get +7 encumbrance. +9 with the flawless set.

Ahh, maybe ill do that too then :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, completely off topic, but i read somewhere that entertainers dont give health buff any longer, but i just got health regen from something after taking dmg, and i cant see any buff. (after being around an entertainer for around 10 minutes). Is it really removed?

No, it’s not. I have one following me right now. I’m correctly receiving +0.25 health per second with 10 stacks of “Entertained”.

That health regen you got is probably due to the dancer bug I reported.

Actually now the bug is kicking in and it’s stacking higher than it’s supposed to. I’m at 0.55 and it will continue to increase. You’re only supposed to get the passive regen while near the entertainers but the bug causes it to become semi-permanent and stack to insane heights. It’ll last until death or relogging.

wow, they dont need to fix this one :rofl:

Hah. It can be nice but it makes the game way too easy. Sometimes it stacks so high that I can’t be killed except by 1-shot mechanics.

well, yeah, makes sense :stuck_out_tongue: