Exploiting Altar Placement on Official 1578

There is a clan called “The Pack” on Official Server 1578 that has found a way to place altars on top of each other, exploiting the building placement limits. I forgot to screen shot their first base as we attacked, but here is their second one. Its funny that the entire clan goes silent when we called them out on the exploit.



Ill provide a list of the players and their steam names as they go online.

Currently, their players are: Hero Darkness, Ake, Kalibre, UfoStealth, Myrzee, Tarl Cabot, Overspeed(trip), and Achillies.


Wow that’s dirty. Hopefully it gets patched ASAP as I can already see the unfair advantages of this exploit.

Dirty, all the more reason they need a ticket system for admins / police on the public servers, like other major games have.

steamuserimages-a.akamaihd .net/ugc/927057975759120908/4A6B24D774957D4580D859F7DA72296224BA363C/

also spamming pillars into no build zones killing the Ymir trainer preventing it from spawning again…

along with the hundreds of pillars and foundations claiming nearly the entire north side of the mounds.


This is one of several issues on server 1578 that appear to pop up with the same group. Unfortunately, some of the other issues have been spontaneous and people were unable to grab screenshots to show anything definitive. While some of this could be based on patch/hotfix changes, only individuals within this group appear to be able to take advantage of them (appearing much as an exploit).

One example that recently stood out and was mentioned by multiple groups was the appearance of teleporting in combat a short distance behind other players and performing melee attacks at range. Another involved those with stam builds being overrun/passed followed by combat in which individuals never appeared to run out of stamina.

None of these incidents are new, having been observed since launch.

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same clan uses infinite stamina exploit and numerous building exploits, building under the world, infinite decay timers. as well as exploiting latency issues presumably with a latency toggle similar to what you see in GTA 5 online.

more stacked altars.

*forum wont let me post screen shots because its very well designed

infinite stamina exploit while running , building under the world with pillars, infinite decay timers cause of building exploits . funcom this needs fixing .

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Nemesis and raven complaining about exploiting? The same clan that on 412 used the infinite tool exploit and taught it to members is calling someone out for exploiting? A clan that stacked armor. A clan that would log off and back in to fall into bases (ours).

Everyone puts columns out to reserve land. You guys do it as well. Two temples? So what. Just fix it.

But your 30+ members cheat and have a history of it so just shut up.

A column is one thing. Finding you can look at it and continue to stack columns under the world connected to it is another.

And you might want to consider the tone addressing fellow players on these forums.

Funcom has no intention nor capability to moderate the Official servers. Their response to persistent issues is to play on a private server. Source:

Ah, you must be an old Saxon, welcome back. I had hoped the last whoopin you got didn’t make you rage, but apparently it did. That’s ok it is a game.

DID YOU KNOW…that the “tool glitch” was called a “durability glitch” and I reported it several times to Exploit Hunters, with screen shots, and step by step instructions on how to replicate it. You know, that’s kind of why we were playing in early access was to find and report exploits. I did that.

The logging in and out of bases to raid them, that was fixed very shortly after it was discovered, and no, I never raided your base doing that. I never raided anyone’s base by exploiting using that glitch.

If you recall all the steam discussions, I stated many times that we do not use any exploits we find against players. If there is a clan that is exploiting, we fed them their own medicine, so they would hopefully stop using it. We play a fair game with those that play fair as well.

Again, like stated numerous times in the steam forums, if you have ANY shred of proof of anything, post it. Calling someone out without evidence is rather low.

Since launch, all known exploits from early access were fixed. Then a stamina glitch was found, but I have no idea how its done, otherwise I would report it.



I wouldn’t call this a harassment issue (despite how much does happen on the server). This is more about public awareness of multiple exploits that all seem to orbit around a single group.

The toxic comment by Reyna does make one valid point, if slightly misinformed. Close to 30 players on this server have chosen to work together to try and deal with the potential exploiters. Which would certainly be easier with a patch/hotfix correcting the issues brought up.

And here we have the allies of The Pack, called Street Fighters also exploiting the altars:


These, you’ll notice are two foundations apart, but ranged enough so the double shield covers the entire building.

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One other thing to add: the pillar placement exploit also creates an infinite decay timer. If you see pillars on your server instead of foundations for land claim, this is likely why.

Wow, the more I hear how things are on official servers, the more I wonder why the hell anyone would play on them.

Yep, great work by all the players who drove off The Pack. We crushed them. They left the server. That’s what the folks on every public server should do to any exploiters.

That’s because of two reasons.

1, as a server “owner/admin” any time you raid someone or get decent equipment you get accused of admin abuse

2, is simple. admins actually abusing their power to raid or kicking/banning you for raiding them or their friends.

so official has no public admins so that solves those two… either way you run the chance of getting screwed.

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…and yet none of that sounds nearly as bad, or as frequent, as all the issues I keep reading about on official servers. To each their own. /shrug

Nevertheless, its still an exploit, and needs to be brought to attention. I also included the names of the tribes and players because when asked about doing this, they laugh, and say “so what?” or “who cares?” or “yeah we know its an exploit”.

I asked both clans if they reported the issue. First clan wouldn’t answer, to which I assume means they didn’t. The second clan, the guy was just being a troll and a dipsh*t first by saying he did, then he didn’t, then he doesn’t care, then blah blah blah. So, I do the next best thing, since I don’t know how to replicate it to report it properly, is to provide names and screen shots.

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