Failed to retrieve Suspension

I went to log in and my account say failed to retrieve suspension information. Why am I suspended and why no warning. I know I have not done anything and now I can log into my account. Friends told me my base and stuff dropped in loot bags. That was stuff from years of collecting every armor in the game as well as purge thralls gone. I have supported this produce and to be treated like this. I want a why. V–VWanhedsV–V is my ps account name.

Hi there!

By the sound of it your base was most likely wiped due to a land claim issue. Maybe you had multiple buildings? Utilized more space than needed or just had a few too many torches etc and someone might have reported your base.

Here’s a thread on some “what not to do” when building on official servers:

Unfortunately though there isn’t anything anyone can do about your suspension here on the forums, you need to turn to Zendesk with any inquiries related to your account status.


In addition to Xevyr’s comment:

Keep in mind that the only Request Type in the Zendesk form that is close to this topic is “Ban Appeal”. As outlined in the ToC, they do not overturn suspensions.

If you’d like to join our discussion regarding a warning system, please check it out here.

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