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Just think of it as rolling “Castle” in the new scenario type :wink:


I find assassins aren’t too bad if you interrupt “flicker”. I don’t think it’s feasible to restrict the random enemy types like that since the number and types that spawn are already restricted by which wave you’re at - plus it’d be a bit bland if every wave was just a single spawn of each type. :v:


I always do wave 19, which is the maximum I can do with a reasonable chance of success. Sometimes two commanders spawn (barely doable) sometimes none (cakewalk) and sometimes you just get completely screwed.


[Agent System]

The following are amazing changes, thank you! (Especially for the extra resources!):

  • Special assignments now provide Intel, Supplies, and Assets
  • Agent Dossier packs bought from Shadow Trafficker with HexCoins will no longer give out duplicate agent dossiers.
  • Added booster pack agents from the South Africa and Druids of Avalon packs to the Shadow Trafficker’s Agent Dossier packs.
  • Missions that require 2 types of resources (Intel, Supplies, or Assets) now give more resources on completion

However, If we are still receiving duplicate agents from agent boosters and you are only rewarding us 4 HexCoins for them, it remains absolutely pointless to keep buying the boosters. A 4 HexCoin return on a purple agent when the cost to trade it in for another one on the Shadow Trafficker is 200 HexCoins is, at best, insulting, at worst, greedy as hell, whether the Shadow Traficker gives us a guaranteed non-duplicate or not. Nothing being changed on this matter is hugely disappointing. :wilted_flower:

Please lower the cost of purple agents or let us trade in our agent booster duplicates for more HexCoins. :sparkles:


Yeah, the changes were absolutely great but the cost of the purple agents is still a bit nuts. :v:


[Suggestion] make luminous versions of the e10 headpieces drop in e1/e5 versions of NYR, it’s weird that you can only get those items once you have no further need for them (because you can complete the hardest content in the game without them :v:)


[PVE ~ Occult Defense] The recent reduction in distills from 5 to 3 does put Occult more in line with Survive, but more is needed to keep Survive viable. Here’s what I’d do:

  • survive rewards: 3 glyph 1 tali|wep (as is)
  • occult rewards: 3 signets 1 tali|wep (currently 2 glyph 1 signet)
  • survive duration: remove one wave (15~20m down to 7~10m)
  • survive duration: remove voice-over & countdowns (another 2~3m saved)

The time to complete a wave in Occult is ideal. Y’all nailed that one. Same thing with the open-ended difficulty. I’d consider giving considerably better rewards for additional waves, since it’s still absurdly counterproductive to complete consecutives compared to “one and done” despite it being more difficult. Suggest giving base rewards for each completion + bonus; ie. for a run of 10~13, you’d get base rewards for 10, 11, 12, & 13 (2xE5 + 2xE6) plus one random distil per extra wave completed. That would put consecutives at slightly better than singles, but not much (3 extra distils in this case).


Nevermind. I read “3 glyphs” instead of “3 signets”. Your suggestion looks weird. Not sure what to think about it, but 3 signet distillates seem a bit too much. I prefer having glyph distillates like now, as i really don’t want to get back to S&P for glyphs anymore, it’s just a boring slog. The current 2 glyphs 1 signet look good to me.

Err, 1 wave lasts 4 min, making the total time spent in a S&P around 11-12min if it doesn’t take it an eternity to kill bosses (not that long at all with damage x2 powerups). Not sure where you get your 15-20min for 1 S&P, but it’s exaggerating imo.

Yes please! This is the biggest problem! Also, remove the cinematic at the very beginning of an S&P just like we don’t have any in OD. This will bring the S&P down to 9-10 min.

This also will absolutely never be done, as this will just make it too OP in terms of MoF spent. 1 key could possibly grant you the equivalent of don’t know how many scenarios, if you do for example 17-25 in a row (which endgame fully geared players can do). There’s a clear reason consecutive waves aren’t that efficient in terms of time spent (XP/minute), because they “compensate” in terms of key value (XP/MoF).


Why? If occult defence means 99.9% of players never run seek and preserve again then nothing of value was lost. :v:

Scenarios are where you go for glyph distillates though.

It just feels that long :v:


You don’t have to watch it, you know? Press Esc to skip. Time saved.


From actual time to complete after doing, well, lots and lots. Shorter time for when near the upper end of the IP range, longer when just tiered-up. However, without removing a wave and the absurdly long voice-overs, Survive will never be viable in terms of reward:time compared to Occult.

I used to set aside 90m of daily play for 3x Survive missions. It was usually less, but adding in other stuff (chatting, crashing due to CF bug, crashing due to zone-in/out, messing with inventory, etc), it typically came to about 70~80m. I don’t recall it ever taking less than 60m. An hour would have been absurdly fast.

Well, not for me and likely not for anyone longer in game than me, but without being run daily by a very large fraction of the population, there will be no more Survive-dropped agents on the AH. As soon as I saw the reward:time for Occult, I quickly bought up all the remaining Survive agents I lacked.

And, I left off the “distillates” part of that, making it look weirder. I didn’t mean actual signets and glyphs. Assuming roughly equal reward:time between the two, there would need to be some other reason for people to run one or the other – roughly a nice split 50/50 of both over time.

Your point on key costs probably explains their bonus structure, but key cost is effectively meaningless. Time is the real limiter.


If people want the agents from seek and preserve they can still run seek and preserve though, so not seeing a problem here. Definitely not seeing a problem so severe that we need to make occult defence scenarios entirely pointless by having them not drop glyph distillates. :v:

The entire point of occult defence is to give people more choice in the kind of scenarios they want to run, not to ensure that everyone runs an exactly even split of both types at all times.


You know that i’m not a newbie, and that i was talking about the ~3s it takes to actually trigger the cinematic, the extra ~3s it takes for Escape pressed to work, the ~5s it takes to re-enable sprint (because you loose it if you cast it before the cinematic…). It’s like saying that cinematics at the last boss of a dungeon should stay outside story mode just because you can “press ESC”…

I had 14 maxed out glyphs before OD released XD. And i never was even close to 20min to do an S&P, even when i just had past a new difficulty level. For someone to take that much time to do an S&P, it just means OD would actually be difficult to impossible to do.

Well that’s your fault, but it’s technically not the scenarios which lasts longer, but you taking longer time to do it. I pretty much always could squeeze 5 S&P in 1h. It’s not that hard: 4min per wave x2 + ~20s from cinematic + triggering the scenario to start + ~40s of announcer slacking at the beginning + ~30s of announcer slacking between waves + ~20s of announcer slacking at the end equals ~10 min. Most of the time i had the damage powerups for bosses, so they took between 3 and 10s to do. Extend it to 1 min per boss for the average person, and you’re getting to 12min.

Meaningless to you!

It is to me as well, but i bet it isn’t meaningless to a lot of people.


Actually, it’s to obfuscate the lack of story development and a means to push agent booster sales. Also, I think you haven’t experienced the joy of a streak of 100+ S&P scenarios without a single agent drop if you consider “no agent on AH” a non issue.

Regarding replacing glyph destillates with signet destillates in OD scenarios, I’m all for that.


I think the cinematic is less the problem with S&P than the diffrent phases before it actually starts. You spend a minute waiting for the scenario to actually start. Always thought that could be slimmed down and should have been done together with OD release.


I always ran 2 during a 30min potion, with 5-8 min to spare. But I have only (looking at achievements) run S&P roughly 100 times total cause it’s not fun for me (OD has similar problems actually, I’m currently at 64 waves complete mostly from event requirements, and not using up my daily keys anymore)

I suppose I may as well write my own list of reasons I stopped running OD

  1. it’s too dark. this is fine in Kingsmouth and Blue Mountain at night for the atmosphere I guess, but under time pressures it’s just making the game less fun. For reference, it’s so dark I can’t play it until after IRL sunset because I stop being able to see enemies if my room is any less than pitch black.
  2. same extreme sensitivity to dps as S&P, but far more randomness in how much you actually need. There’s only about a 10% window from ‘not enough’ to ‘plenty’ (say E10 needs 12000 burst dps, if you have 10800 you’ll fail, 13200 and you’ll have no trouble at all) But the commander event in particular increases this requirement by ~50% so my general experience is “I complete higher level waves easily 3/5 of the time, and wipe it 2/5 of the time when commanders spawn, and it’s out of my control”. This is just the nature of timed wave spawns.
  3. due to signets I’m a committed melee player and this means I’m at a disadvantage pulling stuff out of the center. In S&P I could fight stuff on the survivors without them losing hp as long as I had aggro, here I have to run in, tag them, run out, and wait for the chaotic pathing to decide somewhere outside the circle is a good place to stand before I can kill them.
  4. the UI switches from “wave 12” to “boss” and then “waiting” so when I’m deciding whether to continue I can’t tell what wave I’m at. It’s small but it matters.


One of my characters is hammer/chaos and I really feel for you there. I, too, wish the mobs had to actually attack the stone. This could be made more interesting by letting the long range demons choose to “drop the hammer” on the stone or the player.

For a wish list of tactical changes, that would be near the top, along with limits on the number of “yoinks”, “zoomers”, and “commanders” alive at any one time (I’d say no more one over the number of active players in sum total). Variety is good, but varying between easy and near-certain fail is bad.

You, sir, are a knight that says “Ni”. I take it chopping down all the trees in the forest with a herring was just the warm-up to see if they have what it takes for the real thing.





Thankfully they’ll never do this because it’s an absolutely awful idea. If you want signet distillates, do lairs/regionals/megabosses.

Serious question: could you smell toast burning while you typed this?


Well, it was not 30, but it’s a start.

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