Fragments of power and its uses

Unsurprisingly, I disagree that the Sword of Crom should not be in the game. Lore arguments aside, it looks cool and adds a unique dynamic. However, I agree that it should NOT be equippable by thralls. Allowing already overpowered (hp wise) thralls to wield overpowered weapons is simply not neccessary, and causes balance issues. There will probably be calls for me to be stoned to death for suggesting this, but I dont think thralls should be able to equip Legendary Weapons period.

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Nah, no need for stoning, but as a PvE player I do disagree. If not for thralls I’d have no use for >99% of the legendaries I’ve acquired aside from looking pretty on display racks. Literally the only ones I ever use myself are Glimmermoon, Lovetap, and (very rarely) Bessie’s Bow. The only time I ever break out a shield is just for the temperature mitigation properties of Solspiel and Mistmourne.

That said, it is odd that thralls can bypass so many things that affect players. I’m not opposed to them being held to the same restrictions as players. Also, this wouldn’t be so much of an issue if so many of the weapons introduced in the UC refresh weren’t completely trollish in design.


hit city there s a legacy of the nordheimer to be looted as well
ef khitan chest gloves legs boots + solspiel+ legacy of the nordheimer + 1 spicy food = good bye coldsnap

I stopped hitting UC as frequently once I had all the kilns and feat points I needed, but that does sound like an item I should add to the toolbox. :slight_smile:


wow i cant believe my description got flagged because it shows how broken this concept is…
so just to reply to those who flag on what i write because they know how painful it is to read the truth…

  • crafting and recipes from fragments
    you need 2 recipes and 3 fragments of power.
    frags until you get kiln + 2 fragments and 50-100 hardened bricks to make the kilns( if you have a t4 artisan reduce to 50 bricks for 2 kilns)
    and venom infused daggers + 1 fragment to make the daggers. they can be repaired with legendary repair kits.

  • what you need after you earned the venom infused dagger

once you get those the rest is optionnal and trust me. getting them is like shoving your hand in a popcorn bowl and hope to get pop corn… i gave a fairly good amount of kiln recipes since i started farming them as well as venom infused daggers.

once you get venom infused daggers you wont need anything else to sustain your dps since they give venom 10 and bleed 20 then you switch to any 2 hander you have and plow away.
if you need a decent weapon you can hold onto hardened steel weapons until 55 then get star metal craft and once there hit arena for the dragonbone crafts, take 5 minutes to get it. run all the way hug the walls around the undead dragon and read the tablet then exit the same wya you got in( grat oyuhave BiS hand made weapons) and hit unnamed city kill the baby dragons farm bones make a dragonbone greatsword and you have attained beastmode dps.
the rest then becomes irrelevant.

  • what i plan on doing with the frags i farm so easyly

[edit] im about to start giving shards away on my server because i just plow them. takes me a short amount of time to clear both undead knights, red mother, green dragon white bat + 3 randomly placed chest. if i could get my hands on a second blade of the adventurer and a 3rd lifeblood spear this time would be shortened.

i would also LOVE to know wich part of this text is worthy of the = Your post was flagged as inappropriate : the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of the community guilde lines please because it does not violate any comunity guideline, it is not offensive as it have not used any disrespectful subject and the only abusive thing i could see is the level of butthurtness of peopel who hate the idea of having their delusions popped out

Ahh thank goodness for that. I feared we would have a situation like the video I posted in this link…

As an Offline Singleplayer, I can relate to where you are coming from. It is a valid point. However, I personally would never give a thrall a Legendary Weapon for a few reasons.

  1. They are already too over powered now
  2. I worry that they may be killed, and their body would disappear with that Legendary Weapon before I could retrieve it
  3. It just goes against the natural order of things. Thralls are still slaves at the end of the day. It feels abnormal if they have nicer stuff than me. Moreover, it just seems weird entrusting something that valuable to a slave. I mean could you imagine the (hypothetically) in game value of one in Sepermeru? Its almost like handing one a briefcase full of cash, and asking him to take down to the bank and deposit it for me. I would probably never see it again.

But I know that has nothing to do with whether or not thralls should be able to use them, so ill end that idiosyncratic analogy now.

It just bothers me when we get something which has a unique function, ie-needs one well timed precision strike, instead of just just spamming 4 hit combos, and then it gets abused → then nerfed, and this continues until its no longer useful. It just frustrates me is all. Sorry I know I went off into a tangent there. I hope this made some sense.

There are lots of stone where I live so let me throw the first stone :rofl:

Jokes aside, I disagree and like @Larathiel it would only make most of those legendary weapons we collect become display objects or just sitting forgotten in a chest somewhere.
Aside the random legendary weapon drop in UC, legendary weapons are mostly not much better than a high grade weapon you can craft, but I agree some of them are way too overpowered.

I haven’t tried any of the weapons from there since I have been very unlucky and haven’t found one in my more than 200 boss kills there, but sword of Chrom does sound a bit overpowered with it’s damage output in the hand of a thrall.
Also the Lifeblood spear seems like a winner with its insanely fast health regen, I hear people say that once you got that, you have a huge advantage in pvp fights.

Perhaps it would be better if weapons like these had a higher stamina use and thrall used stamina like they do when you give them a katana to fight with, that would probably give a better balance. :slight_smile:

  1. You say that like it’s a bad thing… (Keep in mind, I’m a PvE player, so I’m not advocating for a lopsided PvP balance.)
  2. For me, it’s much more likely that I’ll accidentally AFK and lose everything on MY body than losing everything on a thrall. Even when they suicide into a deep lava ravine (like the ones beside the Obelisk), it’s generally possible to get that gear back pretty quickly. That said, I also I don’t give thralls items that I wouldn’t want to lose (Glimmermoon, Lovetap) except for brief periods (Lifeblood Spear).
  3. Kings don’t fight their own battles, that’s what champions are for! :smiley: Also, I literally have a large chest for each class of weapon to hold legendaries of that type, and they all contain quite a healthy supply of duplicates (with the notable exceptions of Glimmermoon and Lovetap because I keep losing them due to accidental AFK deaths). In the RP scenario you mention, I might consider it a price well paid for uncovering a servant that I dare not trust with more significant matters.

The fact you ask someone to help you get to Level 30 is so telling.

cuz i dont ned// havea use to work my butt off on another server? you’re the one asking me proofs and you dont seem to want to come over to mine so stay on your position and believe what you can. i have my own facts on my end and the people on my server to prove it.
so either
A- you give me a hand cuz i aint got time to waste on someone saying he doesn’t believe what i can prove.
B - you come over to my server and see it for yourself.

the choice is your

the isue with lifeblood spear is the fact that if placed on a thrall make that 2-4 lifeblood spear…it just makes your thrall unkillable unless they feel like taking a lava bath.

lifeblood spear offers 300 hp regen wich is removed the second that thrall takes dmg.
the health regen on lifeblood spear stays for 1 second after you//that thrall take damage
thralls are so poorly scripted that they auto swap weapons constantly when damaged.
if you put 2-4 lifeblood spears on your thrall…during a fight it takes dmg non stop so it changes weapon non stop. and the health regen is always sustained and worst thanks to someone who clearly didnt like scripting this part…the health regen stacks additionnaly…so its not rare for me to see my thrall with 2-3 regen buff form lifeblood spear during a UC run or even during a fight with undead dragon.

so if you hit unnamed city for a boss run once you even get 1 lifeblood on your thrall it makes boss fights extremely easy and you can chain farm fragments of power in an excessive way

[edit] shodl i get my hands on a 3rd one maybe 4th one for my thrall it would come out of white tiger boss fight with full hp since it could, in theory, heal through bleed stacks. i ahve not been that lucky with red mother since the last hotfix so i have yet to be able to test this one out

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Fragments are easy to get, but there are loads of uses for them. Even if you don’t use them for all the things personally. If you have too many, stop farming them.

If you want to farm them get a Relic Hunter Seeker they are easy to knock out. Put them in the best epic armor you can with a 2H dragonbone sword. Make healing arrows. Sit back and let them kill most everything with easy. Most fights you don’t need to heal you can just let them tank. The Red Mother will be a challenge.

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not even red mother is a joke

We get it, you have perfected the unnamed city. But that is a you problem, and the rest of us seem to enjoy the way it is set up. I can farm full inventory of iron in 30 minutes (that includes returning to base and dumping to smelters to start it), but i don’t just farm it 4 hours a day.
Maybe they can add more uses yes, but everything you write on here loses some credibility, as it seems it was created to just brag. That’s fine, but maybe you should stick to your own topic, and give suggestions for other uses, or re-title this I am the King of Unnamed City Farming.

Back to the thread topic…
Maybe make it part of crafting legendary weapon and armor repair kits. 1 FOP and 20 star metal make 3 legendary repair kits.


need a hug?
im only exposing what should have been thought about more carefully.
it shouldnt take 3 weeks to get at this point of strenght in a survival game.
and dont back away my offer still stand, you want proof come over to my server and see it for yourself.

as for the subject they need to give those items more use i will give you that one because something of this trenght even early in game should have more versatility and a cap towards feat points

While some of these weapons likely is a bit too powerful in the hands of a thrall, I also think that lifeblood spear might be too powerful in pvp…

I’m not sure, but I think that I might have fought someone using lifeblood spear.
Every time I got him close to dying he healed up in a few seconds, several times faster than I could with a combination of aloe soup and aloe extract.
I suspect he might have used the lifeblood spear and possibly some foods and other stuff in combination, but problem was that even if I hit a lot more than he hit me, I just couldn’t kill him.
I don’t consider myself an elite pvp fighter, but I hit him several times more than he hit me, but in the end I decided to run away because I just couldn’t kill him.
And if the lifeblood spear is as good a healing weapon as people say then I think it is OP and ruins pvp fighting a bit.

When I fight the red dragon or any other boss in UC I manage just fine without such weapons, I use 2 handed saword and my thrall use a spear because that is the best way for him to hit the dragon once he is stomped into the ground, we can kill it relatively fast and after the fight I use healing arrows to heal my thrall up again for the next boss fight.

On topic, I think there should be more uses for fragment of power and even some use for the insane amount of duplicate recipe scrolls, perhaps getting some gold from a merchant when selling those you already have.
Problem is that I have a chest full of duplicate recipe scrolls and those that can use most of them(level 60) already have a ton of the same themselves, and I continue to cash fragments in for recipe scrolls because I still only have a little more than half of them all, but would really like a way to get a little for those I have no use for :smiley:


Yeah, a blanket nerf would just punish anyone who doesn’t kit their thralls in op gear. I like to give my thralls a theme for different characters, regardless of power.

What use would healing arrows have in SMP if you couldn’t use them on the only friendly characters in the game?

What is a lifeblood spear? Is that a legendary weapon?



The same use that trebuchets, avatars and bombs have in singleplayer… none (except they could still be used on other players when playing Co-op which is technically the same as singleplayer). Admittedly not an ideal solution, but then again there will always be items or feats that have no use in singleplayer.

Edit: At the very least, the Lifeblood spear shouldn’t work on thralls even if the healing arrows do.

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