Freezing issue on playstation

Yeah it’s been happening alot after the dlc update sept 3 but there’s a patch coming in hot on friday hopefully that helps improve things alot until then it’s waiting game for me :slight_smile:

For the devs: PVE 3519 official. PS4 with 2 TB hybrid drive.

Random but consistent blue screen crashes when accessing anything that has an inventory window. It could be a wheel or a chest or even a thrall or pet. It also happens on activation like starting cooking. It happens at all bases with completely random spots or devices. Base size and thrall count doesn’t matter. In fact I have been slowly destroying two bases and blue screens were still happening when there wasn’t much left. I’m finding that if I wait for the preview window before hitting the square button, it seems to lessen the occurrence of crashes.

… And last Thursday hot fix did not fix the original described freezing issue for offline SP gameplay on my old an clean PS4 console.
I still got to keep the 720p PS4 screen display setting to be able to play 2 hrs without freezing issue. Note that if you start to use the “flying admin mode”, or open the admin panel close to a dense area, then it’s the “SOS” as for month now … immediate freezing.
Hopefully another stronger fix is attended, right ?

If only Conan doesn’t work then it doesn’t sound like a hard drive issue. Mine was, and now everything runs awesome.

Now that does sound like a hard drive issue. Of your console is around five years old I’d replace the HDD before it crashes for good and you lose all your save info



Anyone still have blue screen crashing? I feel that the patch diddnt make a difference for me with the constant crashing. I have a ps4 slim 500gb, all my other games dont ever crash only conan. This game was always playable but after a couple patches i have this constant issue

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Hi @Magica,

Right @Hugo?

Hello. I bought a physical copy of the game on ps4 pro. After downloading the latest update and entering the game, my system began to slow down a lot. the game loaded for 10 minutes, then it was impossible to play because of long lags(SP), even in the main menu. Going to the PS main menu, my system started for 3 minutes. After the reboot, ps4 turned on three times longer than usual, and the main menu hung for a couple of minutes every 30 seconds. Only the complete removal of the game helped. Please help. (Ps4 pro CUH 7200)

Installing the game from disk again and without downloading updates, everything went well. But I want to play the latest version …

@Magica & @Airmonz Hello! Could you please open a new topic and share further information on you issue, such as whether you crash in singleplayer, online or both, the type of connection you have to your router, the hard drive Conan is installed to, how frequent are the crashes and what usually causes them?

@YannCool a few major crashes were addressed in the latest hotfix, any lingering crashes are still being looked into, including all those that are sent to our developers through the crash reports, as it’s an evergoing effort.


For some reason i cant click on making a New topic.
I play on official pve conflict 3054(yes thats the server with the most lag on pve c official)

my crashes is around every 20 minutes. I play on wifi 5g. there for for the patches i play with cable but now cable is un playable because i must wait like more than 10 min to 20 min to render everything.

Conan is installed in the normal ps4 slim 500 gb harddrive.

Is there anything that i need to do before playing conan?my base is still the same before the patches and after the patches.

Why should there be a new topic about this opened?


I was asked to not post multiple times about the same topic and yet now you want multiple posts about the same? From different people?

Wow…just wow…


It’s been a while since I looked at this forum. I only log on to run over my build so it don’t disappear.

I see there are many problems still.
I love the reply’s saying clean ps4 and get a new hard drive, I have all of this and a 2Tb external hard drive, makes not the slightest difference.

All other games are playable great.
Why are ppl being asked to create a new thread, I thought multiple threads on the same issue was a NO NO :joy:

Or is it you don’t want people reading this thread because it show funcom in a different light.

I’ll keep checking in every now and then in the hope I start seeing people saying it’s fixed it works great, then I’ll play again.

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I will tell you :wink:

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It was requested for both new users to open new topics as there could be different causes for the issues they’re having, and it would be easier to gather further information on their cases seeing as this thread is getting out of hand with non-constructive feedback.

We’ll also be locking down this thread if it continues as such.

Is there maybe a upcoming crash fix soon? I really love this game i play this game more than a year but now i write on forum to get help. The crashes started after the patch for the ps4 pro improvements, maybe a patch later. I know this game is getting expanding everytime. So maybe i getting a external hard drive? I hope this will work and not for nothing because ps5 is coming next year

There are some further optimizations in the pipeline for upcoming patches which will hopefully mitigate some specific crashing instances for consoles, the crash reports are also extremely helpful for our developers so don’t hesitate to send them in whenever there’s a chance.

We would also suggest trying LordKAA’s workaround if you haven’t had the chance already:


It diddnt work for me i got same crashes every 10 \20 minutes. Lower to 720p and usin external sd diddnt work did no difference. Hopefully the patch to fix will be soon in game , greetings

People are still having this issue, I feel the so called fixes do nothing for the majority of people.

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