Freezing issue on playstation

I let everyone I can on the PS4 Conan Exiles Facebook page know this is the place to come to that’s having issues. Hopefully they can be helpful narrowing down the multiple issues.


I tried it last night, all eu PvE-c servers and some PVP servers were missing so could not play my maps, when they finally appeared I run through my base to discover my character was running to fast for the game to load him so ended up jumping forward and then I’d glitch into my spike defences as I had no idea where I was because of the jumping. Switched it of and went to Minecraft. Such a shame. Fingers crossed they do something fast. Ppl won’t wait forever.

To be honest, try replacing your HDD. I was having issues too, game running slow and all that. It got worse and my PS4 crashed twice in a row. I dug around and found that hard drives only have a 5 year life span. I replaced mine with a 50 dollar 1t 5600rpm hdd from Best buy and my entire system runs faster. I guess I didn’t realize it had slowed over the years, but man it’s fast now, and no crashes since.

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And how exactly do you replace a PS4 hard drive?

Here you go! It’s very easy. It seems they understood that the technology would change within the lifespan of the console so they have it designed to just pop right out!

So change things in your ps4 is the answer? Just for this game when ever other game works, sounds silly to me.


Not really. He is just showing that Sony kinda confirms the HD has a life cycle, and you may need change it over time. It is a machine after all. CE just probably accentuates the issue of old HD’s.

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I had 6000 iron reinforcements being made. Everytime going by the blacksmith benches would blue screen me. Also anywhere that had a lot of inventory in the area.

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Nice very nice

On my 5th relog so far, still can’t get into official server. And yes, deleted and reinstate 3 times so far. Won’t even make it past the load screen after selecting server. Great job on the latest update Funcom

Oh yeah, and it’s doing it on both my PS4s

Yea I get that, but to have to change it just for conan when every other game works.
I think ppl have spent enough on this game already.

I guess it wasn’t just me after all this time… huh @Wak4863


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since the update i been reporting to ps4 freezes at exit of online mode. it seems more severe if i had the youtube app open before playing.

Yeah it’s not just you, never was, but you needed to be called out for the spamming because that was just you. At the end of the day you did exactly what you should have done in the first place getting everyone in one topic instead of spamming a new topic every time it happened. Kudos!

3-4 months ago everyone on PS4 Pro was having the issue that the original PS4 was having when you started this thread, Then they patched and it switched.

Now we are in a place that all PS4 consoles are effected as well as PC. So they will be processing the information and patch and we can hope that it fixes it for both PS4 original and PS4 Pro.

As far as I know the devs get their info directly from the community managers that respond to us here. So multiple posts slow them down in getting the info directed to the Devs,

I know you’re calling me out because I called you out, My issue wasn’t with you or the fact that you were experiencing poor gameplay, My issue was the multiple posts. You probably felt personally attacked and for that I am sorry.

Glad you got everyone posting in one place and sending lots and lots of information to the devs and I would encourage everyone to continue to report here and through the PS4 crash data function. The more info the better. I am sending my reports when it happens as well.


Nice very nice. .one big disfuctional happy family :slight_smile:

Definitely not just you :wink:

Funcom!.. or more like Fun…CrOM
Doesn’t hear our prayers n its religion comes with no benefit lol Why? ? Why?? 0.o


Multiple crashes this past week, just fighting at mitra with no structures near and 2 of us crashed just by watching at the black rhino.
Every time i exit the game, or try to change serves i get an application error.

what else… I equipped a legendary modified bow to an archer and got instantly borken.
When you drop a couple of things on the floor some of them may disappear.

This is what i can remeber from this past week.

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I probably setting myself up for a crash. My wife and I played all weekend both online coop and on servers no blue screen. Some lagging in over built areas with alot of pets and thralls but that’s on us. Have fun out there. :hugs:

My base is right at the black rhino read my post below in the thread, not only that but 4 ppl in my base came to take stuff and we all blue screened at the same time! Enough said