Freezing issue on playstation

I can confirm that the freeze and crashing issues are much worse if you do not have a Playstation Pro. I swapped consoles with my sister and went from crashing every ten minutes to maybe twice during raid time. (Our player list is 30+ during raid time) I play on a very active Official PvP server so limiting the build or use of thralls/pets for defense is not an option. The crashing always occurs when I am in my inventory, and more often if I have a full inventory and moving items into boxes or benches.

I always report the crash with a clip. What I want to know is what else can we as players do to help get this issue addressed? Not everyone has the option to upgrade to a Pro or hard line and while I understand it is being “looked into” by the developers it would be nice to see a bit more feedback. On a computer there are options to reduce video settings is this not possible for consoles?


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I’ve had freezing issues since update 1.40. Never before. Only occurs playing locally. Either single player or co-op.
I’ve tried for months to working with a conan tech about this. Nothing helps.

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Try some of the solutions proposed in here before you end up wiping your games, may work for you


In the words of funcom. Get a pro ps4 :joy:

and Point Number 3 of the “Internal Game Development Prioritization” slide, displayed and commented the 27th of August through the Funcom Q2 Financial Presentation does not seem to be good for Single Players … Slide displayed at 15’06".
I’m really curious to see if the incoming patch will include something for performances enhancement … for consoles like PS4.


Even Firespark got pissed off with some mod kits, which did not DO anything at all. Or remove durability completely…

Like did that even someone, just 1 person, ever test before throwing at testlive? Because for sure it wasnt…
Testlive = public beta. Normaly that means, that INTERNAL TESTERS tested it, but it looks like FC has no testers at all or they just tested the DLC content.

I understand that it was vacation time, but how many devs are working at CE? 1? Because it honestly does not look like more than 1… They have many designers, because new stuff comes, but fixing really stupid bugs is impossible.

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New stuff means munne, fixing issues means 0 cash.
Many things are still non functional from day 1, many of ‘em are just basic functions…
But new stuff is always released, and there is some “activity” behind that, but it is money driven (I can understand it, I do not think devs works for Glory), I saw some dev replies here that froze my bones… “dyng hair clothes? I will inform our developing team”
Geez, this simple issue has been reported since the day of the release, and still recenlty I read this “devs reportation” , I feel a lil’ unconfortable with these answers…

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New patch coming SOON, be ready for more problems than you can count, I’m surprised there are no adverts on these forums for a little extra cash…

Yesterday this game WORKED perfectly, but then I woke up.

So I just had a look at the TOP forum post to see where this forum stands and it is not even in the list, Come on funcom, have you hidden it, if so that is totally out of order, TOP posts are TOP posts. The only way it comes up for me is if I go to it through my notification and click on a previous comment???

What’s that about?

Another bug ? :slight_smile:

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Seems selected

FYI, the patch dowloaded and installed well and the new dlc did too.
But I got my first freeze after a run in between 2 of my (numerous small size) bases when opening the admin panel.
So globally it sounds ok till now. No regression. Same freezing frequency.
I still expect some enhancement as it’s told in the patch delivery that performances and crash were worked on

Currently downloading new patch, if my single player save from 3 months ago does NOT load in then the games dead and this is the last you’ll hear from me.

Top now, needs to stay there aswel for all the new victims that will show up after todays patch.

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All I’m seeing from people on the conan exiles Facebook page for PS4 is that this game is now broken.

The freezing issue is getting worse apparently.

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Sitting out a local hurricane that left the power on.we played most of the day 2 blue screens between us. We were playing on a private pve conflict server. Very few people on it. Hope this info helps.


We do have a hotfix in the pipeline and are gathering more information on the crashes that some users are experiencing, it would be of great help to us if anyone that’s currently experiencing them after the last update shares what’s triggering them ( trying to login to an official server, opening a chest, loading a base, etc ), and if they occur both in singleplayer and online modes.


Difficult to explain, the bug comes from structures I think. Some time before my multiple crashes and deconitions I passed through the ceilings built as grounds.

I started crashing at each connection when I got closer to my base.

Apparently these are only the online servers that are affected by this problem currently doing the test the solo server normally works

I hope I have been clear in my explanations repair it quickly please!

(Srry for my writing, i’m not good in english^^’)

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My crashes are mostly related to rendering but too much items in storage seems to be the culprit as I recently tested this theory and it was successful. I build 10x10 2 wall high ceiling box 2 thralls 4 lights every bench and 100 large chests full of stone. When in there it’s fine. Travel to unnamed city and as soon as I get inside the box game froze and crashed. Every time. I play ps4 1tb 2015 gen 250mb wired internet amd app is installed on 500gb external ssd. this was done on Official server

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