Freya isn't a Archer

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Freya is a Archer but have Attributes like a Warrior.

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This is the new leveling system. I tried a new char, a t-3 fighter. he has attributes like an archer.
Obviously the new system is complete random and does not care, what type of a fighter a thrall was BEFORE breaking… I hate this too, because I did not capture archers because I did not want them.

Its relative to the type of character it is, for example, cimarons will have 15 str 10 agi and 30 vit on tame, regardless of archer or warrior, from their it all comes to the randomization of the stats and perks, I have a fighter thrall that had awesome accuracy but very little strength all cause of the stat rolls and perks :man_shrugging: I do think that the different thralls should have a separate stat list on tame, but I do like the new system! After some fine tuning I feel like it will be great

The point here is, when you catch a fighter you expect the fighter stats like strength. even more when you catch a rare T4 fighter. Here it is the opposite. You catch an archer (Freya) but it has no reasonable archer stats. This makes it a roulette what will be the outcome. I will be a ok, when the stats depend on the class and are not so random. An archer should progress as an archer and a fighter as a fighter. Imagine you farm forever for a rare purge T4 fighter and then he/she turns into an archer… That is an epic fail.

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As a little girl Freya referred to herself as an archer. But as she grew up she found that she didn’t have the skill to be an archer. Though people still call her an archer to tease her about her short comings. She is a true warrior.

The whole stats and leveling system has us all upside down try to understand it. A level 0 Freya may seem like she isn’t an archer but at level 20 she could be an amazing archer or she could end up with more fighter type attributes.

I love this system it’s a thing of beauty and make the thrall capturing and leveling more fun imo. But you have a point that some “archers” or “fighters” may end up being better suited for the opposite.

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I saw a good few people mentioning they were bored with the system, knowing every spot someone will spawn kinda makes getting good thralls too easy. now it actually takes time. it’s just another thing to farm in my opinion. pets have the same kind of thing going on now. their level ups will have a percentage on what increases and that will always be random it seems. I’ve got like 8 horse and every single on is completely different.
It’s more like Conan Exiles, Pokemon mode, I like it. :joy::+1:


I’ve literally had this exact thing happen, I have a purge archer with strength, guess, what, sucks to suck, that’s the roll of the dice, stat distribution and perks are what will make her strong from here, and she is a tank already. To go along with my archer I have 5 bandits that I had stashed away for future use, thinking with this update I was going to have 5 o the best thralls, turns out they count as relic hunter treasure seekers and have HUGE accuracy on placement, guess it’s time to adapt and work with what I’m givin. And one of them level 20, has almost 40 strength, which isn’t alot, but hes a generally round thrall, good str, high vit, can throw bow on him and he has great dmg cause hes accuracy main, high survival so he cant be bled easily, all in all the stat growth, items, and perks can drastically change what a thrall will become.

It’s not a roll of the dice so much, the tribe they belong to determines stats, which is unfortunate because I would like their job to have an effect

Hello @Marv, welcome to the community!

The current system is working as intended, since the attributes depend on several factors such as randomness, tier and faction, meaning a specific NPC’s growth might always provide interesting and unique results. You can find further information here:

To share any feedback please reach out through the General Discussion or Suggestion boards.

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