Funcom please do not do this!

Before saying anything , I want both of you to know that I mean no harm in what I’m going to say in any way.

To summerize a little how situations like this occurs and can be avoided. I beleive @wak4863 is one of the most passionate “mainstream” Conan exiles Youtuber , ( I’m not saying he is the only one passionate nor that he is the “must follow” one , there are many passionate people about conan exiles, public figures or not ) . He may have indeed posted a bit early his video, and the result is going to be a lot of post on the forums which is not the best for Community to sort through all the reports and posts to get the information relayed back so that patches come out “clean”.

But since there has been in the past many changes ( and I know it may sometimes be tedious to all note them down even more when there are many bugs pending resolution ) that went live without a patchnote for it , and I am speaking of gameplay changes that impacts deeply the game , that was confirmed afterwards to be intended changes even if not mentioned .

you cannot completely then say that this video is “jumping the gun” , What I see is someone that chose your game to make ( very good to exceptionnal in-depth ) content and tries to warn all of his fellow players a change ( unintentional indeed but present in testlive ) that he has seen on the testlive version and tells them to voice up IF they are not happy with it .

Yes many of us forum posters, knows that some issues are not intended in testlive and know to report it before getting real scared , but that doesn’t supress the fact that while waiting an answer that this is unintentional , people from the forum reads the report and start voicing their opinions about wheter or not they want the change ( even before knowing it is intentional ) Also to be noted, that having to work for his content , play the game for his content , have a personnal life , and he stills come often on the forum (even if he doesn’t post much I see how often he comes in the likes he leaves )

Unfortunately the only answer to resolve situations like this is communication . And As I thanked the long list of 2.2 fixes more thourought patch notes for changes ( if not in the posts , as a link to a notepas document , even with 0 spacing for that matters but some sort of full public and viewable by the most patchnotes )

What I want you to understand for the most , is that being a content creator for a game that is this “unstable” at the moment ( and we all welcome the fixes of 2.2 and more to come to stabilize the game ) can be pretty tough , and even more when other games ( like cyberpunk ) are taking all the views ( and before that fall guys and whatnot ) is not a logical or financial stable decision to make . You must as a company understand the value of streamers / youtubers , and be comprehensive of them ( they are the ones that put this little extra effort into your game amongst the others like modders / gamepedia wiki helpers and so much more … )
Also to be noted , even if a content creator makes money out of it , it’s not because they just played the game ( at least not the good content creators out there ) it’s because OR they make their stream funny with their personnality and this (not the game) is what attracts some viewers OR they put a lot of effort to bring information to their viewers . nonetheless from a purely financial point of view I would suggest any youtubers to play the “game of the moment” . so when someones sticks to your game for so long , you might want to be the most positive to them you can be !

To @Wak4863 , your last video shows again how much you love the game and thank you for the content , please whenever there is a post like the one I am responding , please do not take it too personaly ( I know it’s hard but it should not affect your good work ! ) we are all frustrated at the moment because the game we all love isn’t in the state it should , and we would like to , be ! also take into consideration that the post was written very late ( or early depending on how you look at it ) on a saturday … and might not be well phrased ?
By a person that receives daily a lot of complaints since it’s his job to take said complaints and get through all of them to give the devs the needed feedback. ( and boy oh boy with conan exiles and the list of bugs / toxic behaviours on officials have he has work to do )

to finish this post , I will say it is hard to get back lost trust , and the past of conan exiles updates not communicative enough ends up with this type of situations. I really hope we could erase the past and go for more communication in the future , but this cannot be , Patchnotes have to be 100% accurate for a couple of patches and then the trust will come back naturally !


Thanks for the kind words @Kanza1 they made my day!

I don’t want to fight with Funcom, I have a deep seeded love for Conan Exiles. This particular situation was not handled very well. I take full responsibility for lighting the fire and showing what is in testlive. Been doing that for as long as I have had testlive and I will continue to do it. I don’t seek out bad things but I also can’t ignore them when they come up.

At the end of it all, the back and forth and the jabs from both sides. One thing rings very true, the Conan community does not and will never want thralls to use durability. So if there was ever a thought of doing it they can scratch it off the list.

I also know there is a general tone among the community that wants to see the “balancing” of weapons to go in a direction that makes them unique and not a direction that makes them skins essentially.

Whether this info came to Funcom in a way that they enjoyed or not this is still good information for them to have. They can focus on things that will delight the player base because they have a better understanding of the pulse from the community.


There’s already a way to limit thralls, enable the thrall cap.

For me, micromanaging thralls is not part of an enjoyable game/

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Really? We’re going to put the tinfoil hats on?

I’m going to discard your statement simply because you don’t even believe the words you just typed. For one, this would imply that Ignasis is a liar. And no one is willing to try to prove that (rightfully so since its false). And for two, it would imply that you are doing business (and continuing to do business) with a company you don’t trust.

Oh, so companies never resort to deceptive marketing or try to cover up a failure. Especially Funcom. Never. Ever. No-oh.

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Wow gotta love how some people gaslight concerns people bring up in this post.

From where I sit, you have a situation where some feature in test live will actually hurt players if they incorporated it in a patch.

Whether its unintentional or not the question is will these feature(s) which hurt players be incorporated in a patch to live servers.

Funcom reps have said it has been reported and people have been made aware of it.

I want to know whether what’s on test live is going to end up happening on the live servers and hurt the players.

We know this issue is there on test live, so what is being done about resolving it?

If you are not resolving it before the patch to live then just say so funcom so players can be aware.

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This bit at least does seem to have been addressed (in a post around the middle of this thread) -

Hopefully that may even mean some of the other issues will be hotfixed on testlive before the patch goes live - but at least these changes should be fixed, according to direct statement…

From what I read in this thread they are looking at it in test live but have not come out and said this will not go live as is.

I can only quote that they are ‘being addressed in an upcoming hotfix on testlive’ - what exactly that means is not for me to say - but it certainly sounds like they are saying they are going to fix something on testlive before it goes live.

Edit: post 32 in this thread for Ignasis’ full comment

Just WOW at all of the hand wringing and salty tears. This has been ongoing for a while, not just for shields but for weapons also. I am continuously repairing my thralls weapons. Now that we can mass produce legendary repair kits it isn’t even a big deal anymore. Calm down people…

Ok then call Ignasis a liar. Because either he is, or you are. Which is it? Come on now, lets get an answer.

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Not. On. Siptah.

That’s the problem.

OIC, I dont play Siptah, keep forgeting the “new DLC” and its issues.


If Funcom doesn’t provide a holistic approach that mitigates the removal of karmic items to keep legendary weapons viable for continued use in Siptah, then this will reduce the player interest in Siptah and I can’t imagine how that is good for an Early Access DLC.

On Siptah, the surges that summon Tier IV thralls require a very large amount of components.

Those surges also have an incredibly low chance to spawn any Tier IV thralls, let alone the right kind of smith that can make the legendary repair kit.

On a PvP server, summoning those surges leaves the person summoning the surge in a very vulnerable position to being killed and looted or to having thralls captured on the sly.

This means that on Siptah, where godbreaker doesn’t exist and Legendary Repair Kits can’t really be crafted by any but the most dedicated larger clans, then only farming kits on bosses or getting The Nemedian offers a viable way to repair legendary weapons.

With the karmic effect bring removed globally, it doesn’t impact the Exiled Lands much, because purge thralls aren’t all that hard to get and the kits can be crafted and traded, but it does make the use of legendary weapons in Siptah far less viable.

If this isn’t balanced by increasing legendary durability, increasing legendary repair kit drop rates, or some other mitigation, then this renders legendary weapons in Siptah effectively useless.

Factor in that legendary weapons are being reduced in capability to the point that they’re not as good as craftable weapons anyhow, and then it appears that, at least on Siptah, that there’s no point to even farming for a legendary weapon at all because there are better options that are more easily repaired.


Wak is one of the top providers out there, now he has gone on holiday.

Reminds of what they used say:
“The fattest rat leaves the sinking ship first”

I say its just a New Game Experience.
Instead of getting a new game, FUncom makes anew game a couple times a year.

It’s not true, because siptah servers are all empty :joy::joy:

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I would say many of you are liars and now cowards because you all will not back up the claims you make.

None of you will take the stand and outright call Ignasis a liar. Why? Because you don’t believe in the very words you are talking about. You’re simply virtue signaling and nothing else.

So this is the fact. This thread is false. The video is false. What Ignasis said is true. None of you have evidence to the contrary. Just lies and BS.

Alright people, let’s take it down a notch or two. This whole situation has brought unneeded confrontation between us all. So let’s take it step by step.
For now, the topic that started this thread. It’s been addressed in the newest Testlive build, which also has a few extra fixes.
You can give a look and its changelog, on this link:

Thanks for the feedback, when constructive, and let’s strive to be excellent to each other.