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Someone should bookmark this because this is important, especially today is Monday so Funcom should be working today and take note about this.

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I have over 3k hours on official pvp servers. I have a huge thrall army on 2 of those servers. I like the thrall feeding idea and look forward to its implementation. Right now thralls are only really good for RP and bugging them out to carry unlimited items. The feeding system will put a hard cap on thralls and AI in the game allowing for the individuals to preform better. This would also allow Funcom to buff the thralls as you will not be able to maintain armies of thralls. All in all I think this change goes along way to advance the game that was originally discussed prior to EA.

I agree with all of this IF the implementation is changed so it becomes manageable for a solo player to maintain a reasonable amount of active thralls (say ~20ish).

I’m all for fewer, better thralls - though whether we’d actually get better thralls still seems unlikely (pets don’t seem any smarter than thralls).

However I think it’s important to realize that “what might be” in some mythical future is not nearly as important as making sure the game isn’t broken beyond repair in the meantime.


Welcome to the ‘3k club’! But from the latest experience (this week) you’re not right about the use of thralls. Fighting thralls done correctly put a stop to any fun player versus player combat. You might want to check Youtube or do some testing yourself. I’m not going to publicly advertise how to on the forums. If a recent ‘trend’ hasn’t reached your server(s) yet - lucky you! There is so much more going on in Conan when it comes to PVP that needs urgent fixing though.

Amen! I’m all for better more in-depth thrall gameplay. Recipes for crafters, training, leveling up. But it’s just my personal thing. FC, pls let us value our thralls more :wink: I see two things that make CE outstanding or could make it superior when it comes to gameplay stuff: Thralls and building. Those are atleast the two most important to me atm.

I know the “trend” you are referring to and there are many counters for it. Furthermore, your statement that “Fighting thralls done correctly put a stop to any fun player versus player combat” reinforces the idea that the thrall feeding system is a needed mechanic.

Yes, I agree. Therefore I’m kinda looking forward to thrall feeding related to PVP. But for the PVE aspect of the game it might be annoying. Making it an adjustable server setting could be a solution but I don’t really know to be honest.

If the only purpose of feeding thralls is to eliminate those left behind after a base decays, there is an easier solution.

Give thralls a value of 0 or 1. 0 means a thrall is owned by a player who has no foundation piece on the map. 1 means a thrall is owned by a player who has at least one foundation piece. Any thrall with a value of 0 loses health at whatever rate Funcom wants.

No one playing this game has a base with zero foundation pieces.


I really wish they’d stop doing this to every ill-conceived change (seems it won’t be the case for Thrall feeding though). Not everyone can or wants to run their own server.


The reason it is in test live is to make sure it doesn’t roll out in a broken state. I highly doubt they are going to say " everything looks fine here" and just release it. The fact that people have seen this bug in test live means it is now something to be fixed. That is why test live is around to begin with.

Feeding would be a non issue if it didnt require high teir meals. Load up a feeding pot with gruel and forget about it for days. It would add some immersion and keep annoyance to a minimum

Yes, but if you look at TestLive, think “no way they’ll roll this out!” and then keep silent about it - it’s definitely not going to change.

If even FunCom thinks it’s broken - why is it even on TestLive?

If you look back at prior posted comments many testers warned about different things prior to patch releases only to see them go live in game and cause the problems they the testers warned about.

Given the history,- do not count test live as a place they fix things if damaging stuff is still getting in the game. Instead think of the released game and players as the test bed for their code.

Think of yourself as the tester in the current state and anything that hurts the game play maybe will get addressed around a month after it goes live- maybe.

Think of yourself as a participant in an ongoing Beta that has been mislabeled.


I’m of the opinion that the thrall feeding mechanic adds nothing whatsoever to the game. Immersive? Please.

Immersive would be if they also include a way to have gatherer thralls that obtain and cook their own food while I’m offline. And add stone miners while they’re at it, we are tired of doing that ourselves. Only then would I accept a change like this.

The new design choices reflect a dev team that doesn’t actually play the game, or have a grasp of what it’s like to play the game…


Maybe they could just program/code better to improve server performance? Nah …

I have to say this is blatantly false. Not using thrall guards? Say goodbye to any base you built, the purge will wipe it and probably while you’re offline. So your choices will be get thrall guards, or never build anything. And building a base is such a key feature of the game, you’ll have a hard time progressing without at least a small base. And being regularly wiped back to the stone age cause you didn’t have any guards will become frustrating fast.


Won’t be any bases to defend when servers are empty because of these garbage dev decisions.


Funny you say immersive, As of right now the fish traps and beehives are more akin to real life than on test, Fish traps DO not have cook timers and beehives THE QUEEN produces the bees NOT THE FARMER.
WE ALL know why they’re doing the micromanaging with the food and fish. IT’S because they want to limit the number of thralls, fish traps and beehives one has, and they can’t think of a better way to limit the number without just making managing the number a pain in the @-- for a player to keep up with upkeep cost.

I’M A barbarian KING and I HAVE SLAVES but I still need to go collect food and bugs to feed slaves that don’t do anything but stand around like WTF.
The more slaves you have the less work you should be doing yourself.

Farming rock to build is doing something not fun to then do a fun game mechanic (building).
Farming for bugs to “craft” fish (you can even see them cooking in the trap lol) just farming food to give thralls is not doing something unfun to be able to do something fun, just having thralls really isn’t fun THEY just stand there.


I have a solution to the need for bugs in fishtraps!

Bug traps!

Bug traps would require putrid meat, and acumulate bugs over time, like fish traps.

We also need bird traps, and various bird types we could keep as pets in an aviairy for food or decoration.

And, rodent traps for the same reason… Since I’m on a roll, why not bear/wolf traps? Rhino traps? Dare I suggest dragon traps?

Oh wait, I forgot, this is a fighting game…

Since I started playing March 2017, I have always wondered why my thralls didn’t need food. It bothered me so I am glad they are implementing it. With that said, there are a boatload of issues with it in it’s current state. I only had one defensive thrall outside my base and a few workers at stations. I’ve been holding off on thralls till they were useful for defending an offline purge. All my crafters were and are still present and do not seem to need food, but my one archer was dead when I logged on. That is the first bad aspect that needs to be fixed. There needs to be a way to keep this from happening. Let everyone know before it goes live so they can build what I suggest next. The amounts and type of food needed are not realistic. For this to be viable, any base of any size should only require one cook thrall equipped to a cooking station of any type which is then snapped to a thrall pot. This is then connected to the land claim and any thrall placed within that can be kept fed as long as the cook is given sufficient raw mats. The type of food should only effect the amount of time it keeps thralls full.

No person would need more than one haunch every 3 hours at rest and a little more if working. So if you have 10 thralls you need 10 haunch per 3 hours in game time. One stack could feed them for 30 hours. If you have more thralls, duplicate the setup.
With the pet system you can breed animals for food. Captured pets should have a small chance of giving babies.
If something like this cannot be implemented, then I say don’t add it. It is something that adds to the immersion, but if it is not realistic and doesn’t make sense then it absolutely ruins the immersion.
I also feel like this is something that fits more the PVE-RP style of play and in that case maybe should not be implemented on PVP servers? Thralls there are able to and often killed by players so server optimization should not be a concern. Or am I wrong in this assumption? I don’t play PVP. And it should be a server setting for private servers to have the option to adjust it.

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You can do nothing about it.

Of course I can. I can speak with my wallet. And I can encourage others to do the same. And I can continue to be vocal with my feedback. Eventually and hopefully (the sooner the better), Funcom will get my message.

When the server populations slow down to a trickle, Funcom and other private server operators will adjust by paying for fewer and fewer of their dedicated Conan Exiles servers.