Game Over Again!

Maybe you are right. I don’t know how big these database realy are, and how the structure of the db looks like. But I am sure there is one big table where all building peaces that are placed in the world are stored and then maybe also the placables.
When I was playing with sqlite I came to a limit where the database was not performant when it grows big… But I think that was more then 10 years ago. Time has changed so maybe it’s no problem any more .
I would like to know what is making the lag when I walking around a bench and it’s loading the inventory preview… I don’t think that it’s a problem of rendering the items. Or the situation when Ioad in to my base at gamestart and have to wait for doors. Even if I was in a small 3x3 base sometimes i had to wait 10 minutes.

A separate SQL server maybe would be better for networking but also wouldn’t work in offline singleplayer anymore.

Not getting me wrong I don’t want to tell what is the better solution but that’s my first idea on why I am waiting so long for loading stuff :sweat_smile:

Back to topic…
So I am still waiting for a response on my last questions.
We are able to login after the ban ends like they tell us over zendesk… And now I have two big bases and don’t know if its OK. It should be? One base deleted… Banned and we should be fine now… But I don’t trust this situation… and what does it mean… Don’t build anymore? So making a second floor is not allowed anymore? Or just do not expand anymore?

But the banhammer has cleaned the server.
There are only two or three players online. The last months I never saw an empty server like these days. Seems that most of them don’t came back after the ban.

Well, the effect from the banhammer is twofold.

  1. Banned players don’t want to invest time in a game when they can just get wiped again. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” They get ban-wiped, they leave.

  2. Non-banned players see what’s happening with the bans, and then they leave. The banhammer hasn’t effected them, YET. But ban-reporting is the new meta. And they don’t want to invest time in a game where you can get ban-wiped out of the blue.

And of course this leads to a famous term in any online game know as the Death Spiral. As a server has less people in it, less people desire to play there.
Heck, right now many of the official servers will find you playing by yourself. Might as well be single player.

I imagine you are talking about PVP only. Or maybe console only? I play on PC, so I’m never sure what the situation is like on consoles.

The PVE-C official I came back to is more populated than ever, at all times. And it’s not even chock-full of endless player-built crap the way almost all PVE(-C) servers used to be.

Before someone gets butthurt because I said “crap”, I realize that we all have different tastes and that one player’s crap is another player’s treasure, but I’m not talking about aesthetics. I’m talking about endless swaths of land taken up, resources and spawns being suppressed left and right, and – in some cases – the server performance being consistently miserable.

That seems to be the thing of the past.

The cherry on top? There was some unpleasantness yesterday, and one guy started placing pillars on the edge of another clan’s claim to stop the from expanding, but people brought up the TOS really quickly. I don’t know if the guy ended up picking up his pillars or not, but I know that people are aware that they can’t be griefed like that anymore, and that’s good.

I still think that Funcom needs to be clearer about both the rules and their enforcement. I still think it sucks to see people who genuinely didn’t mean to cause problems suffer for something they did without even being sure what it is.

But I’m happy to see that there are some nice, positive changes coming out of this, too.


after 14 days I got an answer and the ticket is marked as solved…

Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on your report.

If you are still unable to access any of our official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

This do not help us and also not funcom. Are our buildings that survive the ban ok?
I have the feeling that we can get banned again in few weeks. Even if we do not expand or build anything new. Someone report us funcom ban us and don’t tell us what’s wrong…
But if this happen then it’s time to remove this game forever.
Just like all the clans that where banned the last weeks. Nobody came back. Nobody of them was evil or was making something against the rules in my opinion. The one clan had many map rooms all over the map. Everywhere the same 8x8 foundation a torch and the map room. Sometimes there was a 2x2 box closed to this but never making a problem or claim some special spots.

I think they get banned for the map rooms. Their base wasn’t big.

It would be better if funcom use their message system to give players some Infos.

Also who knows the rules? There is no information about this in the whole game. If I start it now the only message I get is that transfers being disabled. Few weeks ago for a short time there where informations about the new rules. But I can not click the link at playstation. So I need to search it by myself. Its OK for me but what’s with the people that start playing now? They will get banned in few weeks and don’t know why.

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Ah, the good old “this ticket got automatically closed because it’s too old”. They really should get rid of that.


I just reinstalled Conan few days ago after 6 weeks off, on Xbox. Got back to the official EU pve-c server I was on and loads of new huge sprawling bases, huge amounts of land taken up in various biomes plus lots of foundation blocks everywhere which presumably will be built up. It surprises me how so many of you have been wiped and banned as many on my server clearly getting away with it. I guess people do not report others :man_shrugging:

So with the news from yesterday… I am not happy about the battle Pass and the Strategie of the Marketing guy but it could be worse.

If the prices are not to high and comparable to the dlc prices then I will get everything like i did it until now. If I miss an item because I am not playing for a while then I hope its nothing I realy want :sweat_smile:

But now I have a question to this case…

So i am playing and paying the battle Pass on official server and then comes an admin and ban me for reasons he could not tell me because he has no time for it?

Can I buy some support time with my crom coins to get an answer?
When you ban me and I lose my battle Pass progress do you pay me my money back?
Or how it works then? For me it’s change the game to a paid service. So when I pay i want to play and when you ban me I can not play… And you ban without saying what was the problem so that’s not ok for me.


Hi @ConanBoDk

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of your Conan Exiles account, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

You can always check out our official server rules for additional inforamtion on what is considered a violation/infraction.
Also, please feel free to look at the land claim post and read more about what falls under the claim spam umbrella.

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