God friggin damn

Official 3541 I-AM-BRO-MAN is his I’d got into one of our bases no holes anywhere from explosives and doorways were blocked when he is offline he places foundations in front all were secure my clanmate said he literally saw him teleport out of the base. ?



Could be a glitch. What are your logs saying?

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First of all. Please do not accuse other players by name on the forums. Report them using proper channels:

Second: could the “teleporting” your clanmate reports be caused by lag or something - the witness’s screen froze long enough for the culprit to run away (really takes only a second) so it looked as if they had vanished into thin air?

Third: I understand you’re upset, but please try to communicate your grievances in a more understandable manner. Take your time, collect your thoughts, think what you’re writing, and we’ll be better able to advise you, too.


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