Great dam immortal structure anti mesh issue

Game mode: [ (Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug | Other ]
Server type: *[ PvP]

Bug Description:

Recent anti mesh changes are preventing building in normal internal areas that were previously buildable. It seems the anti mesh area meant to prevent people from putting things in the mesh is overlapping into intended building areas.

Expected Behavior:

Since the update chests and building pieces that were on or near the immortal structures internal walls are inaccessible when previously they were. Objects cannot be placed and in one upper corner there seems to be an invisible wall or mesh preventing people from walking up to the immortal wall.

Steps to Reproduce:

In the four corners of the immortal great dam bunker structure, try placing objects off the wall or accessing structures that were placed before 2.4 console update.

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Yes I know first hand just how you feel thoth-anon. It is so absurdly overbearing. We cant even build on Eyelet Lake or in the Unnamed City at all anymore, even in my Singleplayer game. Heck I cant even put down a Bedroll inside Sepermeru or within an entire biome for petes sake. I have an existing thread below, and I would encourage you to share your discoveries within.

I also created a seperate thread requesting an Admin Setting (or slider) to either disable or tone done the restrictions, but it seems that it fell on deaf ears.


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