Griefing on Official Server 6404 PVE

Howdy, we are currently playing on a PVE server which has been going well. Unfortunately, some recent players have decided to start building a walkway that encompasses a huge portion of the map (SIPTAH) and is now beginning to wall off a Vault, (Asylum of the Fiends). It is annoying many people on the server. Hopefully you can assist, as this is ruining a our gameplay experience that we have just paid for. I reference guidelines below. Cheers!

- Regarding the building system, although freedom is encouraged through the sandbox mechanics of the game, please remember that there are other players sharing the server with you. We reserve the rights to act upon in cases we deem necessary, such as but not limited to:

Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, resources and other areas of the game.

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See the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures for how to report harassment and griefing issues.
Be sure to read these rules yourself as well.

I can see that you already found the thread, so this shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:
You can ask any questions regarding the reporting method here, but you’ll likely find your answers faster if you read the above thread.