HACKED AGAIN! This is getting ridiculous Funcom

https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=CONAN+EXILES+1117 :cold_face:

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So to be clear. If you pvp in this game you have to contend with,

  • server lag
  • random server crashes ( several a day )
  • Horrible honey combing that is useless against giant clans
  • Undermesh exploiters ( I guess this is a thing? )
  • Horrible buggy combat system
  • Hackers
  • Developers who won’t address any of the above issues.

Why pvp in this game at all?


please Funcom, make something against that ! look how many video only on 1 server

You’re right Ceronesthes! It’s unfortunate because it really is a great game. Big fan of your videos by the way!

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thanks Barnes! Someone told me that the hackers can’t take the crafters because they would have to manually drag the crafter into their inventory and that would make it show up in the event log. Not sure if there is any truth to that.

Why not? You can get the same problems on pve too. Or do you really think cheaters and abusers only accure on pvp servers? If someone wants to destroy a server or specific players he will do so. And there is no difference in pvp vs pve doing so. The approaches may differ but the results are the same.

btw. the reportet cheater on official is now also terrorizing private server. Just that you and Funcom knows. But it was expectet, servertransfer was a bad idea and I told upfront that it could be easily abused. its a typical funcom move. Don´t listen to people and don´t clean the mess afterwards.


I had been previously unable to make out the names in the event log due to my eyes, and low resolution. It looks like “Spaced Out,” a member of your clan, went on a box-emptying spree in your first video. Is it possible you have a case of hidden bogey?


It is not a hacker. In the monument you are in (the doc area, and the one next to the obelisk, I think that’s where you are right? If you do not put BLOCKS in the roof of your base (the entire round roof), there is an area where people can go through the mesh by climbing. So they probably did that. They can also get out the same way.

Make sure you put t3 blocks in the outisde of your roof to cover it entirely.

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Hey Barnes. Spaced Out is a LONG time clan mate. :slight_smile:


I know my video didn’t show it Xetal, but the entire docks structure (including the roof) is covered in Black Ice. There is no way to mesh in.

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Got it, hope it doesn’t offend them. There have been some reports in the past of clan invaders using cheats to impersonate or dupe into the clan. I wanted to be sure what I’m talking about.

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Probably related to the bug that allows looting epic chests.

Sorry to hear about your lost stuff. No one likes losing things especially to a bug / hack. Heck, I do not losing stuff, even when it was legit method.


“Ruin System” is also on #1540 and players have been complaining about him everyday here too…

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Oh goody, this narrative again. Ya, they never “address issues” despite routine bans and an entire system that checks for undermeshers (it’s been live on the Exile Lands for…a year now?).

it wouldn’t hurt you either if you would stick to what you demand from others…

  1. Being owned by a giant company doesn’t mean they can spend infintie amounts of money. They still need to turn a profit or else, things get shut down. Extremely simple.

  2. They have spent money. Team is more invested then it ever has been. But that goes against the “FuNcOm sUx” 24:7 narrative, so, we wouldn’t want that.

Greetings Exiles,

If you encounter any players using hacks or exploits in game please make sure you report this over on Zendesk so that the team can investigate further.
Make sure you add as much information as possible, screenshots or videos.

You can read more about how to submit a report here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures