Healing Rebalance is Amazing

Normally I would agree with this and still kinda do, BUT they changed it in the base game as well whether or not you got the dlc and that is not a pre release so can we really use the excuse of “well its just a early access game” if they are making changes to the base full release game as well?


Yeah its still in the core first map too I agree, but I think as a new mechanic we’ll be seeing some tweaks to it over the next few weeks.

I think higher quality foods should make the sated buff more potent and or last longer. With some of the top foods giving stat bonuses.

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Couldn’t have said it better. I love the healing changes, because I can’t Leroy Jenkins my way through every PVE fight anymore. But I completely agree that the diversity of food recipes is now pretty much pointless. Or at least it seems so, because I haven’t actually tested and compared all the distinct recipes.

So let’s add some usefulness to the food, instead of asking to go back to the old system.


problem is the old food HAD usefullness, each tier of food healed more hp, so you wanted to get better and better thralls, as well as better ingrediants. now since all food is trash, healing items are trash with how slow they heal, weight a metric @$$ton so you cant even carry enough to keep you healed, are rediculously gimped for healing so you fight 1 thing, heal for 30 seconds, fight 2 things, heal for 3 minutes, ohh wow you barely survived a fight? put down a bedroll and suicide or wait around for 30 minutes trying to heal up.

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There are also different tiers of healing items, aren’t there? Again, I agree food should be more useful, but that doesn’t mean going back to the old system is a good choice.

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yup different tiers of stuff that weighs more than a concrete block locks you into a 10 second animation and costs a fortune to make, or a potion that weighs as much as a block of iron, can be inturrupted, slows you to an encumbered crawl for 3 seconds, and again, costs a fortune to make. Having different tiers of poop doesnt make something less poop, it all smells and is disgusting, its all poop. Some are wet some are more more solid. its all trash

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That’s true, lucky us we are in Early Access in regard this changes and they may introduce new effects for foods and cooking.

Better yet, use the shift button and dodge, carry a shield and block, use the arrow key and move away from the attacker direction, be a better fighter, then you won’t need to spend all those minutes healing yourself… but i think you are exaggerating, healing is fast and simple when out of combat. Otherwise get acustomed to have half your health and carry bedrolls.

except its in the base game as well the base game is not Early Access, and its changed in the base game regardless if you have the expansion or not. cant really call it “early access” if they are changing the live full released game along with it.

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Couldnt possibly agree more SirDaveWolf. The idea that a Handful of Insects or a bowl of Gruel now heals just as well as Hearty Stew or a Feast of Derketo is absurd. Once again you are voice of reason and common sense within the PvP community. Well said mate.


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Are we supposed to endure the tweaks and tuning from an EA game again? I played the whole EA of CE and endured it once already.
If they want to separate the two games to make more money, fine. I have no problem with that. But dont make me go thru another year and a half of EA on a game that I have already gone thru once already.

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Yep, agree.

Don’t know why you got flagged.

It’s a lazy decision masking as content. It’s manufactured difficulty. In essence it’s just as time wasting as fetch quests.

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I guess thats a personal choice you have to make. I have no problem with it.

Yep. You can flag anyone for anything and it hides the message with no effort.

specialpeople The love it or leave it mentality always amazes me.

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I’m not really sure what your response is trying to say or if you are trying to insinuate somehow that my response of I’m ok with dealing with bugs means its not all about me or how its love it or leave it.

You have a simple choice. Either the bugs and having to go through tweaking sessions is too much for you to deal with, so you move on to find other things to do with your time… or the bugs and having to go through tweaking sessions are ok with you and you keep on enjoying your time.

You don’t have to love having to go through tweaking sessions to enjoy your time playing the game. But if you decide that at the end of the day you don’t have the patience or desire to spend your time doing that, then by all means find other things to do; thats what I would do as well if I was presented with a choice between something I didn’t want to do and something else I’d rather do.

For me, I enjoy the game thoroughly and have been enjoying it for the past three years. I’m ok with helping resolve these rough spots in the game on a new release. Because to me its just a game and a way for me to spend 45 minutes to an hour in a fictional world I love with my friends on a private server.

The moment I don’t enjoy it anymore, I have about 20 other things to do at any given time that don’t involve having my butt planted in a chair.

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Sweet good luck finding something that is more in line with how you want to spend your free time.

Also just to confirm: no i did not flag your post as inappropriate.

i personally dont like the new healing mechanic and the weight increase of wraps making them more than twice as heavy as an iron bar. i know that there are still potions and healing arrows but healing arrows are mid/late game and the potions are only available once the firebowl cauldron feat is unlocked. the 10 seconds emote (which can be stopped with the point emote but it will also stop the healing) when bandaging makes you an easy target for anything.

what i would like to see is a debuff which locks your hotbar so you are still able to run but not able to block, attack and do other stuff (besides using roll which should stop the healing in return) or a item cooldown for wraps.

food needs also a rebalance since the direct healing effect given by food is gone. more expensive food should give you either more indirect healing (in form of a better sated effect) or/and a buff.

Please keep feedback about this change in its feedback thread: