Heavy Armor in Frostbite Areas

There is no option for players who like to PVP with heavy armors in cold areas. Cimmerian armor is a good example. We cant craft Exceptional or Flawless Cimmerian because T3 or T4 Cimmerian armorers doesn’t spawn in Mounds of the Dead camps. I have spent 7 Days wiping the camp over and over 30 times a day looking for ( Zavek ) or ( Werk of the Lost Tribe ). its stupid that they spawn every 200 times u wipe the camp.

On the other hand, almost all other Flawless heavies armors are easy to craft. Since T4 Armorers spawn more often in the Galleon and the other camps.

To conclude this, Flawless heavies with heat resistance are easy to craft. but Flawless heavies with Cold resistance are forgotten. At least increasing the spawn chance of T4 Cimmerian armorer in Mound of the Dead will solve the Problem.

Khitan armor is like heavy armor just with cold resist, isn’t it?

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It is but OP is right to exclude Khitan from consideration since it is DLC and not meant to be necessary. Ensuring the proper T4 thralls are spawning is the correct remedy as OP noted. Previously, galleon T4 spawn rates were too high and northern T4 were too low or nonexistent. Making sure both sets are spawning at the correct rate is the issue.

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well there is always the possibility to craft wine etc. to negate the cold effect :stuck_out_tongue: oh and ps. doesnt hypborean slaver armor provide cold resistance?

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Flawless Cimmerian Steel only confers 5 cold resist ticks. Wearing that, you would need to equip a cold-resist shield in order to fight in the coldest areas, with the equal cold protection as SL gives you for heat.

Flawless Khitan Heavy gives you 10 cold resist ticks. No other armor in the game gives you this level of cold protection.


Quoted for visibility. Cosmetic DLC doe…


I’d actually uninstalled both CE and the dev kit but for various reasons, I decided to submit to the lash of my own conscience and I’m reinstalling as we speak.

Just out of interest, do the Khitan weapons require star metal to craft? because whilst they were eventually balanced to be in line with the star metal stuff, the sudden breakage of star metal meteors renders
star metal weapons uncraftable. If Khitan weapons don’t require star metal, then they are now the only weapons at that tier that are craftable (I’m shocked!)

Another example of extremely convenient “bugs” promoting the desirabiliy of the notionally cosmetic DLC.

Honestly, if you buy any DLC at this point, you have a problem with your brain being missing.

@Barnes You’ve got the DLC. Do Khitan weapons require star metal to craft?

Epic Khitan weapons = star metal bars
Regular Khitan weapons = Iron bars


There is t3 cimmerian armorers( I’ve got one) , but never seen the t4 ones . There is also Hyrkanian invader(cold protection) t4 armorer . Jerghun.

Thanks for clarifying.

That being the case then I was wrong and I apologise unreservedly.

Werk do spawn. Yes he is a pain to farm, but I got him and so have at least 1 more on our server (1040).


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry I left you hanging there I was off playing on the PS4. The star metal variants have yet to prove their worth, but I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt the iron ones are game-changing at lower levels. Couple the knives with a competent two-hander and you can beat players 5+ levels above you. It’s not much, but it’s fine with me, especially when the new meta appears to be “close off the dragonbone recipes post-haste” on official servers. :smiley:

I can confirm t3 and t4 spawns at the mounds now.

How ?

Yes, Werk is now at the mounds !
Also some named carpenter.

For armor, kithan heavy armor is bit similar to star-metal armor, while cimmerian isn’t as warm, just nearly, fine most time and still one of my favs of course.

I just made the Khitan heavy last night and have not yet upgraded or tried it. How does it compare to the Vanir armour for cold?

The Epic Flawless version of Khitan Heavy has 2 bars of cold resist per piece. Plus +9 to Enc for the armor set

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Could someone give a screenshot where Verk is spawning please?)