Help With World Bosses



Give your thrall a love tap with an advanced blunt weapon fitting :wink:


Didn’t kill the snake yet but giant crocodile and spider can be soloed with axe and shield and light armor. I like to fire some gas arrows to help too. Dont forget to bring aloe soup.


How do blunt arrows work? Because they can still kill people from what I’ve seen.


I’ve tried blunt arrows, they’re bad, they mostly kill before knocking out, and they aren’t worth the cost since the amount of stunning they do is terrible as well. NOT WORTH IT. Love tap all the way.


Me and my thrall(s) I use to gather more thralls use Steel truncheon. Every time until now I’ve thrown away Lovetap. lol


I used to toss it back in the day, until I learned to put an advanced blunt weapon fitting on it, and start swinging at some thralls with the heavy attacks.


The truncheon is troublesome with the slower attacks. I should keep the Lovetap next time I get it because it’ll be way better.


It can knock them on their butts


I solo croc, snake and spider with shield and mace/throwing axe. Shield to block devastating blows/poison. Mace/throwing axe combos for dps, then change left hand back to shield and repeat.


Interesting. I’ll try it out.


You can kite the boss spider in Skittering Hollow up the stairs. About where the braziers are there is a neck in the tunnel where the boss will get stuck. It took me a few bows and just short of 1000 arrows to kill it. Killed it at level 41, but alas then no loot :(.


Can you still insta kill them with fall damage or in yog pits ???


I’m finding just kiting everything seems to work fine. They always drop off before my stam bar runs out from running. May not be all that thrilling to run ina nd out of battle all the time, but it works for me nearly every time.

From what I read, that guy int he volcano is no longer possible to take as a thrall. I like bringing a sabertooth to battle if bringing a pet. They have more storage than human NPC fighters. Keep a spare pet in inventory to deploy if your first one dies, so you can still have someone lug all your loot home.


I’m glad that now the Locust Hive Queens know how to fight I can’t farm them brainlessly.

Right now I’d categorize the bosses (top three easiest)

  1. Demon Spider
  2. Rockslide
  3. Giant Spider

if I figure out how to fight the Scorpion, Sarcosuchus, Thunderfoot, White Tiger, Reptilian Horror or Black Rhino that might change.


For the Reptilian Boss, I use daggers, evade when he attacks. That’s my strat for rhinos.
Also, are there any other thralls besides Vathis that can tank bosses?


Presumably the two other Volcano T4 fighters (Dalcas and… I forget the other one) would do just as well. I’ve never seen them myself though, reportedly because their pathfinding has them walking into Lava so you have to be incredibly lucky to not only have them spawn, but get to them before they suicide.




Spinas the Marauder, yes, I got him near the Obelisk in the volcano.

Another clan member also got him.


I don’t think either of them are guaranteed spawns like Vathis is/was.


True on elephants(even for archers sometimes) but my hyenas always seem to attack them with no problems. Surviving is another story though. :sweat_smile: