How big are your bigger bases?

How big do you build bases? I usually build 19X19. But how big do you build with like an all tiled in base? Would a 50X50 or 100X100 tile base hurt too much or would that be fine? I like the idea of building a hut and expanding it into a whole city.

I like to build in bubbles. I start with a maproom and then expand with an outer wall and the build off the >4 sides once its big enough. Kind of a gear shape. I’m not sure what the total footprint is for that kind of shape.

That’S what i did. It’S now almost 2 map quadrants big :smiley:

The Citadel of Hierophants is my biggest base so far and I don’t think I’m going to need anything bigger any time soon. Not sure how big it is, because I’m at work, but you can look at the pics and figure out the footprint.

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Here is an example of my biggest base that was 50X50 or 100X100. That base was disassembled. I forgot why. But not sure how good it is to build bases like that.

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If your base can’t be seen from orbit, its not big enough! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Puny, tiny, IMME-

Wait are we counting landclaim? Oh then probably around 3x3 gridspaces minimum

Mein Gott some of you have such nice and huge places. I been playing for a year and I’m still such a newbie. My bases reek of weeds and broken nails.

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New Sanctuary is ~40 by 35 foundations.

Northern Star is built on triangle foundations, but the distance from one tip of the star to the opposing is 21 foundations. Plus the map room foundations. I later added another floor on top of the map room to house a temple of Ymir.

I also have a 21x21 pyramid near The Den. It has very tight corridors inside, plus enough space for a map room, a temple of Set, all sorts of crafting benches, a Wheel of Pain, a throne room, a comfy bedroom and even some secret passages between floors.

Plus some sandstone bases from my early game expansion. One castle near the Summoning Place (it’s not small, but it’s made of sandstone), a brick fortress blocking the canyon south of Flotsam, and a sandstone base just south of the Black Galleon, with a hardened brick wall protecting the southern entrance.

And I’ve a rather impressive looking Turanian palace in the Volcano, but its footprint isn’t really that big, only 13 by 13.

The dumbest thing is, I’ve built these in Single-player with a 1x harvesting multiplier. I like building.


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