How many will hold off on new dlc until bugfixes have been done?

i will buy the DLC as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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I’ll be buying it as well. I don’t see a quarter of the issues people are saying they have. I might get lag or DC here and there but nothing other than that. So I will be buying this dlc as well.

Well I just had the entire internals of my new base with all my mats/thralls/and facilities disappear so probably not gonna buy unless it gets resolved

it was NOT free. people earned it (including me :slight_smile:

so if you were not part of the call to arms promo , and want that , open that wallet XD


besides, with what the dlc cost you can eat a pizza, and it will end up in the toilet (WC) in the next 24 hours. lol.

building in the game is great. but STILL i want funcom to fix the bugs… and will continue to be a pain in the but (t)


Not paying for DLC.


Well, I was just using “free” to refer to not having to pay cash for the DLC. The more important point I was trying to make is pc players at least got the chance to earn it and console players did not. So, even though I want the Aquilonian stuff, I plan to hold out for a time to see if Funcom makes good on its offer to give console players the chance to earn it also.

Even if I had to buy it, I would buy it instantly. I participated in the TestLive opportunity, but I expect I will buy at least one copy for a friend. To pay it forward, Aquilonian-style.


Not holding back, I know the bug fixing has nothing to do with dlc development.

The dlc files are already in the game mostly, on console it already shows the feats, as further proof that it has nothing to do with bug fixing.

Also hoping the next one is nordheimer or cimerian themed, need more barbarian stuff!

They said they would look into something for console players, it was not even implied that we would get the dlc for free on console.

I will buy it, whats $15 in the name of entertainment

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How many will hold off on new dlc until bugfixes have been done? Me, I got one DLC already, not getting the next until they patch and fix a lot of bugs


Man, don’t take things out of context, do you know how do consoles work with patches? Certification processes etc? That’s why consoles are usually behind regarding patches in this game and so many more?

That “event” was not possible in consoles, you don’t have testlive server or anything. We helped not only PC PLAYERS but console players, testing it (with average results xD).

It was not a chance to give pc players anything free, it was a moment where they were gonna take holidays and couldnt release / test the 500 fixes patch on time. And the only idea was asking players to test the patch, but isnce its not early access anymore, they offered us an incentive.

It was not possible on console, and it makes no sense that you want em to create an event for you to get anything free.


I was going to buy it but no point looks like all the armor is bugged.

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Is it? Care to explain? xD

'nuff said

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Ah good to know, but not that bad. I expect it to be fixed so soon, im not any concerned by that.

Goes back to my point of layering more bugs on to others that have not been addressed. This adds to the deficit in the game on stuff that needs to be fixed since Jan 2017.

So either the technology cannot address the issues or the coding cannot be created to address persistent bugs. The hole will just get deeper.

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I’ll be buying.

To answer the OP, I’m not spending any more euros in this game until it’s finished. Dlcs are somewhat pointless for me if after going through early access, some things stay the same. There is my answer, now critisize (?) all you want, and give whatever your reasons are to do que opposite. Won’t change a thing at the moment. Still, love the game andwill keep playing it my way, but, no more euros from me as of today.

It’s a question of priorities, mine in this case.:wink:


I love the game, and my friends and I are having a ball doing coop. That said, I’m holding off on buying the DLC until the game is stable. I want to make a couple of points:

  1. The game is still Beta. Saying it is released means nothing when it remains so buggy.
  2. Funcom has really shot itself in the foot from a public relations standard. Their program manager should be sent packing.
  3. The game needs an ‘Experimental Branch’ for players to be able to play on the newest code and see it first, and a ‘Stable Branch’ for players that want to play without bugs.

ok so it was 3 points.


/already downloaded