How will you compensate players after the latest buggy release?

Still waiting for the devs to notice this and still game is bugged as hell… tons of bugs daily nothing changes. Can any dev contact me please have a big list of bugs btw, or at least type somewhere on this useless forum? Tons of posts are ignored daily at maximum while the game is more and more bugged each day it passes.

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Don’t like my post? Stop crying in it… you’re free to go. I allow you to leave. Nobody needs your pointless typing here. As I said I am waiting for reply from devs not randoms!


only person crying in your multiple posts is you

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This is what people mean when the say “en T I T led”

If I was a dev, I’d be ignoring you deliberately, just for the fun of it. This thread now gives daily amusement.

And I’ve certainly not been sitting here waiting for your permission to leave.



wahhh wahhh they’ve broken it mommy, fix it!! fiiiiiiiiiiiiiix iiiiiiittt bwahh:joy::joy::joy:

you kids this days. humanity is not gonna last for long that’s for sure, smh.

I would like to know if you’ve been playing since early access or after release. But honestly either way it’s your responsability, read the comments, forums, do your research. This game was not ready for release and it was a known fact. Investigate a little, it had to do with their approach with some of the issues like the hacks, the chinese, how they instead of focusing on fixing the game they decided to put more resources in developing a console version for the game, the list goes on.

The customer is certainly not obliged searching and analyzing various community content before buying a product. The customer can expect a working product when buying one.
I can only guess why one comes to think otherwise.

Ha! you gonna have a lot of problems thinking that way, not with this game but in life. THAT’S NOT THE WAY THE REAL WORLD WORKS. You are not an blind animal that walks and hopes for the best you should always be on your guard.

Yes, it took them an eternity to fullfill several promises but hey they’ve done it. And maybe this is not for everyone but as many others have said before me, everything that I’m saying here it’s in front of their store page, 10 min would have saved you some major embarrassment.

Should you expect something more from the game? yes! they’ll keep fixing the game, new content, dlcs, etc. But that’s it.

Enjoy the game or play something else.


Here is some proof that they read the forums. This guy got a response in just 9 hours !
Maybe it’s just YOU they don’t like? or is it the topic ?!? :question:

HOW IRONIC is it that the original poster in that thread is called “RandomGuy” PMSL :rofl: :joy: :laughing:

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I really hope the Dev’s do ignore him at this point. Like a nice long running joke. He’ll continue to post daily, and the devs ignore him until the game is deprecated.

I would find this greatly amusing as well the correct use of the Dev’s time due to the fact that this guy has had his question answered many many times over already.


This is why I like the forums. Hardcore and dedicated players who will go to the extend of actually reading the EULA. +1 to you Shadoza.

And you know what, now they can actually close this godforsaken post, Shadoza found the official answer to this … bwahaha :rofl:

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Only issue is, its been posted several times over now. Few specific posters keep straight up ignoring facts though because it doesn’t meet their demands.

Self entitlement is like a license for turning off your brain and charging ahead in ignorance mode and all the facts in the world doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.


With people like you humanity has no chance… the fact that people like you exist in this world makes the world to have so many flaws in everything. But then… I am not wasting my time to explain again what I wrote upper. Anyway non-important people like you will always try to get attention on forums. it’s their way to feel that they live with a purpose in this world!


Of course they ignore the facts they don’t like and/or having answer for… it’s logical!

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No, please don’t close it, I look forward to waking in the morning to see what other comments he has said. Has put a smile on my face every day for 2 weeks now :slight_smile:


A few points (depending on your country)

The part EULA talking about bugs etc is an unfair contract term (according to the laws of the UK) and is considered null and void in the courts, The overriding points of law are:- ‘The product sold must be fit for the purpose, free of defect and of merchantable quality’ and 'The customer must be satisfied that the product 1)meets their needs and 2) is as advertised.
In my opinion, the game breaches two separate consumer protection laws and is not fit for purpose (your own opinion may well vary as each of us have different standards they hold their suppliers to) I have given the developers ‘reasonable chance to rectify’ (2.2GB patch and 500MB patch) which did not improve the situation… To that end, I have exercised my rights and obtained a full refund from Steam… THIS is the only way to ensure that game developers release products with a manageable level of bugs and focus on making the core game as playable as possible… NOT crank out something ‘that will do’ and focus on DLC that you have to pay as much for as for the base game.
Naturally, the diehard fanbois will decry this post, others won’t care, others might well be interested in seeing if they too can get a refund.


I congratulate you sir on this post. Well done.
An opinion I have voiced a few times on this forum and been shouted down for saying. You’ve said it better than I did.

I’m in the UK and understood these rights. Personally, I’m happy with my game experience and not wanted a refund, but your actions here will send the right message to Funcom.

Whilst I see the game in an absolute mess right now and missing a lot of promised features which never made it into the game, overall, I have been able to get a great deal of enjoyment from this title and look forward to many more hours (once it works correctly)

Once again, well done on getting your money back.

@TheElephantTowerMan = Here is the answer you’ve wanted if the laws in your country support it.

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Are you serious?.. I came back to the game from long break, more than a year I think (can’t remember last time I played), and just a look at these forums is disheartening tbh. Truth is, a year ago the game in early access was buggy but playable, nowadays it’s arguable.

In any case I will follow your advice and come back in a few YEARS, maybe then funcom has managed to stabilize a game, oh wait, did I say funcom?.. cheers!

Let me please have my doubts about funcom’s capability of resolving issues, I mean, there should be a way to make a stable game… there are some on the market, yet this company keeps his record of flaws and tbh I don’t really care, it’s their money not mine they are playing with.

What really makes sad is that they have taken a setting such as Conan’s environment and not made a good job. So much for their reputation.

Having said all that, I will do as you said, I’ll be back in another year and see how it goes. You guys have fun.

Oh last thing sorry. Accepting EULA doesn’t mean it’s legal. You may sign a contract with abussive clausses (not sure is the right word), which may be illegal, even though you agreed. Sounds strange but it’s called principles.


Read the whole thread and his other thread and you’ll get a better context as to why this became the best advice for him.

Sure it is and I am following it. I said that to myself a year ago and when I come back, seems I need another year off. My point is, if that is the trend, why even bother coming back?. Sad to see good environment and lots of potential going down the drain. But, so is life!

I am willing to come back next year and see, see you then maybe? :wink:


I agree the game was better then.
Many are willing to wait for them to fix it, others are not. They released it too soon, IMO it’s still an Early Access game. I bought the game in Feb 17 and have been waiting ever since, but not to the point it has held up my life. I dip in, see the state then go and do something else.
It’s still very playable as it is.

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Everyone has some valid points about the finer details of the law, but if he wanted to and managed to get his money back, good luck to him, I hope he’s happy.

I purchased the game knowing it was still being built and full of bugs, i believe its still being built, just because the devs “claimed” it was ready doesn’t change anything for me. I know its NOT ready for meaningful play, but it’s still great fun.

I’ve spent over 1300 hrs in this game since I bought it 16-17 months ago. Even whilst it’s broken as F right now, I would never dream of asking for my money back at this point.

If these players want out and can find a way of getting their money back for a game they’ve spend 100’s if not 1000’s of hours in, that’s just an indication of their moral principles.


Correct, if you are not happy with the game and think funcom didn’t give you what you paid for, and your country’s law permits it, you should try get your money back. That is the kind of thing that maybe makes the ceos think if their path is correct. My expreience has been fun, despite bugs and such, so it’s well spent money for me.

I am on the same boat as you, bought the game in ea with great expectations knowing there would be bugs for sure. But time passes and little is done, patch after patch after patch… only to find the game hasn’t got much better, gather I see the forums full of complains and bug reports, some as old as ea launch . Expectations? Not anymore.

I am no pro developer but I would try ver something stable before launching it to the market, then it should just be game polishing issues, not major core flaws repairing. May be the game is too complex for funcom to handle it? Meanwhile, new projects come and fewer and fewer resources will be dedicated to this game, that’s for sure, so expectations for me lower down every day that passes. That’s how see it as of today.

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