If we are going to have lightning, then we need offline raid protection and better defenses

I naked hit a clan with lightning and imho, it’s not as simple as it sounds in reality.

With 4x harvesting you can build 4x the structures to keep lightning drops away from your core.
Casting time is long and loud.
40% corruption required so you cant move, fight, or climb well.

I think one of the main benefits is it makes the game more challenging for larger clans because they don’t have 4 hours of bombing to hide behind. It has always been the case if someone wants to get in while you’re offline, it’s doable.

There are at the very least 30 spots in EL to build that are immune to lightning storm, not including anything smaller than 3x3, ranging from tiny base to large and accommodating for 10man clans.

This isn’t a lightning storm issue, this is a maladaptation issue.

It’s survival. The game changes, change with it, or lose. The same thing happened when they introduced climbing, people saying it was the end of building and raiding is too ez now because they couldn’t pull one set of stairs and have an unraidable base

List the 30 spots, please.

Anything that has a structure you can build in, or a tunnel to go through, or a cave with good vertical clearance.

The best ones that come to mind are keyhole, one of the 6-7 spots near the den, one of the several spots in southern aqueduct, the crevice, the arena, watcher in the jungle, the two towers near dagon dungeon entrance, and many, many more that aren’t near a POI.

Were you trying to test my knowledge, or just honestly did not know?

I was asking because it has been tested in many areas. I was wondering what areas were immune.

So they changed it so lightning storm now does not go through perma? Because people have reported it does.

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