In game reporting system

I find the system simple enough. The only issue is not having enough people to handle all the reports but I believe the guys are doing what they can. You ask them to spend hours and hours of their time to investigate spammed reports while you refuse to spend 10 minutes of your time to report your issue. People spamming a button won’t speed up the process.


You would be surprised how little casual players care. How many games most CE players play at the same time? Do you believe they all make forum accounts in every game they play just to report a infraction? Ask Funcom, tell them to show how many CE accounts they have, then ask for forum accounts for some giggles. Most just wont bother, most players never set foot in game forums. If they see something wrong… well, someone else will eventually report the problem, unless they are seriously damaged by the infraction.

Thats why most online games also have in game tickets, so players can report on the fly. If you expect them to come in the forums and write a full report… well, you will get a much lower number of reports, some serious problems that could have been exposed before will remain hidden for longer, thats my point.

But people are prophesying about how wrong spamming report buttons could go, as if there is no way to prevent that, because you know… coders can only do 1 + 1 logic, so whatever… have a good day and keep expecting everybody to come here report everything wrong they see in game.

If they don’t care, then the issue doesn’t bother them enough.


And before the reply in inevitably comes of “They don’t know about the rules”, I think that rather wordy pop up when you log in to officials each and every time should educate them some what on where to go to report.

With so few people investigating the reports, this may actually be a good strategy on Funcom’s part. The people who bother to come to the forums and fill in a proper report are more likely to have a legitimate grievance, which already gives Funcom information that it’s a matter worth investigating. Lowering the threshold of reporting would inevitably lead to a significantly higher number of reports, resulting in delays in response times.

If you’re already concerned that Funcom doesn’t react to reports swiftly enough, I’m afraid increasing their workload isn’t going to help.


There we go…

help me funcom lmao

Funcom doesn’t help that’s why I was asking the people to help

Im a solo player trying to deal with this clan that spends all their time hunting and wiping solos calling themselves server wipers lol

I will join the server in about 4 hours. :slight_smile:
Have to say I have already joined an other server to clean up brimstone lake + fighting Alpha’s, this server is Prio 1, but this one will be No2.


I appreciate that it will be tough because they do not allow anyone to build up but I will be hopeful and appreciate any help provided

No comparision since WoW is a pay to win…errr pay by month game. They are constantly getting revenue from monthly subs.

They can afford to to pay someone to watch a queue.

We are talking about Tencent Games now… $$$$

Very true, I just wish this game could grow even more. I want it to improve, to add more complexity but keep it fun and engaging. I stopped playing wow a month go for the first time ever. I was used to play it everyday non stop, since 2018 and I finally get burnt out of it and I downloaded this game again. I never gave CE a chance fully like I did this time and I haven’t played wow ever again since.

And if they dont bother enough, they certainly wont trouble creating a forum account, writing down a full report, uploading a video, etc to expose the griefer/exploit/problem… I think you can picture the problem now, right? Just because a certain in game issue (bug, exploit, blockade, hackm etc…) doesnt bother someone, it doesnt mean it cant be harmfull for the game.

Not only a client side integrated report system would encourage people to find problems and expose them, it would also help the few admins manage the reports. If it was integrated system these reports could be easily sorted, listed, ordered by date, reporting person, reported person, zone, frequency, etc… a endless possibility of tools to assist admins identify and take action faster.

Even Tencent, who may have a lot of money in bank, is out there to make a profit. They won’t just donate money to Funcom to hire server police, they need to get a return for that investment. Most online games who do have this kind of service charge monthly fees (and additionally micropayments of various sorts, from cosmetics to lottery tickets). So the real question is - how much would we, the customers, be willing to pay extra in order to have a proper server admin service?

My guess is that most of us would not be willing to pay much more.

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Hi, I’m from the clan you’re spreading lies about.

We absolutely never cheated once. We are just a serious pvp clan that took over 42 within a matter of days (without walls or a roof on our base just for fun). I’m sure even the moderator is aware that there was never a “ddos” attempt even made, and that’s why no action has been taken against us.

As for the south jungle ob…that’s part of our base, and there are no resources required to progress in game within its confines(you can just use north ob).

As for the accusations of meshing? You want screenshots bro? We can show you multiple mesh bases we’ve found, but we ain’t one of them. Our defenses aren’t even good on this server lol.

Suck it up, or blow it up. That’s what I say.

We gave everyone on the server fair warning our second day on the server that we were here to party. We told you to unite, but you didn’t listen lol.

Carol baskins/Neverland ranch BND

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Hey man. We appreciate a good fight for sure. We’ll be waiting for ya. GLHF


I didn’t talked about any clan specific and if I say someone is cheating, it will be more like DDoS, Undermesh etc with 100% proof. No spamming foundations, so can you search a post from me what is based on your message?

That message was an example about the cheating discussions in general, not the actual “Cheat”.
Next time answer with understanding the context.

Or is your frustration so high, that you didn’t read well and are looking for @bodybagga ?

Depending on the quality of the game.

Anyway, most big companies start with big debt and buy everything around them so they will lead.
For example, Amazon, Uber etc.

You think Amazon followed guidelines/mindset what you wrote?

In case of Funcom, they did an outstanding job with Conan Exiles.
It’s their first game with a “big” hit so far and I like Tencent Games bought them, like I would have done if I had that much money.

When making a plan for a game, you know from the start you will have to invest money for (example) anti-cheating program. In your eyes it’s called “donating”, my eyes it’s creating a game for long terms, so you can earn money later on, but this is really depending on the quality of the strategy and the actual build of the game.

If I had to pay monthly for Conan right now, I wouldn’t pay, but this is because of their developing skills in general (for example, how they update the game and how frequently) with the effect with the updates. If I experienced their updates like it normally should, I would have paid for Conan.

Willing to pay €100,- each year, with normal testing and improved updates and anti-cheating system.

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