Official server 3742 I thought this was supposed to get you banned?

Over 20 people have reported this clan for this and a week later they are still here and now other players are leaving the server because they are blocking spawn points. This is just one of the locations! All 20 people sent in videos of them ddosing and videos of them spawn camping flying and blocking obelisks and nothing has been done my the admins so now I am asking everyone and anyone else for help. Since @community doesn’t seem to work I figured I’d as the real community for help. Thank you for any and all the help that comes it’s a clan of 10.

![image|690x517] (upload://3L23GmhucQV9yEr4ydo73tgE0VV.jpeg)

There are 2 people working on the reports. They said they are swamped which I don’t find surprising at all. You are not the only one with issues and problems on your server. Give them time. The more people spam them with reports the longer it will take to clear the backlog.


Like i say before we need an not buildable path that connect all obelisks, big cities, dungeons, etc …

Then problem solved.

And we need a wipe to clear all past duping exploits. Because this is why actually some clans have infinite ressources in their chests to kill servers.

There we go, the discussion we made so much…

Good luck Funcom!

BTW, this isn’t bad! Destroy 1 or 2 foundations on the bottom and voila.

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Funny thing is, the real issue here is the ability to place that many walls just to do it. If resources had true value (hint hint decay even in storage) then doing something like this would be expensive. As it is, once a clan is established even a little, grinding 1000 foundations of materials is easy. So “wasting” it to go over kill and build the wall that high says more about the survival harvesting aspect than the clan that did it.


No one just play the game correct when you have a 10 man clan and your picking on solo and duo players and your exploiting stuff like this you need to be taken care of simple as that

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Yes we do that but it does not matter because they rebuild and I have a horse so I can get around but what about new players trying to access the obelisk they are unable to continue the game how it was supposed to be played. But enough is enough go fight on a server that has another big clan not solos trying to enjoy the game just because I don’t want to waste my resources blowing into building that should not be there so others can access the world should not mean I have to go to pve or anything like that I don’t care if they are banned or not just delete the buildings that should not be blocking in game access plain and simple

And on top of that we have blown into their base and nothing was there but they kept showing up to fight so we are pretty sure they are undermeshed but unable to get a photo so they literally can rebuild anything at anytime! Just fun stuff that should be taken care of

Maybe it would be wise to have more people working on controlling the exploits instead of more dlc content

Money…money…money… Always sunny…

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It’s just maddening as a clan I joined got Banned a while back ago because we had build in the black keep dungeon did not block it off just built inside a empty room inside the dungeon and we got banned within 2 days of doing it even tho the dungeon was still fully accessible we got banned for 2 weeks and these people have actually blocked of complete access to something and nothing is being done about that.

This has nothing to do with PVP. PVP is supposed to be about skills, not who is best to use exploits. Some so-called pvpers nowdays are just carebears using exploits because they are afraid of a fight


Might I suggest reviewing the following:

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please read the following Rules.