In loving memory of Stromm

Today I learned that my old friend Stromm passed away in a noncombat incident while serving as an intelligence analyst in Qatar for the USAF.
I haven’t had much contact with Stromm (or Jason if you like) in the past 10 years or so, but it still saddens me to no end that an old gamer buddy is no longer with us.

Stromm was a fixer in AO, but not just any fixer, he was the benchmark for all other fixers on Rk1.
When I first started out pvping, I’d always hear about him, like some mythical creature capable of performing miracles.
I was lucky enough to be an active fixer in 2005, the year Stromm returned to AO.
He was a fun person to have at your side while gaming, with his cool demeanor, infectious laugh and never ending source of AO stories, you always knew that when he signed onto the voice-chat server it would be a great day.
Stromm was not only a great fixer, he was also a great leader and good luck charm for clan in both NW and Tarasque raids.

Jason spoke on multiple occasions about his life goals, and even though he’s gone, I’m happy that he reached those goals and got to serve his country.

For anyone with stories to share of Stromm (both good and bad), I’m sure that he would appreciate it.


I didn’t know Stromm well, but I do remember them.

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Sad to hear he’s gone, but glad he accomplished what he wanted.

When Stromm came back, I was a wee babby froob advy with no frame of reference, and to me he was basically part of the clan-omni game lore. I never knew him ingame, but he had a massive impact on PvP, and on the NW conflict.

I hope his family and friends are doing well.

Jeez, RIP Stromm. I remember his presence on Forums, he was a huge part of the community for a very long time.

RIP - legend

Unfortunatelly, I have never had a priviledge to play with Stromm. His deep knowledge of fixer profession formed most of the best pvp fixers we have seen in AO. He is a legend to celebrate. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP!!!

Rest in peace. I played around the time he returned and only knew of him as one of the legendary pvpers in the community, but it’s sad to hear the news.

RIP Stromm - Truly a legendary fixer

Legendary - RIP Stromm.

Also, as an Army veteran myself, thanks and respect for your service.

This makes me incredibly sad to hear. Stromm was a great player and wonderful org mate. He was one of my biggest motivators to get out and PvP, and is one of the reasons I got so into PvP. Watching him run circles around people in 2ho was mesmerizing. Watching him evac to prevent death was hilarious. :smile:

I remember very few people as well as I remember Stromm from back in the early days of AO on RK1. Rest in peace, buddy.

(I would post a screenshot of Stromm, but the forums won’t let me 1) post a link to it, or 2) upload the screenshot to my post. Ah well.)

Synergy Factor


RIP Stromm, even on RK2 the stories of Stromm were told.

RIP Stromm

RIP old friend. Stromm and I grew up together, gamed together, and AO was the home to some of my best memories with him. I was a kid running around enjoying playing a video game, but Stromm (Jason) made it an art. He’d tell me all about PVP and I’d pretend I understood haha. I’ve recently been playing Diablo 2, a game we used to spend hours sitting next to each other at his computer desk playing, and the memories are good ones.

Love you, homie. Hope you’re well.


The word legendary was used too loosely in the game but other posters on this thread are right to use it when describing Stromm. He was a fixer legend.

A few things about Stromm ingame; I, like many, based my fixer philosophy on things that the likes of Stromm and his partner in crime Tiamin pioneered in the early 2000s. But I, like every other fixer, was never as good as him. On both servers, Stromm was seen as THE fixer. Stromm played since the launch of this game and never lost a duel to another fixer, and he didn’t duck anyone in that time (though Tia did come close in that epic fight). He even came back from a long break and, rusty and underequipped, wiped the floor with the omni fixers of the day again. He was a key member, definitely the most charismatic cog in the leadership machine (alongside Tiamin, Marxgorm, Luckie & co) which led the famous 2005 demolition of omni towers and subsequent takeover. It was a stream rolling and his charisma and inspiring leadership propelled Stromm to be one of the most well known characters in the game. He was good at everything involved in leading NW and Tara, most of all strategy. If he went away for a while and then returned, he would be flooded with hundreds of messages of clan joy upon his first login of the return, and his !mass pull on Tnet was the highest % we saw on either faction at any time. He was also very decent at !calling.

Outside of the game, Stromm and I used to talk NFL, politics, music and other things. Most people who knew him agree that he was larger than life, a unique character with a great laugh. He was no age, and we will dearly miss him.

At a time in my life when I recently realised that other people who I thought were good friends and who I thought would stand by me actually let me down, I will really miss someone like Stromm who was in contrast a loyal, understanding and caring person for me and other people who were lucky enough to know him.


Remember playing with him. Back when fillijokus and stromm ran notum wars for clan, the leadership that stromm exhibited was unmatched. He was the best fixer not because he had all the best gear and knew how to pvp, it was the shere fact he knew the game inside and out.

This game has always had the best community when it comes to MMOs, and stromm would not mind helping anyone out that had questions, and he certainly was never rude about it, especially if it was an obvious question.

RIP bud,

salutes to the original stars and stripes

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There are only a few names that stick to a profession like Stromm’s did. Stromm was THE fixer to a lot of us. I remember watching one of the greatest fights in AO history at 2h0 so many years ago. Truly a great loss for our community and every life he touched.

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Being on the other side of the conflict, I recognized Stromm as a skilled opponent, and it was painfully clear that the teams he was leading had great coordination. The game was more challenging and fun as a result, and I’m likewise saddened that a fellow gamer has passed.

We shared trashtalk back in the day. I remember a time when he so frequented Omni Trade, we were just outside the basic shop, and he expressed a bemused frustration at how my IG name was supposed to be pronounced. Random.

AO wouldn’t have been one of my favorite games if not for Stromm and friends.

Pouring one out from the civ service. RIP.

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We shared trashtalk back in the day. I remember a time when he so frequented Omni Trade, we were just outside the basic shop, and he expressed a bemused frustration at how my IG name was supposed to be pronounced. Random.

Thanks man, this brings back some memories and made me chuckle at work.
He hated your name with a passion and would rant about it whenever he encountered you.
As far as I can remember, your name was the only name he ever had issues with.

Hey Tiamin.

No idea if you remember me, but I remember you! Haven’t played the game in 12 years according to Auno :astonished:.
Sorry to read about Stromm. I remember him too of course, and we had a lot of good fights.

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If you’re the NT from Forsaken, I remember you :slight_smile:

I hope you’re doing well!