Increase map boundaries

When will you be opening up the map boundaries to the North east? So much of the map is cut off by a green wall.

The northeast is used for certain dungeons. It will not be opened up.

The current map is all we are going to get, because it’s at the max of what the engine can support.


Bummer. Well then, fill up the open places in the current biomes. There is so much empty space not being used…

I would like to see some change in the desert regions… a lot of empty space there that could use uninhabited caves, ruins to be finished (mostly interiors and mini dungeons), and more crystal caves in the northern sections of the desert. would also like to see existed cave systems made more labyrinthine with places a player could build without blocking spawns.

Dude !
They could totaly do an underground network with labyrintic cave & places. that could expand the map wisouth taking much ressources AND could potentialy fix the undermesh base problem^^

Land claim mechanics would have to be overhauled. Currently, if I understand correctly (and I could be wrong, land claim isn’t something I’m super knowledgeable in), land claim has a limit in the x and y, but not the Z. In the Z, land claim extends endlessly to the boundaries. Why? Probably something PVP related I’m guessing.

How that impacts your idea is that if someone builds on top of your caves and such, it will despawn the enemies. It’s also too late to add a bunch of building blockers all over the map. People’s long standing buildings would suddenly no longer be accessible to upgrades or expansion.

yeh i was thinking about that, and if on the contrary if there is no landclaim cave would be overbuild too.

Could be cool if landclaim was a bubble like the T3 altar buff :confused:

Although some members will tell you otherwise, it is possible to expand the map, even if only slightly. While the engine could probably not handle the map being expanded (ie- more grid squares added along the vertical or horizontal), it would be possible to open up, or even terraform, existing areas currently cut of by the green Cursed Wall. Myself and other users such as @TwoJay have spent time wandering around, and even building settlements well on the other side of it.

Here is a good thread which will argue the merits of both sides of the subject. For the ‘not possible’ side, see Multiguns posts. For the ‘possible’ side, see BiJays posts. The final thing to consider is if there is a willingness to actually do so on Funcoms part, and at this stage, there doesnt seem to be. But you just have a read of this thread, and make up your own mind.

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