Interesting Dilemma, Need Advice

Sometimes you can even come to terms with trolls. Don’t show them it bothers you. They might be nice…and make good tea.

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Agreed! I hope they make a good green tea or earl grey.

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I wonder what the moderators think of this? Is this a reportable action or am I playing with fire?

Hmmm maybe there’s a way to poke a moderator? I don’t know.

You have some beautifully built structures in those pictures but you are definitely in violation of the rules. The rules are based on intent and by your own admission here, you have blocked off an area of the map specifically to prevent other players from building. You have also undoubtedly blocked resources which is another violation and now your thoughts to ‘wall them in’ or build a garden around them is again, against ToS regardless of whether or not the suggestion was made here on the forums.

Do I think you built too big? No. But if it is creating lag on, either the server side or client side, than I am wrong, as that is against ToS and only someone who plays on the server would know. Again, the rules are based on intent and common sense.

  • Don’t block other players
  • Don’t block resources
  • Don’t cause lag

Obviously I’m paraphrasing here, but essentially, don’t be a jerk to others.

  1. Is their little shanty reportable? Definitely not, and I have already outlined why. Which rule were you thinking about reporting them for?

  2. Are you playing with fire? Absolutely, and again, I have outlined this above.

Posting an issue on the forums first (before the opposite party(s)), does not make you immune to the ban hammer. If the other party decides to report you, I would say there is a very good chance your beautiful buildings will be removed and you might even be banned. You have to look at this from the other players perspective, if they were to report you, what would they say? Would they be able to accuse you of causing lag? Would they say you were blocking resources? Would they say your wall was built to specifically prevent other players from building? What kind of pictures would they be able to present against you?

Remember the rules are worded to give discretion to the admin that has to make the decision and you are currently dancing on the edge of a cliff my friend. I honestly hope that the person who built that shanty is only trolling you and the two of you become friends, because if not, all your hard work and labor of love is in jeopardy.

Everything above is just my opinion, but that’s what you asked for, so hopefully it causes you to take a step back and think before proceeding. Best of luck.

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There is a clear exemption for building your own base.

OP I wouldn’t worry about what you’ve built. Restrict access to and from your base as best as you can, and make a report through zendesk. They are clearly abusing the claim system to interfere with your buildings.

Good Luck!


Any one of OP’s many buildings could be considered ‘his base.’ If OP had expanded linearly, I would agree with you @LordKAA, but he decided to wall off an entire section that is large enough for others to build in and is preventing them from doing so, calling it his lawn.

Don’t forget that the exception you quoted applies to the other player as well, who had built their base before OP had completely walled it off. Walling it off now is a whole different ball of wax and no longer applies to the exception you quoted. OP also admitted that he was doing it to prevent access to his lawn.

I suspect that reporting the shanty owner will result in one of two outcomes. It will either have no effect and the report will be ignored, or worse, get his own beautiful buildings deleted.

Anyway, I offered my opinion and only hope OP doesn’t dig his own grave moving forward.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. He wasn’t doing it specifically to deny access to resources or critical locations on the map. Nor is it a particularly large area. It’s simply a nice courtyard in his base.

If you see a square shaped wall with one section missing, the natural conclusion should be that whoever owns it has claimed the area inside. Just because you can rush in and build a shack in the middle of it before the wall is complete doesn’t mean what you did was right and his completing the wall should in no way be considered a violation of the rule against boxing people in.


Another option could be invite them to your clan, tear their house down and rebuild something more aesthetically pleasing for their characters to live in.


Well this is quite an interesting situation.

Have you considered posting signs to open dialogue with your new attic mice?

The danger of a large, open fortress is the ability for it to be claimed. Sprawling, massive natural courtyards are a sub optimal arrangement for the reasons you have just illustrated.

The definition of “base” can be debated back and forth, but ultimately rests in the server admin hands. Some will say it is a single structure, others will give you whatever your curtain walls enclose so long as it’s only that spot and not a series of huge private gardens all over the former Khari hegemony.

As it’s not a PvP server, I would go back to opening dialogue with the shanty trolls before anything else.


You might put some signs up saying Rental property and maybe they will get in touch otherwise you could fence them in but if they are new to the game might not know better . PS. :-1: bad phone connection yesterday when I hit send missed alot of conversation.


This could get him banned if the other guys report it… has happened to my server … so carefull with wall around others…
For ur answer @Seikopathik i would build a paved way as close as i can get to their main place, , and a small arched gate near em to have an opening to the outer world. Then a small build with a fountain behind their base (to make sure they wont get closer)… At both sides i would place around their base 20-25 fully geared thralls, with some foundations and signs that would say “enjoy ur staying at my place, i did everything for u to feel safe” …
If they prove to be enjoying that i would make their build a part of my base and would enjoy the benefit of having the only base in exiled lands that hosts another clan inside (cause great kingdoms always have protected minorities within them- in fact some of my signs would be placed that indicates ur builds as "house of ‘enter clan name here’ and theirs as "house of ‘enter clan here’) just for the lols!!!
I would make them feel so much at home that in the end they would be friends of mine…

From my pov i would take screenshots of all stages of this story to have them… u have a rare opportunity to create magic in a unique way of how to turn a harrasement into uniqness!!!
That is what i see in this situation!!:slight_smile:


I gotta say I’m with Glurin with the interpretation of the rules on this one.

From what I can see the OP has just built a base, and some trolls have decided to squat in the middle.

Theres no protest here at land mismanagement or eco-terrorism activism , these guys are trolling you because they simply found they could.

Unfortunately on a PVE server there isn’t much you can do BUT report them, or just wait until they get bored.

You appear to be someone who plans long term (your base did not pop up overnight) so my advice is:

  1. Don’t fuel the fire. Trolls love attention. The more you react, the more fun it is for them. With this in mind, I would not bother to even report it, all it’ll end up doing is adding to the drama which they love, and there is a slim chance it could backfire on you.

2)While it might feel like the horse has already bolted, take this opportunity to remedy the holes you have in your build / base. In some weird way these interlopers have ‘helped’ (I use this word …loosely) because now you know where you are vulnerable.

  1. Test the water, and feel them out. What I mean by that is, open a dialogue to see if these guy are just simply having a laugh, or whether you think they mean to troll you even further.
    Only way to do this is to speak to them. Stay civil, join in on the laugh even, why not? It is funny if you put your annoyance to one side for a moment and see the humour in it, acknowledge that they got ya!
    Sometimes just being a ‘good sport’ is enough for some to move on. If you go in and start ranting and raving , then get ready to be trolled even more.
    How they respond should give you some idea on whether this is going to be a long running saga or simply a laugh for a moment.

If they continue to be trolls , then I would just block them, not feed the fuel any more, and just ignore them.

Bear in mind, a lot of players come to these forums, so you even posting here along with pictures, could be enough to make them want to continue ‘the joke’

Hope that helps and good luck, I’ve a feeling you may need it :stuck_out_tongue:


Was thinking more of creating a wall to seal off one side (the one closest to the main keep).Seikopathik would then have the option of destroying the outer walls that surround the other clan’s base, whilst preventing them from encroaching closer to his main structure. Essentially moving the perimeter wall so as to no longer provide protection to squatters, as well as not giving them the option for reporting for land claim spam.


Wow that’s a lot to read up on! Lol
At least they kept it clean and only built a house.
On my official Xbox server, I had a player spider foundations all through my “Lawn” just to be a dcik. I’m a honest player. All my walls have gates that are open. Resources available for everyone.
Good thing about Xbox officials is the Decay timer is still on. I find that the players that spam, often disappear after awhile. And judging by the material he used to build his house.
Sadly the Ps4 hasn’t turned the Decay back on.
I’d just keep I eye on the player.


Okay, call me an optimist, but do you know they’re actually doing to troll you instead of just doing it as a mischievous prank? As others have already pointed out, you could turn this into a tongue-in-cheek pseudo-RP situation where you give set up a garden and some signs and stuff like that.

Whatever you do, don’t do this:

If you do that and they took it badly, they could report you for breaking the server rules and you could get all of your stuff wiped, with a ban on top of it. There’s no guarantee at all that an admin reacting to a report would take the time to assess the situation properly and draw the correct conclusions about who was there first and who did what.

For better or for worse, you got some tenants now, and you gotta find a way to coexist with them and defuse the situation.


Thanks for giving me your thoughts. You are hitting on what I initially though at the start of this.

While they did roll in and plant flag within my walls you point out plenty reason why zendesk (or whoever is responsible for moderating) would fault me.

Terms of conduct, guidelines, and procedures is designed in way to be interpreted in one of two ways but ultimately as “don’t be a jerk”, to put it nicely.

Strickly black and white or vague enough where decision is arbitrary.

Either way, you make good points on how this can work against me.

Looking from the other players perspective, their decision to build there is with intent to troll or instigate a reaction to get me removed.

If the reason was to report me for holding this spot due to resources, the lake, or even the view, then he could have done so without having to build within my walls.

It’ll be a shame if after all this time I’ve been in that location, they manage to take me out with such a strategy.

But I do agree with your thoughts. I think you worded my predicament and how it could potentially play out better than I could have. :+1:

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I have thought of that. Unfortunately, I’ve had the experience of doing that on another server and the other player breaking down the entire base and offloading the loot.

I don’t mean to be negative but that experience has broken that kind of trust in conan. Real life is another matter lol

But thank you for your advice! :+1:

I think perhaps leaving a sign with the hope of opening dialogue with them could be viable option. In a way, they got me by the short hairs, to put it nicely. lol

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Hmmm, rental property. I like the sound of it lol

I’m warming to the idea of putting out a sign to get them squawking.

My only doubt is them not being aware. I’ve seen their clan name before about a year back. This would be my first interactions with them.

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