It's easier to kill myself then to heal

So I’m playing The Isle of Septah, and I’m a brand new character.

But it’s sure hard to heal now. I haven’t found any aloe yet, and the “Sated” buff heals pretty dang slow.
And as I build my base, I’m getting beat up by my surroundings.

I’m finding it a lot easier to just stand next to my bed/bedroll, and remove my bracelet. Come back with 50% health instantly.
Which is a lot easier than trying to heal from even 30% health.


Follow the river. Any river.


Good to know, hope they fix this so when a player spawns is with 10% or less hp :^)

Sounds like we need a death penalty. 25-50% exp loss (up to and including loss of level) should fix this exploit.

Ew. No. XP loss is one of the worst possible ways to punish players. I wouldn’t say no to being down to 10% health after removing bracelet, or a time-limited post-death debuff, but honestly – why?

You killed yourself to heal up, so what? Why do we want to discourage that? Exactly where’s the problem?


It fixes two exploits. People using it to fast travel to bed/bedroll, and using it to heal themselves. Another game uses this option to prevent those exploits, and its been around for 21 years now with an active playerbase. So it can’t be all that bad.

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So what? If the server is configured to keep all your inventory after death, then this doesn’t break any gameplay. If the server is configured to drop all your inventory, then either you did it while you were already naked or you left your inventory rotting. Neither of those breaks any gameplay. So again, what’s the problem there?

You still haven’t explained why that’s a problem.

Yes, it can. MUME also has an XP penalty on dying, and it’s still around, and it’s still being played. That doesn’t make this a good option.


Well its not a problem persay to be honest. But it is an immersion breaking, unintuitive, and very weird way to get around an intended way to play.

And you know what? My suggestion doesn’t even indicate that is a problem, or even eliminates it (so suggesting its trying to fix a problem is a bit of a red herring). Instead it gives the player a choice. You can heal yourself to 50% and fast travel. But you pay for the privilege for doing so. Other suggestions meanwhile remove the choice.

Could even have lore around it. The exiles are so trapped that removing the bracelet simply causes a reincarnation back into the Exiled Lands/Siptah, at a loss of a portion of their souls. Those who died permanently (NPCs in story) from doing the same, irreversibly damaged their soul.

There we turn an exploit into a game mechanic. Not the first time I’ve seen a game do that.

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As i see it, is part of a game desing motivation. If the players has no consequence for dying it becomes a mechanical feature to fast travel to the spawn point, taking away the sense of danger and of course, surviveability, the main goal of the player should be to not die, then see for his/her basic needs, safety, social interaction (thralls) self enjoyment (luxury) and then the human realisation, etc. If we die without consequence they migth as well introduce fast travel with the press of a button, will be better for player experience than dying.

It’s not an intentional red herring, I assure you. It simply sounded to me like people were saying that there’s something wrong with removing your bracelet to heal up, and I thought that the proposals were there to fix what’s wrong. :man_shrugging:

Sure, giving players a choice sounds good to me, too. I just really, really disagree with XP loss. Hell, make me gain XP at only half the normal rate for the next 30 minutes, just don’t take away my XP.

The problem with all these ideas is that they’re laughably easy to get around. If you want to provide an incentive against people killing themselves to heal up or teleport, and you establish a post-bracelet-removal debuff or penalty, guess what people will do? Jump off a cliff. Do we now apply that debuff or penalty for death from falling damage? Or to all deaths?

There are probably some debuffs that could be applied post-death in general without some severe unintended consequences, but I imagine that they’re very few and of questionable worth.


We have consequences for dying already; loss of all of our gear, loss of all of our buffs, potentially loss of our follower, and only 50% health upon respawn. That is punishment enough.


The problem was the healing nerf, so people are finding ways to get around the stupidity of waiting 30 minutes to heal up, they just die really fast and take only 15 minutes to heal up. Carry around a bedroll, place it and then suicide, wow saved yourself 15 minutes of garbage waiting because some people want MOAR CHALLENGE. Artificially inflating healing times was a very bad move and it shows as people are finding ways around it


That’s a straw man. I haven’t had to wait 30 or even 15 minutes to heal up. Probably because I’m not insisting on trying to heal only through food.


no it is not a straw man, its 1 minute for 40 hp with food, depending on if you have mods or not you can easily have 1700 hp depending on potions/armor/stats so 40 hp 10 minutes is only 400 hp, 1200 hp in 30 minutes. If you want to waste a stupid amount of materials making bandages that weigh more than most things in the game go ahead, as it is now FORCED. They destroyed an aspect of the game to make a new shiny thing seem like something other than crap.


Yes, but i would say that spawning with 50% hp is too much, i would drop it to 1hp, easy to heal at base and somewhat punishing when spawning in a camp. Just my opinion though, seeing peole killing themselves for heals is an immersion breaker for me.

It may be hyperbole or an exaggeration, but its not a strawman. The take home message remains the same. Its people finding a way to circumvent a bad mechanic, just like they did with the Momentum system. The whole food system nerf was an uneeded change as a means to appease a vocal minority sub-set of PvP criers, which as usual, comes at the expense of PvE and Singleplayer modes. There were next to no threads on the forum calling for this change, and even less so with a discernable level of frequency. In my point of view its a bad call, period.


That’s not really an exploit though, they have servers that you dont keep your items when you die


I know it wasn’t. It wasn’t on my end either. I just realized and pointed out the fact we were talking the discussion into something largely irrelevant.

And when I play on those servers I have two sets of gear (well more than that) at each location. Dump my stuff at my bedroll base and pick up its alternative at my bed base when I pull bracelet.

I’ve been doing this for a while. Just like many others. I don’t like it, but its not going to stop me from doing it to stay competitive.

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There was no way to circumvent the momentum system, was there? The character moved like it had a bloody camel strapped to its back and there was no way around it.

This is more like the dodge roll change. People complained about it until they were blue in the face, because they preferred the old system and refused to change their underlying assumptions about how the system should work. In the end, you could divide people into roughly three groups: one group agreed to change how and why they dodged and were happy with it, another group changed how and why they dodged and still didn’t like it but decided to keep playing anyway, and a third group refused to adapt and quit.

This is a pretty similar situation: the new healing system requires players to change their underlying assumptions. Bandages are to be used between the fights. Potions are to be used in a fight and have to be timed correctly, but now the regeneration can’t be interrupted.

Not really. I mean, I’m a PVE player and I love it. I just happen to be very active on the forums, but I’m pretty sure that there are other PVE players who are busy enjoying the new system instead of arguing about it :wink:

If I had to guess at Funcom’s motivations, I would say they probably took the feedback both from “a vocal minority sub-set of PvP criers” and from a vocal minority of PVE players who keep complaining about how game isn’t really challenging (like me), and tried to come up with a paradigm shift to help both.

It’s imperfect, yeah. It needs work. They should, like you suggested elsewhere, remove or diminish the movement penalty on potions. They should definitely tweak the sated buff. They should breathe new life into the food and cooking system, and give new purpose to the variety of recipes we have.

But I’m glad they channeled Henry Ford and didn’t settle for giving us “a faster horse” and came up with a car, no matter how clunky their first car turned out :wink:

EDIT: I just want to make it even clearer, because it tends to get lost in the noise, that I’m not saying the new system is perfect. I’m just pushing back against people who are, predictably, demanding to go back to the old one because they don’t want to change their paradigm and help polish the new system.

So don’t look at them.

People are using an old work around to a new bad game mechanic. For me this change takes more away from the game than it adds.