It's easier to kill myself then to heal

Have you left the beach? Gone anywhere? I’m tripping over the stuff everywhere I go. I have no problems with healing now because it’s so plentiful


Oh nice, thank you, never tought about it, now i can see that no matter what problem i have with the game i can just close my eyes and don’t look at it…

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This was amusing. We were all driving porsches and FC took them away and gave us model Ts to make the game more challenging. LOL

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You have misrepresented what I said.

I did not say for you to close your eyes to game problems. I suggested you close your eyes to how others choose to play the game as you said they are breaking the immersion for you.

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Availability depends on your starting area, I made the mistake of starting South East first time around and there’s really almost nothing there, resource-wise, without having to hike a looooong way and getting past some of the nasty red-eyed doggos.

Started over in SW and I’m tripping over resources left and right.

I was more thinking along the lines of strapping the horse to roller blades and calling it a car… :wink:


I mean if we’re talking PVE… you could simply put an acidic weapon that can bleed on your thrall and never have to worry about healing yourself. Just toss a healing arrow their way once in a while. I doubt that has changed.


Wait, 1700 HP??? That seems high. I am only at 33 on Isles, but from what i understand, it is the same as exiles. So if i remember, 440 is level 30, and level 50 600HP. And FYI, i find Aloe all over the place. IT takes 10 seconds to get about 100 points of health back with wraps. I have had to learn to fight smarter, as just spamming heavy and flicking haunch to heal as i go doesn’t work any more. I now have to stick and move. And 995 of my deaths are now me gambling too much and old habits, and I can correct that.


You keep assuming that everyone starts the game with a tanked out thrall, healing arrows, and a recipe for poison weapons.


Exploits are fixed when they are directly resulting in the fun factor for players.

Unlimited item glitches need to be fixed ASAP, since they allow you to have quick and endless access to high tier gear for you and anyone else, leading to no fun exponentially faster. This should be fixed

Now adding a new punitive system to fix a workaround a mechanic that its boring by itself, thats nonsense. The slow healing is not fun. It doesn’t contribute to the game experience, and people get annoyed by it. So when they find ways around, its actually more satisfying than detrimental, at least in my opinion. Punishing these people for doing this would hurt even more.

Add positive fixes to what is leading people to do the “wrong” thing so they don’t feel compelled to do that anymore, not the other way around.


Well…as predicted, after playing around with the update and looking at the forums, the more things change, the more they stay the same with this game and developer, i.e. bugs, glitches, exploits, perfomance issues, irritated users, etc. etc…lol!!! Now the game is over 100gbs of all the above. :smiley:
Good luck with all that folks. :wink:

and while you’re at it: your own body also is the best source of tempel offerings.


You don’t need a tanked out thrall. Any named thrall plus healing arrows, plus smart leveling and you are good to go hands free about 24 hours in (counting down time while your named thrall breaks on wheel)

“straw man”, “red herring” - always something new to learn on this forum :sweat_smile:


I heard of both but I never heard both used in the same thread :grinning:

It’s a good trick, but it’s slooooooooow, because of the rigor mortis status they implemented.

However, wild Surges happen all the time – you just need to run up to one, slaughter the T1s and T2s and harvest their souls.

Yeah I do. At least on the old map. You can get a tier 4 thrall at level 10. One them is always up. You can grab a few fragments running around UC and turn them in and that requires no boss fights to do. Healing Arrows is a feat that you just unlock.

Are you assuming you need to take on hard content right at the start of the game? It should take some preparation I’d imagine. I made a case in the dungeon too easy thread that things were too easy. That people were able to right click things to death. Apparently this is one of the fixes that prevents that. So why would I want to give this up?

Not sure why your even going there, since the OP stated they were a brand new character, and they are NOT on the old map. I get that your one of those people that worries about other people “right clicking” things to death, but seriously, is that really any of your business?


This is a public forum. Its my business if I wish to discuss it.

It has always been easier/faster to just die with a bedroll close at low levels.

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