Just a few things I wish were craftable

I’m sure we all have things we look at out in the world, and think to ourselves, “Man, I wish I could make that…” Well, here are mine.

(Yes, I know that most, if not all, of these can be made with a mod. But not everyone can use those, etc.)

First, just because I happened to run across it first, is this anvil. It doesn’t necessarily have to do anything, but it could be a nice bit of RP decor.

Next we have these wooden walkway pieces. Maybe something like the stone walkway pieces in the RoH DLC?

A version of these spikes without the skulls could be a neat early game defense option. Maybe make it a lower-tier prerequisite to the Palisades feat that doesn’t need a station to craft?

Ideal for the space-conscious Set worshipper!

Given how many times I’ve seen this requested and how many mods I’ve seen that make it craftable adding this tent would be a slam dunk.

Also this tent is really neat and I want one.

One of the mods I use adds these as craftable fence pieces and I like them better than any of the vanilla fences when I need balcony or interior railings.


Like that Darfari tent, I’ve seen quite a few people asking for craftable scaffolding pieces.

This meat rack could just be a placeable, or it could work as food storage or even be used to make dryed meat.

And finally:

I like these rusted, ratty-looking armors.

A couple of these could just be added to existing feats, but for the decorative stuff I was thinking it would be fun to make players find them out in the world, like with the faction armor and banner feats. And maybe the armors could be learned through scrolls that the skeletons wearing them occasionally drop.

Well that’s all my ideas for now bye.


Outstanding start there BoogerParty. I agree, and have been especially after that Butchers Meat Rack for my kitchen for sometime now. The Anvil would also help me to construct a roleplayed Crom Shrine. Here are a few others which I would personally like to see added in:

An often requested Armour Display rack/mannequin

A Dafari skull tree

Practice/Training Dummy

Some Impaled Skeletons (from the starting area)

And finally, I really like the little Gravestone skull pile or whatever we would call it. I would love to have it as a placeable too!

A graveyard in my own backyard; how could it possibly get any better.
:smiling_imp: :metal:


I was about to say you can already make those but then I realized I’m probably thinking about a mod.

Sometimes I can’t tell what’s mod and what’s not anymore…

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