Just wanted to let everyone know

Let all of your Call of Duty friends know they can come to Conan officials PVP, as it is pretty much a shooter now with the arrow Glitch. Level them up, give them some of the 100% arrows and let them loose on the trolls that can’t melee fight. -

You don’t seems to see the bigger picture.

Micro$oft and $ony obnoxious and extremely long validation process for patches, it’s not funcom fault if those companies don’t allow the patch through quick enough.

Beware I’m not bashing you, just trying to explain you’re beating a dead horse and complaining to the wrong people, on pc it has been fixed. There are still some around but they can’t be duped by stacking them on normal arrows. I had some on a server until they where stolen from me, and those who got them don’t even know what they got on their hands.

I wasn’t complaining. I literally have thought about bringing my CoD friends as a counter move until the fix. They are naturals with the shooting mechanics of games. They don’t have to farm or do anything but snipe. Just giving some advice to the alternative until the fix. And the fix from what i know wasn’t in the last hot fix for PC, and they have not stated if they will be able to retro fix any stacks that already exist after it does come out, or if they will just nuke all arrows.

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Fixed some situations in which it would be possible to refill arrow stacks with different stat values.

The key is the some situations. the problem is it is driving people away, as now obbie camping is the meta on servers.

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Also, no mention if the glitch was fixed. Will have to check PC threads.

The one good thing, is you find out who is trash at melee when these come out. We are fighting a clan who must have spent 200 arrows just to kill a few of us, naked, 4 times.
For real tho, the best counter is to run at them, zig/zag/side rolls, and have high grit, with stone daggers. They will bail trying to create distance because they have a legendary bow, the 100% stacks and possible Flawless epic armor to lose (you have nothing :slight_smile: ). That is when you know they are trash at melee. So we just are biding our time, and well repercussions.

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