Lag being caused by huge bases

I play on official servers, I have adsl as I live in a rural location, I’m also Asia/pacific which seems to be a very ‘dispersed’ region regarding server access; I have no discernible lag when near epic bases. I had a big problem a few days ago with a base at the top end of the river near the Black Flag ship biome - just past the Mitra shrine, building completely blocked access up the river, and my thrall rope was gonna break, and wild beasts chasing me, and a thrall only half levelled (Arnos), and I will report them some time soon if it is still there, but I have almost no lag from buildings or whatevs.
I play on console, Series X.

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Not trying to be confrontational here, but what does the building situation look like on the rest of the map? You said you play on officials; is that Pvp, pve-c or pve?

I am not a game developer, so I can’t say for sure, but depending on the structure, I doubt that 1 overbuilt base could ruin a server (although I am prepared to be incorrect about that). However, many of those along with a large number of mid-size functional bases? That must be taxing some servers in some ways somehow because it is noticeably happening on my servers.

First get good consol or computer and great internet connections by cable. Your lag are gonna disapeared

are you giving me that suggestion?

Big bases do not cause server lag. If they did, lag would be constant as the buildings are constant.

There are two reproducible ways to tank server performance I’ve seen since launch. One is increasing the active players on the server, the other is mass spawning of storm creatures when Siptah released.

And quite frankly if huge bases tanked server performance, I find it hard to believe this wouldn’t have been addressed after 5 years. It’s a myth, just like huge numbers of thralls and pets tanking server performance was a myth.

Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Yes. It’s written that way because it’s the polite way of saying your hardware sucks. Or we released the game on consoles unable to handle the game. I sincerely don’t care what the official position statement is, because again, the same thing was said about thralls and it did absolutely nothing to alter server lag.

But you keep living the dream, believing the myth.

Okay, Tuffman :joy:

Wonderfully stated argument. Have a great day.

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Ill say it again - i get no client side lag when i see large bases - i trot right through them were applicable

So yes its this-

It wouldn’t matter if I told you what my PC setup was so there was no point in continuing our discussion, you’d still disagree and that’s fine. Have a great night.

Good for you, Akomo. I’m not going to explain and defend my perfectly fine rig because there is no point. You have a good one too.

A large base isnt a good enough reason to get someone banned. They have to be blocking access to something like a world boss, a dungeon, a particular resource area or a POI.

less players less traffic being generated on the network even if they left their stuff behind with less people accessing and rendering it constantly lightened the load.

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Yes, that’s my understanding.

Exactly- i saw this happening in real time- officials server side performance drop at 25 players +

I know it wasnt my end as ive previously commented.

Players leave, server side performance improves, less potatoes , errr sorry clients.

I never run minimum specs for any game. As soon as my specs approach minimum requirements, i upgrade the whole unit since EVERYTHING runs through your CPU and motherboard anyways.

If you had this issue it was because your hardware was sub-par, not the server performance.
This is a graphics intensive game and highly detailed.
Dumbing it down because people are using potatoes is self-defeating.


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The problem is that there are no hard limits. So its hard to say how much is too much, because the lag also depends on the hardware specs of the perceiver.

Just now there was a thread about somebodys base being removed so yeah, mods actually are still doing stuff.

I am not surprised by any of this. Funcom might be delayed in responding to reports because they’ve come to realize that it’s like bailing water from the ocean.

For years, we had some mega bases on the public servers. People complained. Complained a lot. And eventually Funcom caved and set up Zendesk to report bases.

And report bases people did. Years old castles wiped from the servers left and right. Large swathes of land became available again. Players thought things would be different now.

And you know what happened?

You know what really happened?

All the players that got banned/wiped from the server were replaced with a new wave of players who built their own mega-castles. Sometimes even worse.
Meet the new players, same as the old players.

So Funcom might be coming to the realization that they’re playing a gigantic game of wack-a-mole that is never going to end.

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