Land claim example / question (abuse?)

I have a question about a land claim. I noticed that this looks vaguely like one of the examples in the Bridges, Roads, paths examples on the Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers thread. It shows a similar situation where someone has a cliff top fortress and then stairs down to real estate along a lake. I notice particularly similar is one of these “bridge to a tower” ornamental pieces. This is on a PVE server.

Now, what I would say the difference is, is both the size, and that little of the claim in my example is purely ornamental. The large functional pieces simply take up a lot of flat space. There is the little bridge-to-a-tower, and the pool by the altar. Right nearby this is a castle which a significantly larger altar pool which seems to set the tone for land use in this area. The little ruined buildings do have crafting stations inside them. To me this is not a case of staking out a large area but rather of needing a large area for functional pieces and adding some ornamentation to it.

I do think there is a conflict between what is sold in the Bazaar, a lot of purely ornamental items, and the idea that space and buildings must be dedicated to serving some real purpose. Some degree of ornamental use is clearly allowed. Also a cliff top castle may have little open flat land for the large functional crafting and altar pieces.

Opinions? Official opinion?

My example:

Funcom’s example:

To me this is a noob’s base and a small one at that.

This is a grain of sand compared to some of the monoliths I’ve seen, especially on the EU servers.

I’m not sure if it breaks the ToS or not, but it looks like it’s connected to keep the sandstone from decaying faster than the main base.


Well, considering how TOS is unclear and joke now (and report meta is the thing) - your base definitely bannable.
1- 3 separate parts of land claim connected with small stairs bridge. Some1 on forum !officialy! told me devs hates roads and bridges on Officials so…
2- You probably block some resources (i don’t know, maybe wolf spawns, rocks and trees)
3- You blocking my favorite part of the water wth!?

Sound ridiculous right? But it is now how it is… :sneezing_face:


What do you think of this one? It’s right next to it and what made me think the basic build is ok. I think this is fine personally, it does kind of mar the lake but it’s creative. It’s quite big and has a bridge between the shores.

I agree the size is not large. I would think they would look at:

  1. what’s the total size in square blocks
  2. is the space almost all used by functional items
  3. does it snake or stretch its way beyond the reasonable extent of a base
  4. any rare spawns or resources blocked

Regarding 1… I could always enclose the two stair cases in towers for what it matters.

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I don’t know if the images will automatically show or not, but this is my base. I believe the little schooner could get me in trouble.

On the other foot my base is entirely functional. The large building in the back houses four vaults and most of my work stations.

I think the ship should be allowable (to me). As I said in my OP, they are selling a ton of items that take up space and are purely ornamental. It’s part of the game. The Nemedian ruins for example serve little purpose except ornamental buildings otherwise people can get into your base.

I would think Funcom has an internal checklist on banning bases which they have not published. I’d be nice if we could get an official comment on whether these meet the TOS or if they are pushing limits.

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I have thought about trying to see if an admin would look/give advice but I also wouldn’t want to be wiped. :sweat_smile: (They have a lot of real complaints to handle anyway.)

Clearer rules would be grand.

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I’d get rid of the ship…it doesn’t really serve a purpose, just creates lag.

Hard to believe it lags as hard as some of the giant cube castles.

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I might. I just bought a private server. The guy literally two bases over has a fleet.

The ship is storage.

Don’t get me wrong, I think your base looks cool. But sadly, building “pretty” on officials causes the entire server to suffer. It’s best to keep these things on private (like you are now) or single player.

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you should visit a pvp server and see what a land claim abuse mean xD

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Couldn’t someone use a ship for purges to hold their treasure coffer?

Again the only places I’ve seen major lag are giant castles with nothing that sticks out horizontally but where the total number of building pieces must be astronomical. And who knows what is going on inside. Some people hide their “pretty” and ornamental designs and many rooms, some people are more open with it.

To me it is either taking up more area that is reasonable for a base, encroaching on important resources, or trying to prevent someone near you from building or getting up in their face unreasonably. Is that what you mean or something else?

Well i got ban for land claim on pvp official for base with less landclaim than what was showed, and that was needed for game mechanics (and blocking absoluty nothing except some fiber node), as it was simply a surge base for siptah which greater wheel of pain and the amount of sandtone piece that was needed to launch the greater storm beasts to farm greater essence (was needed to build something like 1200 piece of building to activate the beasts storm surge. but a very skilled admin thought it was a land claim and it was reported by cheaters that were wrecking the server living probably in a skybase. and all that was in a spot where nobody build because was at limit of the storm of siptah.

and i got a seconf ban for some sandtone pillar in decay state to search for a skybase, and because of a building at great dam that was allowing to climb on the pillar where lorestone is and that was not blocking it, building was jsut the size of the tower. so well if nothing change with admin through zendesj good luck to all

Well if I get banned for the base I have without them coming to this thread and making it clear what the limits are, or posting some clearer guidelines as far as total size etc., they will lose a customer.

They sell me cosmetics that are only useful for taking up space (exotic feast) or barely functional/PVE-only buildings (nemedian ruins) then scrap my whole base and ban me from the server? That would be bogus. That’s why I’m asking, before I put any more effort into upgrading the pieces, or buying things off the Bazaar.

There is a base that looks like some one used the TOC example of how not to build as their guide some where on my server.

I got 5 of those, 2 are 3X that size, on the public server I’m… well my character is on.

Gotten to the point I just need to leave the public servers.

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Maybe they should simplify the rules to a maximum square area and maximum length of any one dimension of the total claim, and have the game automatically prevent anyone from placing items that would make a larger claim.

may be some days they will understand how many customers they already lost because of the problem, anyways i wish you to have an official answer to allow you to play in security.

Been tons of discussions on this. funcom’s not going to do anything.
If you feel it’s a violation report it. The builder is safe unless 5 other people report it that month.

Go to any old PVE server; some have been up for years. And you will find players that have not only been on that server since it was opened but have been building for all that time.
And hording.

One question, how many vaults are too many? 4? 8? 15?