Lightning storms

So, most of the people on my official server have already quit because of how OP lightning storm is. 1 leather pouch to destroy weeks worth of work is a bit excessive. How did this make it through PTR and why hasn’t it been fixed yet? The longer it takes the more the games population will dwindle off.

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sounds right. Tons of people told them on the fourms about how its broken in PTR


Really? Sounds like a manipulation of the truth to me. There’s no proof of this actually being the case. It’s just one person who is probably butthurt cuz of being zapped by lightning. People just do not act like this user to describing. One person left? Maybe but I doubt even that is actually the case. Several people complained in game-chat or the server’s discord? That’s probably more like it.

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It’s the same on our server. Had about 15 players quit because the lightning storm is wrecking shit that took 2-3 weeks to build in under 30 mins.

Sad day, wish it would get patched.


cast a cloud and conter storm #no save zone for alpha clans

You can place thralls along the roof tops, they’ll be hit instead, you can also cast any other area of effect spell ie. Call of the dead, or darkness, those will cancel out the storm.

It’s easier to work around than an avatar, but those can also be gotten fast

Raiding was disabled on PvP PTR test servers (aka testlive).

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Yeah when it first came out lots of servers filled up now it’s starting to fade off again, there’s also a dupe with bombs happening making even more people get wiped and quit

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The world does not only revolve around you, TessiGirl.

I stopped counting the threads here that report this issue with LS.


this storm is so OP

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Do they personally know you or you them ? If not why would they care? Their job is to make money in an over saturated industry not play nursemaid when someones feels get hurt.

Yup it’s a Wind Storm. The first mistake Official server LoL. Second mistake was saying everyone else left due to lightning. The majority don’t play on official servers because FC is lacking in the server administration and moderation department because they don’t have the manpower for it.

Yeah, it’s become a damn meme. And like all too many memes, it’s mostly BS that most don’t understand but everyone likes repeating!

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Thats kind of my point so they will pay attention to it. I dont care about players knowing it I just want them to fix it :smiley: but it does look like funcom isnt awake and paying attention to forums :woman_shrugging:t4:

I completely agree. I’ve been playing CE on XBOX for over two years and although there are only 2 in my clan we have managed to do well. Since the sorcery update and in particular the lightning and bat spells we have had all of our basses destroyed in a week (on two servers).

I’m not moaning as I love this game but these 2 spells have ruined it and turned it into ARK, where trolls travel from server to server and wipe everything.

Unless you have a large clan and can spend 10 hours a day online, you’re finished.

Petty much? Also are we ignoring the dupe glitch? How about the God build that makes you invulnerable and have infinite stamina? Funcom isn’t going to give you cookies my friend, so open your eyes.

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Still discussing this?!?

It’s NOT LS causing people to leave servers. Remove LS, people will still get wiped and cry about it, and leave the server. The game is designed, has been since early access, for players to wipe players to the desert and conquer. Retaining players on a server has never been in the game mechanics.

Does LS make it easier to destroy a lot of bases, sure. Doesn’t cause the underlying problems with the game that lend itself towards empty servers. This was an issue BEFORE LS showed up, not since.|

My clan finally got wiped last night on the server we play on - 0 LS used. All it took was us to go offline for a bit. Boom, the other clan caught us and hit hard and fast before we logged back in. Done. Again, 0 LS used. All bombs and avatars, and catching the enemy off guard. And this is what happens on Official PvP. Clans get wiped, and they can either choose to leave, or stick around and try and fight back, or take a break and come back later. But LS is not the cause of the nature of getting wiped and losing everything. The game is designed for it regardless of LS.


Lightning storm is not the main problem. But if there wasnt hackers wiping servers. It would been a main issue.

But right now, hackers that been reported 1+ months ago still running around on the same accounts, totally wiping servers.

Only way to fix some kind of balance atm is to wipe the servers. And too keep the balance they need to wipe the servers on regular basis.

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You are lucky LS hasn’t been used yet against you or you wouldn’t feel the same. You can farm leather pouches and raid the whole server in the time it took them to just raid your base.

Where did I say LS hasn’t been used against us? The clan that finally got us has tried multiple times to use LS and failed. Each time we’ve been online to defend and countered their LS. They’ve done the same likewise while we’ve fought them.

Total hyperbole.

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