Missing Buildingparts/Items & endless loadingsscreen

Game mode: Online (PS4)
Problem: Bug & Performance
Region: Germany
Server: Official #3052 PvE-C

Hi Guys,

first of all merry christmas at all :slightly_smiling_face:

i am playing Conan for a long time. Some month ago i started to play on this PvE-C Server.
After some time there was very big peformance problems. Some Buildingparts were invisible after start. They need sometimes more then a half hour to be visible.
Some weeks ago there was a new Problem. Sometimes i can’t connect to the Server. The loadingscreen never ends. But it seems so, that i am online in Background. When it works on next Day i see, that i die becouse of hunger multiple times in the time i was in the loading screen.
I lose every item i has in my invetory.
In my Base there is now only my bed and two carpenter and my Fighter Thralls. The construction parts of my Base are still ok. Only the doors are lost. But i lose every Box, every Thrall in a Building, all my weapons and tools… My card room is not there anymore. Many hours of work just lost… :frowning: I thought maybe it comes back after some time but now i am waiting 2 hours online and there is nothing.
In the Log is nothing for this. It was no decay.
Sorry that i have problems to explain it in english. Maybe i could do it better in german.
But my question is: is it possible to get it back? Or have i to start again nearly from zero?
Thanks in advance


The truth of it is you are going to have to start over. I don’t know what happened . I would suggest you put your weapons and armor in a chest before logging out so if you die offline won’t loose your belongings.

The chests where i had all my stuff are not there anymore. But not becouse of decay. The same happend to my cardroom and other buildings.
I am an architect :slight_smile: Thats hard to lose so many hours of work. My Base is not complete. I was harverested many hours and put the most in my chests. Now on christmas i would like to continue building my base. But i am a naked man in a big empty base :frowning:


Today after returning from my vacation (10 days) the same thing happened to me I have no workshops, no trunks, no items in my inventory everything disappeared, I only have part of the base and the thralls, I checked the history log and nothing appears to have entered decay. I was playing in the PVE server #4517 and I think it’s a bug.

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I have been on 3507 and the bases we checked have around 290 some hours so it seems on that server the decay is paused however several had doors missing but contents still there. It is a pve server.

Exact same thing happened to me this week, event log said I had died 39 times of hunger in about a 40-50 minute period. Ridiculous. Lost all my legendary weapons I had been gathering. Great.

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Now at this moment it is happen again to me. I can not login and hanging at the loadingscreen. 3 of last 5 logins the same. When i am waiting some time i will see at next successfull login, that i died multiple times.
Is someone working on this problems or is this game dead? Currently it’s not playable!

Hi, is there any chance to get back the stuff i losed? I realy like this game and i have every dlc, but its hard to lose month of work becouse of a bug. It seems to stick with the endless loading screen Problem. I have read that the developers are working on it. I don’t want to start by zero again…
@Community help me please :slight_smile:


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Hello @ConanBoDk, apologies for the delay in our response and for the loss of items and progress you’ve been through, unfortunately, we’re unable to offer any assistance with the restoration of items.

As mentioned in another thread, we’re currently working on the parity patch for consoles and also on addressing the server stability issues to prevent unfortunate situations such as this one.

Thank you for understanding.

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