Mod File Duplication on Server

Basic Info:

Platform: Other
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: [GER RP 18+] Augen von Azled
Mods: 2842779736,2850232250,880454836,2274433621,2323901287,1159180273,1966733568,933782986,1369802940,1855055876,1928978003,2384014945,2050780234,1938818750,2275543723,2593672476,1542041983,1326031593,2388040354,2300463941,1705201022,2551906725,2723987721,877108545,1369743238,1719601104,1823412793

Bug Description:
Today’s Hotfix led to all Mods being twice on the Server. The normal location is:
The new location is:

This causes two severe Problems:
Mods are large and hosting expensive. We have exceeded the webspace limit because of this unnecessary change. Why those duplicates?

The second problem: This cache does not seem to get updated. Today some popular mods like “Northern Timber” got updated, but ModsCached still contains the old version. Result: People can’t join the server.

This is really critical.


Same issue happened after the monetary patch today. Not mentioned in the patch notes…

Same issue on our cluster after the hotfix today!


Can confirm this issue. This must be made necessarily able to be switched off on servers. Because not all server owners simply have twice the amount of memory available and can simply have all mods twice on the server.

Is there an INI command to disable this caching?

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Same for the modded Server “Schatten von Skelos”. We had to delete the content of the ModsCached folder to enable players to play again.


Same issue on the Conovia Cluster. Unfortunately now the Admins of the cluster aren`t able to continue solving several problems caused with 3.0 and the mod compability! Please fix it asap!

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Same problem. Our admins have been working on the problems with the 3.0 update for several days and when they were confident to get the servers back online tomorrow, the hotfix came and no server could be accessed anymore. Please fix this problem

To resolve logging into the server issue. Follow the instructions below.

Otherwise, the extra space used on the servers/computers is a different issue.


This is not a reliable solution because the issue will start again after the next restart or mod update. The only thing which is reliable is the issue itself. And ofcourse no one should be forced to delete folders or change ini entries because of a faulty implementation of these new QoL “features” for modded dedicated servers.
Beside this it is not the only issue - there is also the black loading screen after the intro which prevents players even to join the game and the longer loading time for mods after 3.0


True. At least, until another mod update, its working. Although, now I know what to do, easily fixed (just a bit of a pain since more work for admins).

Screenshot (348)
“easily fixed”

I appear to have gotten some space freed up by my host provider. Good luck and Godspeed to the GPortal folks if their machines clog up though.

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For the folder on your PC you can simply remove the write permissions. How this is done, you can see in the picture below. This way the game is not allowed to copy the mods into the folder and starts without the cache. This could also help on the servers. Anyone running a server with the dedicated server launcher can try this as well. I am on it with my hoster to test this, however the hoster has to deny write permissions to my server user with a system administrator user.

Remember, these are all just “dirty hacks” and not “solutions” to the problem… Funcom must solve the problem, best with a toggle, which can be switched in a config file.


Same with one of my servers. The other I will have to try. I thought it was just me lol.

Since the Funcom hotfix mods have broken.

For us, and others mods are displaying as being updated but not actually updating, this is not a server provider issue as its multiple server providers from GTX to Serverblend and everything in between.

When mods are updated properly, the server provider modlist and the clients view of that modlist are completely different which is causing mods to not work as intended if they rely on other mods to be above or below them to work in the modlist order.

Can we either have a rollback of whatever you ‘fixed’ or a new fix asap so that servers aren’t suffering due to the battlepass/crom coins rubbish that is too expensive anyway.

Mod Updated but not seen as ‘updated’ on Mod Mismatch screen

Server Modlist and Client view of Server Modlist don’t match


Same exact issue, we better get a speedy reply here Funcom.

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Yeah we have exaclty the same issue

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If you are experiencing the above issue, my fix was this:

Server Owners
Delete the mod cached folder:

It will be in your ConanSandbox > Saved > ModsCached

Players: (Only if you cannot get online)

Locate your steam folder for Conan (this can be done by right clicking on your Conan in steam, Manage > Browse Local Files)

steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

Delete this file: Mod Controller Cache.json and this folder: Mods Cached

This will probably make you time out and take a long time to load into a server as your game re adds all the mods to where it needs them.


Check the Fashionist mod if you also have that on your server. They did two updates today. Our server updated from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3, and players updated to 4.4.4 that was released in that time.

Everyone thinking they updated the same time to the same version, but had indeed a mod mismatch.


The technical state of the game (I’m not concerned with the content) approaches the game Atlas, which I don’t play because of this, despite its interesting content. Mod loading times are getting longer, not shorter, the game can’t be reliably joined (loading infinity loop), or not at all (loading black screen) - yes the Sorcery was a massive change and brought new features but nobody needed these QoL features for mods. They only made it worse.
This game is not Early Access it should be in a state in which it’s getting better in its technical state.