New building system for less cluttering and frustration

1-To be straightforward, I think the inventory system is nice, however the crafting part of it is… Cluttered. More so when you have mods, and even more so when there’s no categories for specific mods. And what clutters it the most? Building pieces.

2-Crafting time for building pieces, a queue and “belt” filled with pieces. Again, adds to the clutter, just on another end.

3-Bad “snap” mechanics and collision. Yeah this is a bit of a stretch, but my issues are as follows: Sometimes you can’t snap something to an angle no matter how hard you try, this isn’t common, but enough for me to notice. Character collision with the built buildings might obligate me to double my house’s size, it doesn’t make it impossible, but you can notice quite a bit of a difference between a small character and a big one, where moving around with a big character 3rd person mode really makes it hard for small buildings.

Solution 1: Frankly this is the same system as Rust’s, but carrying walls, foundations, door, door frames, stairs and whatnot isn’t feasible, most people build in increments unless it’s a build video where they have infinite pieces. So adding a building plan, and keeping the repair hammer would make building in vanilla servers less frustrating.

Solution 2: Custom categories, where the player can create multiple categories in-game which’ll be saved throughout all playthroughs and servers, selecting the items he wants. (This way at least the crafting menu isn’t so cluttered)

Solution for 3rd point: Adjust building pieces to max character size.


I am trying to compile a large list on a single thread of everyones wants and desires not only for mechanics but for a new map as well before releases their annual plan for Conan exiles. I am sure plenty of builders would agree that some changes could be made to the building system to make it even better.

Feel free to copy and past this onto this link and have a look around and tell us your thoughts on other things that are being suggested!

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