New combat system after last update - Are you crazy?

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For example: bevor the last update when i attack the darfari camp on H5, kill the guards first, then fight me one by one trough the enemies to take the recipes there.

After last update you have in single player no change to do that. The complete camp attacks you!!!:

And if you flee and run out of the camp, a massive horde follow you and the archers shoot at you:

With this new combat system is this game in single player unplayable! The combat system bevor the update was ok. I can tell you one thing that i have learned in my life:

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I never understood why the NPCs in a Dafari camp let met kill their fellow inhabitants, standing passive until I engaged them. You certainly will get used to this new and more realistic behavior now and you will find another tactic to get your goal. It will certainly be more difficult now.
BTW in Sp you can adjust the difficulty for NPCs.


“Omg these mobs attack back. How dare they. They should stand still while I kill them.”
Pretty much what you said.
Not a bug as far as I can see.
What I like to do is, round all these mobs in a city, throw a poison arrow, farm 3k skins in 2min.


The second picture resembles me of a tootally different picture. (:wink:)
But it is intended, enemies are now more agressive and aware of you.

I love the 2nd picture. Sorry @DarkJedi but this is hilarious :smiley:


That arrow streaking by. What beautiful timing for a screencap!

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Yeah, i understand you, but if you in this situation, then it’s no longer hilarious :wink:

I fully understand how you feel considering you have just iron stuff and the little clothing you are wearing. Those cannibals are no joke. :rofl:


Yes that’s right! They are cannibals and very hungry and i was fresh meat! :grin:


No we do not need to get used to broken A.I they need to fix the bugs.

This is why bugs do not get fixed people say oh well find a work around or you will get used to bugs just wait a bit. NO we need the bugs fixed.

I hated the new AI system. The game was much better with the old system. So, all I can say is: congratulations, Funcom. You were very successful in fulfilling the goal of making the game more challenging. I hated it, that’s a good thing. The game became more difficult and challenging, better placed him in the barbaric context.

No chance of facing Nordemites with light armor and weak weapons. Now, if I want to face a fight, I have to prepare for it. I didn’t like it, but I have to agree that this is the best for the game.


The new Aggro range of the NPCs and the new leash system aren’t bugs. They are part of the new AI, which of course needs finetuning and balancing and further development.
Everybody knew that Funcom wanted to adress the AI issues one day. It was announced here in the forum several times and on Streams via the Funcom channels. The old and (IMO dumb) AI was often subject of discussions here in the forum and to renew it was one of the most requested features for Conan exiles.
This Patch now introduced the basics of the new AI. It’s a totally new implementation and it was obvious that the introduction won’t happen without issues even if it was tested of some few testers on Testlive. There will be finetuning, balancing and further development mostly depending on your constructive feedback.


Really well I am on these forums daily not seen Funcom said this is part of the Design of the new Thralls and if it is why is it not in the patch notes why was it not shown in the video at all, watched every min of the video none of this showed. I will wait on Funcom to confirm as if its not a bug hmmmmmmm wonder why they did not show us all these on that video.

I like the NPC behavior. Makes it more challenging… Before you could simple run through NPC camps to check T4 and simple ignore all of them.

PS.: If you reach a certain distance, they will return to their camps. But really fast :smiley:
PPS.: Some thralls in Sepermeru are walking backwards, when they go back their route :smiley: That looks so stupid


Me, i like the new aggro range. Much more immersive than fighting 1 and the other next to him sitting obliviouse to the whole thing. Also great for 2h axe users. Bring it on i say.


I disagree with the statement that it is better now. Maybe it is more exciting when you are Level 60.

But the enemies in Darfari Camps and Noob River should not be too difficult. For a small Char it is already not so easy (even before) to enter the camp near the dregs and take the reciepes.

The system was fine before as it was.

It is fine to introduce new content. It is not to change the mechanics, forcing you to change your play style. That is only recycling of old content in my opinion. Not appreciated.

My oppinion. I hate it when the Level of difficultiy is suddenly risen. for that are the Levels when starting a new game.


Ah yeah… I really forgot low-level playsers. Yeah, for them it is for sure harder. Funcom needs to find a good balance there. Maybe make low-level camps not have such a big aggro?

But previous, I simple ran into NA ignoring EVERYONE, just checkin at the Chieftain and another T4 and ran out without even hitting anyone.

Same with Black Galleon… I already know where the armorer spots are. But even this damn pirates nearly killed me and I had to run away!!

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I started a new game you will not run into that camp near the dregs and just run out, every npc in the camp will follow you up the river. Its a mob against little level 1 or 2 char, its just out of hand. I got in to the UC normally at level 10 to get the map room as I run by on way to Set City, well that is just a nightmare. For a low level player even one who knows where to go and how to get there its a nightmare on the river, corrupted kappa and croc fighting each other, little baby kappas killed over and over and over by poop men, its a mess to be honest.

I was at Set yesterday. Killing of the 2 spwans next to the Cook spawn/little island, will not aggro anyone else.
Killing the 1 fix armorer spot at the temple-district, will aggro the same like before.

But for low level players, bigger camps are a nightmare for sure… Finding there a balance will be tricky.

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You shouldn’t run in the big Dafari camp near the dregs if you are level 1 or 2. :smiling_imp:
IMO this scenario is also not very realistic because getting to there will level you up at least to level 10. Leveling in CE is especially for the first 20 Levels very easy.