New Server Framerate Optimizations

Hello Exiles!

We are deploying a new version to the Testlive servers. This version contains 8-10 different optimizations that should help improve the server framerates when there are lots of buildings, thralls and pets present. This version should be mod-compatible with the version that is currently deployed to Live.

We would appreciate feedback from both players on Testlive as well as private server admins on whether they notice a difference and improvement with this version with respect to performance, stalls, crashes or other issues encountered.


Went in to Eu3 Pve but i have no idea if bases lost their durability since i last logged in but, it seems that in some cases thralls still are placed in their former base locations without any foundations or stations. I am also missing my base so i dont know if its a bug. Also free-roam camera ‘V’ is bugged cant turn it off the second time i press it, it locks me to the mob or npc i am near, gotta pres “Q” then “V” to turn it off.
Also this is not my base location, it is some one else, i am also missing my foundations and everything.

Also in the distance saw another former base no foundations or anything just floating stations, went near them they disappeared and they dropped everything from their inventory.

I just now switched back to TL from Live and the patch is quite large. FTR, huge fan of the Loading improvements and am eager to return to Live Servers when the buttery smoothness that was recently on TestLive reappears. May we know whether this patch contains some of the previous Building Loading Optimizations?

Not with this one no, but we are working on getting the building optimizations back in. So you should have faster loading times on top of today’s different types of improvements with the building optimisation patch :slight_smile:


Definitely more responsive overall, especially NPCs kept attacking me when I ran past them on testlive, on current official servers they sometimes respond and sometimes don’t.

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I wandered around pvp server near a base with some tens of pets and definitely seens better.
Even my single player game seens better!

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As for performance and stuttering, i would say after quick run in testlive eu 2 that things are getting better
i dont get any lockups anymore and fps is bit better, stuttering is still there but i would say that area loading is bigger problem than base loading, atleast for me.

Follow up, i have more stuttering in live servers than before patch, oddly testlive was best for that, something changed that effect area loading ?
Buildings load fine no stuttering there, just when running around area to area

Same here, like I wrote above, near base is better, but once you begin changing areas you get really bad stuttering like I never experienced before in this game.

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