Obsidian no longer makes any sense - its not viable for use as tools or weapons



There are. Just that they have been nerfed to being less powerful than normal obsidian weapons before the patch, just with more durability.


How to craft them?
Gamepedía wiki says not in game yet.

  1. Get the recipe from Volcano dungeon, which also holds the volcano forge.
  2. Get obsidian and some steel, then put them into volcano forge - select composite recipe and craft. Wait awhile.
  3. Take composite home. Craft weapons on your blacksmith with them. Named blacksmiths carry flawless recipes for the obsidian weapons.


scratch head ! :thinking:

Was reading through the tread, and try to understand what’s going on on the volcano, and the forge there right now.

I explain: after all bugs with the volcano these last days, people crashing while entering volcano, while fighting the last boss, overheating, server-crash and what else, i wanted realy give it a trial again.
I was a the volcano forge some weeks ago, but since things changed, the game has been patched several mal, so i needed to see again.

So i went volcano, fought the serpentmen, the last boss, all went fine, no crash, no trouble so long. Then at the forge, still no bugs so long, no crashes, i could approach the forge, no trouble.
I carried with me all what i needed for those precious bars of course, and was curious to see the time i would need. But… but surprise, as i clicked the forge, first nothing, no crafting menu at all.
I moved bit, clicked again, and see, this mal a crafting menu was showing up, the old one !

For me the forge looked like the mesh was unlinked, some part opened an empty menu, the other part the old crafting menu. No bars to craft, just the usual weapons, Fine ! ?

Maybe i missed some last changes with the obsidian forge, realy surprised and intringued now after reading this tread where everybody talking still about bars to craft, and the cost for doing it.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :roll_eyes:

p.s. - ah yes, tested on server, not tested yet on SP.


I’m on PS4, online, PvE, rented server. These changes have not taken effect. And, after reviewing this forum thread, hope they never reach the light of day on PS4. OR, if they do, in an improved state.

I am not against needing to refine obsidian ore before crafting the obsidian items, but I don’t want it to take all day…

If I was able to refine the obsidian ore at my improved furnaces with some steelfire (and then take the refined obsidian up to the volcano forge to make the weapons) that would be better, IMO, and I would be OK with the craft times reported here. But I assume the immersion point is that the volcano forge is the only one hot enough to smelt the obsidian. So, there may be some push-back on that suggestion.


Crafting the composite obsidian is a relatively fast process, se times were given by a previous member of the forum.

I’d say you profit more by crafting bars at the volcano and then craft what ever you want and repair at your base rather than having to create every single item at the volcano. Of course, one could argue for the opposite :grinning:


Master repair kits are 3 hardened steel bars with a t4 = 6 steel, and they repair 80% of your item.
Even with a t4, placing the item in the bench to repair from 0% costs 7 bars + 1 steel rein = 8 steel, which repairs to 100%.

While obsidian is easy to farm, the process of making the bars is obnoxious; if you are going to use obsidian (which you should for most tools), it is easier to just make hardened steel for the repair kits.

In order for obsidian to be more worthwhile to use to repair, they need to a) reduce the craft time of the bars significantly (more than halve the time to craft) and b) increase the amount of obsidian required but increase the bars crafted. eg. 10 obsidian, 1 steel = 2 composite obsidian bars. Or something like that.

Edit: They also need to fix the invisible lava near the forge, as in simply remove the effect of lava completely. There are multitude of ways to die incorrectly to lava at the moment and having a thin layer of ground over lava consistently kills people.


Why are people repairing?

Master repair kits make repairing obsolete.

Plus you can repair cheaply wherever you go


they gonna nerf them too you watch.


They better not. That’s a twelve point feat contribution. Plus nerfing repair kits will leave no nice paths for repairing late-game gear. People will quit en masse if the game becomes any more of a chore than it already is with the resource costs of building and repairing tier 3+ gears and buildings.


Assuming feat points matter, when yellow lotus potions exist, then how do you compare that to having to unlock all the tools + weapons needed to repair gear?

A catch-all repair kit shouldn’t be more cost effective than placing the item in a bench with a t4 and repairing.


I don’t disagree with your latter statement. I think repair costs are too damn high. I don’t think the solution is to nerf kits. I think it’s to buff T4 repair. T4 thrall repair should do 100% repair for the same cost ratio a Master Kit uses to get to 80%.


So you say the recipe of the (new) Composit Obsidian isn’t showing on the the forge instead there are the old ones from before the update. Do you play with any mods?


yes, i do, that’s why i’m asking if other players experienced similar issues. But with the summertime, and the last patches, not so many players seems to make it up the volcano.

Of course SP is mostly the way to test my stuff, but there still a difference that may occur between a SP and a server-settings.

But i will test it further, without mods, and different conditions.
What looked strange to me that the forge itself looked like bit unlinked (different part of the mesh could be clicked with different results).

When i have a moment, i set-up a new game in SP, for moment rl take it over. :smirk:


Yes we have the same issue on our server with mods. We already tested it in sp and have a suspicion. But we want to get sure because we don’t want to abandon this mod.


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