Official server 1079 stealth wipe?

Shocking mate. I know it’s not a subscription based game but something should have been done.

A prime example as to why I host my own server and built up a community around me.

I learnt my lesson to not trust the official servers when after two days of play in an official PvE-C server, they suddenly and without warning, switched it to be a PvP server.

Well I guess I’ve learned my lesson aswell. Ima just steer clear from this game and bash my head for spending money on it and the dlc aswell. No safe servers for me out there. Pity, this was a pretty decent game.

And it will be again I’m sure. I only hang about because of my server’s community (that’s the loyalty that you don’t think exists in private server hosts)

But, I’m not expecting to be able to play the game as it’s intended much before 2019.

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I do believe loyalty can exist. I’m just not interested in it. Like I said, I want to PvP, I want to raid and win, using any tactics available without resorting to cheats. Private servers more than often restrict just that.

I’ve made a ticket on g-portal friday evening, which was answered later the night with a hint, that these server are administrated by Funcom and that I can use a online form to contact them. So i did on saturday and while I was little confused about that, I wrote a PM to Nicole, right after. During EA, g-portal supported official servers. Dunno what has changed…

Contact Form:

That’s just classic, mate. Two companies blaming each other refusing to actually deal with the issue.
A vicious cycle.

Solry, I think a player of your “caliber” would be much better suited in a game like RUST - Lots of like minded players in there mate.

They also like to KOS, Off-Line Raid and hit each other in the face - You’d blend in as if you were wearing camouflage.

But MAYBE, they’d be better at it? Least you’d get the competition you desire and the servers only have a 1 month cycle so very little investment is required or lost.

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I do not really like playing “modern-themed” games. I actually enjoy Conan universe. Right now I’ve switched to Dark and Light. They did improve a lot since that horrible EA release that earned them so many negative reviews. It actually plays good now.

While it’s still bad support not to answer, no representative of Funcom claimed not to be responsible for their servers. In an other topic about current server issues, Nicole wrote she tried to get “somebody” for help.

I slowly get an uneasy impression, that there is a dark, lifless office somewhere out in Oslo, with lonely racks of helpless blinking server blades. Left behind by some exhausted developers and Nicole is the only one left under a single spot of desk light holding position until reinforcment will arrive. :nicowl:

As I’ve said… There’s no-one there. Poor Nicole, we feel for you sweetheart x

And we have another week to go before they start returning then another week or so before we start to see any meaningful patches.

Thankfully, the sun is out, it’s lovely and warm, beautiful summer, we should all be outside anyway :slight_smile:

My only question would have been; I believed Funcom has offices and teams in multiple countries, why on earth would they not have assigned any of those staff to holding the reins for these three weeks?! Or at least to help resolve some of the many or at least URGENT issues that this title is suffering from.

In the Steam Stats right now, Conan Exiles has fewer players than Age Of Empires II

(For those youngsters amongst us, AoE2 was released on 30 September 1999)

Another kick in the teeth : Euro Truck Simulator 2 has 3 time’s as many players !

This 3 week holiday is killing the game.

1.5 Million copies sold - 7,500 players online


Ohh the AoE2 man!
“Mandatum?” quote from the peasants is moving with me through this crazy life xD


Another kick in the teeth : Euro Truck Simulator 2 has 3 time’s as many players !

Stop it, this hurts! I’ll shall report you! :persevere:

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Thanks for your patience all. I’ve heard back from the devs and they were able to find the issue. :slight_smile:
Server 1079 should be back to normal now. Can someone confirm that your items are back to where they should be?


I’m one of them, but I’m just in it for the (wololo)LOLs. The game is still relevant today, especially in these trying times when we need to be reminded about proper strategy and Global Reach. Through the long march of History, Saladin, The Cid, Cuauhtémoc – we can see the time we’re living now is only a mote in the sandstorm of an epoch – turned and tossed by the tumult, what remains is greatness.

If you think I’m making a metaphor, I’m not. AOK resurrected the game, then it died on the vine, only to be wolololed time and again by modders and enthusiasts. This shouldn’t happen with Conan Exiles because we’re still playing it.

Oh and Solry? Gaderer!

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So far everything seems to look fine. Will have to check everything, which will take a while.
Thank you.


Decay timers are weird, though.

Also, the server settings look like this now:

Which is incorrect as opposed to what the settings were before this whole ordeal.
PvP obviously should be time restricted and there should be decay, nudity, etc, and clans werent supposed to be max 30 players.
Also the harvest rates used to be x2 now they are x1
And it seems that Batleeye is disabled.
Other than that everything seems to be in order, nothing missing anywhere.

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Also no ping, so until it’s corrected, you’re at battle stations. Quoted for visibility and to gently remind you your stuff is vulnerable 24/7 like this. Many EU servers are set up incorrectly like this.