Official Servers - What do you think?

Why should they be closed? Where else should those kinds of players play?

But what does that really mean? What servers were looked at as far as the design of the game? It’s a very long winded way of saying Officials should be considered public servers and as such, you shouldn’t hog things or make extreme builds, or put out hundreds of thralls and serial refreshing should be heavily frowned on. If these are the gateway drug for the game, then put out the limits as they see fit but this ‘the game was never designed for this type of server’ is just…weird.

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That wasn’t what they meant and they clarified it:

Long story short, the game is not being developed only for official servers, and the devs have to keep that in mind.


Why close them?
Why does PVP need “moderation” by only Private server admins?

You seem to insinuate that Officials are somehow a catylist for exploits.

Exploits happen on SP, Co-Op and Private servers too. They happen on PVE and PVE-C as well.

Funcom’s programming is the cause.


Are the Official Servers important?

YES, absolutely. I only play there.
Not sure about PVP or PVP-C, but for PVE they’re fine. I have no problems there, and so it is for other players I know.

That’s the only thing I feel to answer.


All PvP players are honest and role model users. Only fair competition and friendly usage of game mechanics, as far as eyes can see, even if you look up.

Ok, so what does usage of exploits, which the company has mistakenly made available via their programming mistakes, have to do with shutting down Officials?

Officials don’t cause or allow exploits.

The exploits happen on Privates too and they are not always addressed or punished.

Additionally, again, exploits are not exclusive to PVP.


There are some times i disagree with you fellow exile, this is not the time! This is the time i strongly agree with you and i cannot thank you enough for this statement :metal:.

You cannot imagine how many times i lost in official servers trying to build with exploits.
I had to come in this forum and learn what exploit is and i stopped every effort since then.


Again, guys and gals, please there’s no war between privates and officials here. This topic is an effort to make better official servers from pve to pvp :man_shrugging:.


You’re free to laugh at my post.
I’m just telling you that Official PVE Exiled Lands servers are ok.

Making them better would be awesome, but at the moment not needed.

If there are problems on Siptah, then stick it with Siptah.
If there are problems with PVP, then stick it with PVP.

The server I play in is just fine.


Why should I? Like i said i don’t always agree with you, but in your testimony up there you find me 100% by your side m8 :man_shrugging:. I feel exactly the same!

I never laugh on others in here my fellow exile.

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I agree wholeheartedly, it’s tough, because I see so many posts on here about how the game is unplayable and other things like that, especially on Official Servers. But I continue to have a totally different experience (everyone has their own unique experience with this game).

I’ve only ever played on Officials, never even gone into Single Player mode, and I’ve played this game since May 2018. I don’t have any more problems now than I did years ago. Sure, the problems I encounter do change, and some things have been more serious than others (Lost Connection issue and Nemedian Foundation issue), but overall the game is just as a playable, if not more so, than much of the time I’ve played over the years. Just had my final purge of this age Sunday night, it went down perfectly, as they all have since “Lost Connection” was solved. Granted, the final boss dragon was invisible, but it’s just one of the bugs I’ve gotten used to and can work through very easily.

Again, just my opinion, and maybe it has to do with my play-style; but I still am able to go out and do all the things I want, with little to no issues at all!

Could they be better with communication, of course!
Better with bug fixes, definitely!
Better with rolling out new ages and chapters, 100%!

I really hope this new chapter isn’t broken upon release, and I’m looking forward to testing out all the new things they’ve introduced :slight_smile:

Because people can’t be trusted to play fairly and therefore if sufficient moderation isn’t available then why bother at all? The end result of the officials PVP would evolve to just exploiters and hackers dominating the game and those that are playing as intended are kicked aside.

Truth be told, PVP without regulation of player behaviors (either in coding or human moderation) negatively effects marketing the product (CE) and the brand (Funcom) because the worst aspects become the most visible thanks to players that cannot play as intended.

So why haven’t the Official Servers been closed already?

Why extend decay timers?

Why roll back?

Why have rules?

Why receive complaints and action them?

This goes back to my OP all the way at the top.

If they didn’t think they were important they’d just close them right? You’d think so.

So they do care to an extent just not enough?

And really exploits and hacks are the fault of the company. As already pointed out many times, they happen in all game modes offline or online. We just see it more prominently on PVP.

I think it is more of a case that they do care, but their execution is just poor. Much like with most things, they do care about balance, but their execution is poor. They do care about bug fixes, but their execution is poor. The same holds true for this.

To be perfectly honest it’s not as cut and dry as that. And I will put it simply as follows:

-Who is a fault for the existence of exploits and hacks (not counting 3rd party hacks)? The company obviously.
-Who is at fault for the continued existence without resolution of exploits and hacks? The company obviously.
-Who is at fault for USING exploits and hacks? The individuals who are actively using them.

I am sorry but no one is forcing anyone to use an exploit or a hack. No one is making anyone cheat. That is a conscious decision on the part of the person who is using said exploit or hack knowing that it is an exploit or hack. That is their decision and theirs alone and it is not anyone’s fault but their own. This is exactly why there are terms of service which directly prohibit the use of exploits and hacks in basically every single game which had strict penalties up to and including permanent bans. The fact that Funcom has been extremely lax on this part is not relevant. The choice is purely on the individual who decides of their own volition to use them and no one else’s. Which leads to my last point.

-Who’s fault is it for prioritizing building over hacking and exploiting when it comes to ToS violations? The company obviously.

So in the end the company bears the brunt of the fault, but they are not culpable when it comes to an individual person’s decision to actually use an exploit or hack.

When it comes to 3rd party hacks (I have no idea if there even are any for Conan Exiles or not) then the fault lies upon those people who are creating and disseminating such hacks first, and then the company for not taking appropriate measure to squash these companies and their malicious software or whatnot, but also with the individuals who chose to use them.

Needless to say, there is no one cut and dry answer. It is not black and white. There are multiple layers (like a nice :birthday:, except not nice…).

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100% multi layered.

I could have used the knowledge I have of all the exploits over the years with abandon. But I do not. I am unique in that regard because most of the community will use any unintended mechanic to their hearts content, either until they get caught or it is gone.

This still does not support shutting down Officials though which was my point.


I completely agree, that is no excuse to suggest that official servers should be shut down. It’s silly to even suggest it. They need to seriously re-think their priorities and worry less about “claim spam” and more about exploits and hacks if they want to clean up their servers. That would make things a far more player friendly environment, at least in my opinion.

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Absolutely. They were right to address claim spam and most wanted it. They just went too hard to the point of driving away so many.

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There’s been a few new developments that I’ll be adding soon, just need to refresh this before it closes

Oh hello there and thanks for the mention! I enjoyed your extremely detailed and informative post. As to the question posed in your title, “Official servers-What do you think?” I can answer that easily.

There is no way on the gods green earth that I could ever be induced to play this game on an official server. Without mods this game is the proverbial dumpsterfire. The only thing it has going for me is that it’s (extremely loosely) based on the work of Robert E. Howard and gives me a chance to play in his marvelous setting. And even so, it requires the extensive use of mods to get past the godawful character creation and (lack of) customization as well as improving its gameplay. And even then, as far as mechanics and performance go… it’s a pretty bad game. So playing it without any enhancements via mods? Dear sweet Crom… just no.

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Completely agree. When the game came out day one. I had already explored everything and i know mods was gonna need … because funcom development cycle was way too long in between.

As for official server themselves … fhey have to work with the bottom crap player hardware rather then work with the best hardware. Official aerver hardware are suppose to be best state of art … buf they arent plus they have no admin to watch over certain clusters and no real way to commuicate with the players that violated somthing.

On private server … you get better hardware… active admin… get communicated with them… and also most of all they let you correct behavor or they ban you protecting the community

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