Open up races to more classes?

Why do people want this?

Character customization.

given that my post was for completeness, now we are beyond the ability to remove classes to the races (there are too many BS khitans and too many DT cimmerian) but all they can do is unlock more classes to the races

the ironic thing is that the Hirkanians are not even Khitans, they are Turanian who went as far as NG to follow the Wolves of Steppes to revenge of them.

Honest question: Why should there even be a class restriction for races? It is just a label that is put on a char ingame, and it limits te options for customization pretty hard. For RP and immersion purposes it is interesting for myself which race I choose, but ingame reading a label on another toon pretty much breaks immersion, and in RP I am only intersted in what the character tells me about himself, not what the game labels it.
Restricting classes to certain races is, well, racist, and neglects all thoughts of people moving from one country to another, from people who travel, learn new things from foreign cultures, marry and have kids with people from other cultures. It would be really cool to be able to play every possible combination. The game itself is not consistend with the race restrictions, why should we be forced to it?


@Mussagana I’d give you x amount of money if you added a new class, The Raider!

Only Cimmerians and Khitans could choose the Raider as Class (Khitai side choosing Raider would make it a Hyrkanian Raider like Force suggested, since we don’t have Turanians as playable race.)

Similar to the Barbarian but different gameplay!

One Tree for Damage-output.

Another Tree for Mobility, Debuffs, Survivability and Crowd-Control.

(could also use all the budget from Mutant Year Zero and The Longest Journey and focus it on this class) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This may not be correct here, because of the subject. If so, sorry.

But since giving more classes to races (I would love a Stygian Soldier, since day one), then maybe take off the armor limitations for vanity armor?

It could give more freedom to our character immersion and imagination when we could visualize our character types the way they wanted.

For instance: the pictish light armor (skull face, bones and croc skin, I think) would fit well on a mage type character, don’t you think. And who couldn’t like to see an HoX PVEing spreading fire and slashes in heavy armor? Magic soldier type.

Since Vanity Armor only happens in PVE, I don’t think it should not be a problem for anyone, right? It permits each one to play more conform his/her tastes.

Besides: more armor in inventory and bank, more free slots needed. Ergo, more probable purchases, right?

In the meantime, as for story dialogue to the soldier class for Stygians. Maybe a decent Sound Editor User can do some word montage with the existent voices (thinking Nadini here) to construct a soldier version for stygians. Maybe it’s possible. I did things like that myself a few years back on a Multimedia Course, and I know they do them all the time in Cinema.

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I can understand that want to open current state of races to more class-achetype suggestions, but in it will counter a lot of care to designate understanding of the culture pertaining to the lore for the racial-backgrounds.

Sure the allowance of Cimmerians to Dark Templar, but it can be said for how Crom sees strength in other aspects but for the lore itself, maybe not so for truth to allow Cimmerians to fall into the realm of Blood Magic as Dark Templar. If anything the allowance of Aquilonia to fall prey to the sway of path to Dark Templar can be more palatable then Cimmerians.

In regards for having a dusked-skinned race… might I boldly suggest looking to story-arc of “Scarlet Citadel” by R.E.H. with the scheming plot of the Mad-King of Shem; to which maybe a introduction of Shemites is needed to quell the call for dusk-skinned soldiers.

Shemites statue suggested in lore of R.E.H. way different then the weak-armed dusk-skinned race of the Stygians to allow Soldier-achetype induction. Plus they have tons stories to introduce with Shem, Ophir (story-arc starts here with the queen tricking King Conan to send warriors to defend them from evading Shem) and especially with people knowing of their believers opposite of Stygia with Nameless Spider-God, Tarantula; maybe another Priest-type could be setup for Shemites.

(I figure a cross Barbarian/Rogue dual-wielding-Priest, essences like Bear Shaman, but Dark Templar leech and group-healing)

Think on this too… with would also open with this story-arc bringing a raid-setup plotlines like tier-two & three, but in Shem.

Or you know… we can make Turanians a playable culture with new class combinations unique to them. Just change Priest of Mitra to Priest of Erlik add some Turanians tattoos and boom. We’re done. They have the same dusky skin tone as stygians and it looks better on the devs part.



I can definitely like that, but Turanians are freebooters, pirates… they rarely have been known to be enslaved, let alone to substantiate their part of the destiny-quest.

Shem/Shemites offer more and lots more history/stories (Thanks R.E.H.!) with Kingdom and Mad-King of Shem to Conan, then Turanians


Definitely check out story, “Scarlet Citadel”… region of Ophir, Shem, Zamora and or Zingara, definitely Argos would be could be added for amazing travel-filled adventure to the save King-Conan and overthrow the plot of schemes against our Cimmerian-King

Does anyone care about the lore by now? Custom characters aren’t always meant to hold up to lore, they are custom characters not Canon or npc. This game should be about creating one self in world of Conan and having fun. So forget about following Conan lore, following the lore strictly only hurts the game.
When the race restrictions are indeed removed, the devs need to give us all a 1 time token for full customization (with class, gender and name lock) to make it fair.

And of course, ffs remove the vanity restrictions. Do that and population will surely boost. Not only that, unique characters will emerge as well. So much lost potential just because we are freaking stuck with some really garbage looking gear in lighter class armors and can’t use heavier. Sure, no weapons vanity is fine, I agree it might be hard to implement with current UI. I don’t mind nor care. But armor? There’s no excuse.

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“Does anyone care about the lore by now?”

There are many who do. Hence an actual discussion (and multiple previous discussions over the years) about how to best impliment new classes/races to the game in a way that makes sense with the lore the game is based on and the liberties Funcom has taken.

“This game should be about creating one self in world of Conan and having fun”

Yes. And you know how some people do that in this game? By reading up on the lore and basing their characters around that. And now that you can get vanity gear of any class’s raiding gear, skin tones, etc, you pretty much have no limits on it other than in game class.

Ok, so they have fun by following the lore sure, I don’t judge, but why other people must be forced into it as well? The game would be way better off with no racial limitations. Sure you might not agree, but not everyone agrees on everything.

Raid vanity gear, and? If that’s all there is, that’s pretty garbage. I find cooler gear outside of raids, and actually bother to grind those more. Sure, I’m talking about myself here now, but there are many others who consider raid gear garbage looking and hunt for dungeon gear. What is the problem tho? All that gear is limited by classes even in vanity slot. Which is stupid.
As for customization, the current customization system post char creation is pretty garbage. I would rather pay a few bucks to be able to properly customise then be stuck with so little to change. Sure, you probably won’t agree but like I said before, not everyone agrees on everything.

Zingaran and Argoseans play the part of freebooters, Turanians less so. There are many classes suitable to their culture. And anyone can be a slave. Hyboria goes by antiquity standards, not those of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Anyone can become a slave if they find themselves on the losing end of conflict, war, or banditry.

Zingarians always seemed to me from the iterations by R.E.H. to be sells words, think of Conan’s past with the Zingarians. Also they are worshippers of God of Thieves, Bel… may not be so much of the Soldier/Priest-Archetype how framed to lorewise with Age of Conan, with respect to R.E.H., but framed more to Rogue and Mage-achetype; maybe a new class can be from them with their barbarisms to develop a racial-class under Rogue-Archetype as like a Reaver.

Hmmm… Reaver; days of Conan, the Reaver!

Argosians, I would have to research more… thought are they not a strong player in the Kingdoms of trade and City rivals that of Aquilonia?

Turanians though under the subject of slavery have been more of buying your freedom with sword for which ever regime-army is professing control over the desert lands; very few Zingarian-ships I would figure nor even slave hands would venture to the Coast to of Turanians to enslave footbooter-militants or pirates, I figure.

Zingara and Argoseans are the biggest maritime nation’s in Hybroia. While zingarans are less likely to be full blown pirates flying their own flag they can often be seen as free booters and privateers as a means to harass Argoseans trade vessels without starting a war.

Also, the roots of the red brotherhood is Argos.

Slavery in Hybroia is like slavery during antiquity, rampant. Everyone enslaved everyone, slaves often taken from saced towns and pillaged villages. Slaves are the spoils of war, it then should no surprise for turanian to become enslaved as are any other nation’s in Hyboria… just unlikely.

That still doesn’t really give much. Devs for certain too lazy to add new stuuf to the game.

Oh man, you have spiked my intrigue… maritime nations, oh my if Funcom had more staff they could make it a dream come true to see in Age of Conan!

Even more intriguing we can further delve deeper into the story-arc of Red Brotherhood!

Everyone can agree that this game has so much to offer and there is so much to expand upon it. It is why so much of us cling on to this game. We as a community see the potential and hope that one day that potential will be fully realized.

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