Our base every day lose stability and falls

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Every day (2) our ceilings, walls and pillars did lose stability and cause that our base falls at center.

We have the base in the desert gutter cave, we have built in ceil, all black structure walls with foundations, fences and at top with pillars and foundations hangs from black structure ceil, and walls and pillars.

Two days with same problem, all built in center had been dismantleled :frowning:

This night i try to put a image :frowning: The event log only said “black ice wall lost stability” message.

Some pictures are indeed still helpful, but maybe it’s because of the place ?

Still infos are great, pictures, log-event infos you got, and look around with a repair-hammer, look at stability. Maybe some clues.

a plus of information.

Yesterday all ceils had as min 40 of stability.

it’s a bug, no doubt @vattende i have so many hours building.

@Ignasi tell me it’s have been fixed on test live in my topic

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