Over Building / Lag / Hitching / FPS loss / Rubber Banding

Why are you allowing players to build cities in the game there already is a city players shouldn’t be taking up so much space that it causes the system fan to speed up do to it trying to render what is there as far as I’ve seen console vs PC version is way lagged out running the game on Ultra or even cinematic mode runs so smooth but soon as you lower the settings for the video down to around where the PS4 - PS4 Pro would be low to medium only do you start to feel a slight amount of lag nothing compared to console experience the lag can be so intense.

You get kicked off line or simply freeze in place same goes for the PS5 as many are posting the same experience buildings rendering taking a long time , animals invisible there has go to be limits players don’t need every thrall the game has they don’t need every animal they don’t get all the stats limitations don’t hurt specially those in PVE that’s the worst not like nothing is being raided or killed a base with no more then 1,000 pieces to a structure is more then enough.

learn to play the game even the best PVP player is raidable except those over build on purpose causing connection to drop the game on PC runs smooth at 30+ FPS anything lower the lag starts to kick in rubber banding even in the game with no buildings there are areas the game just has issues causing hitching FPS will hold stable 100+.

Then all the sudden it just drops out of no where to 15 and lower to the point on PC side it will actually crash Battle Eye since PlayStation doesn’t show us the FPS like PC that would be the same exact issue video card reaches a point it’s being over used to fast the lag / hitching / rubber banding starts and how it ends depends.

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