Past time for a TOS update

And I’m sure we’ll have it again.

That’s a bit of a myth when it comes to performance. Only real difference is health for pvp. The performance impact is pretty much zilch. Sandblock hut is ugly as hell, but the only lag of note is the inability to not dry heave when seeing it.


I could, but I have better things to do.

I’ll give you this, though: it has much fewer holes in it than the limit on foundations, or building pieces, or any similarly simplistic numeric limit.

But in the end, the point remains the same: we’re still going to need rules, and we’re still going to need admins to enforce them, and they’ll still do their work without offering any warnings before or explanations after, and they’ll still have more work than they can accomplish, and tickets will still get auto-closed after a while, and we’ll still see a bunch of people come to the forums to complain about all of this.

Oh, and we’ll still have people saying "but I don’t waaaaaant to do X :pouting_cat: ", whether X is “have to make an effort to report someone”, “have to read the rules”, or “have to play by the rules”.

Which is precisely why I’m pushing so hard against this.

I supported the follower limit, loudly, because I was convinced it was going to solve the problems it was supposed to solve. Then they implemented it without activating it, and I kept asking them to activate it, again loudly, because I was convinced it was going to solve the problems it was supposed to solve.

You know where this is going, right?

It didn’t solve those problems.


I don’t know, but I remember seeing it. You really, really should report them. If it’s truly 1/3 or even just 1/5 that ends up vanishing, that would mean your server had serious problems and you’ve actually helped improve it. If not, then you would have to start questioning your own beliefs about the rules, rather than espousing them confidently without having tested them :wink:

That’s the most depressing thing about this. By now we all know that people who want to enforce their own ideas about rules via gameplay mechanics are not going to listen to any reasonable arguments.

If we say your solution isn’t good without going into details, you’ll just insist that it is and even ask why. If we explain why, you’ll say it’s too long to read and post a yawning emoji and say we’ll have this discussion again later.

I think that says more about what the real problem is than anything else on these threads about the rules.

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Anyways. I am in the process of moving. Hopefully, I’ll get some mercy and not be banned. After 3000 hours with no issues, I’ll just build something nice somewhere else. I am not married to a location.

But I am going to make something nice. That I enjoy and if I get banned for my creativity, then bleep it.

It will just take a teleport pad to move all my thralls over. I assume that is not a TOS violation. Teleport pads I mean. I don’t want to use two out of my 4 if I’ll get banned.

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It wouldn’t be a ban it would be a time out.

The depressing part is we know there is an issue, we have already agreed on probable solutions. But till funcom implements something we will continue to periodically have this same discussion about probable solutions, partial solutions, and perceived solutions.

This is a fascinating point that I confess to have totally overlooked until now: it’s possible for someone to come build at a forbidden spot because the content that shouldn’t be blocked by players has already been despawned by someone else’s base.

This actually made me change my mind about one thing. Up until now, my position was that it would be nicer if Funcom gave out warnings before acting on a report, but that it’s not worth increasing their administrative workload. Now that I’ve read this, I think that they should do it. (But they probably want, because it really would increase the workload a lot.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually sympathetic to your case, but you really shouldn’t rely on the community consensus on an official server. If you aware you’re breaking the rules, take steps to rectify that even if everyone else on the server is okay with it, because it only takes one report to ruin your day.

As Deacon pointed out, that’s also a no-no. Purely decorative builds are, unfortunately, against the rules.

Yeah, but you and I both know that’s not why he’s doing this. There are people who like making other people miserable.

I’ve only reported one build so far. I did it because the build despawned an armorer spawn, and the owner didn’t give a shіt when I mentioned it. I didn’t hang around waiting for their loot or anything, because the loot is not the point.

If someone reports you and then hangs around for your loot, it says something about them. Unfortunately, their intentions don’t have to be pure. If you broke the rules, you broke them, and it doesn’t matter who reported you and with what ulterior motives. :man_shrugging:

Not specifically, by name, but the rule you broke is clearly against it:

You blocked some pretty important content: a world boss.

Good decision :slight_smile:

I confess I haven’t read all the back-and-forth between you and the rest, so I apologize if there’s some nuance I’m missing. That said, there’s no numeric limit on transportory stones :wink:

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@Hexsing Something to point out here… when Codemage says one report, it doesn’t have to be a report against you, it could be a report made against someone in the general area and if the GM sees your build, you can get hemmed up as well.

There is a consensus that they only look at screenshots in a narrow view, but this actually isn’t true. The amount of time spent investigating and the extent of what they do isn’t entirely known. But due to the fact that some have reported mass bans before indicates that if they see something else wrong, they’ll act on it. And if there is a string of violations leading to your base, you could be actioned as apart of that, even if the initial report was something several map squares away.

I think a GM taking initiative and acting in a more active role is conflated as mass bans or report meta. This isn’t suggesting they randomly log in servers and snoop around. There’s probably too many tickets for them to do that. But its not too far of a stretch to suggest there may be some days where they are caught up on tickets and may actually take a bit more time to glance around when already in an area.



I asked if the 4 teleport pads we were given were against the TOS and if I should wish to use themm (LOL. I honestly thought it was for per person and 2 per clan member). I was advised that it depended. Same with wheels, and the same with outposts. Everything just depends. I think they should give warnings (I have not received any communication that what I did was incorrect until I signed into the forum today). But, I am resolving it.

“Depends” are what people crap in, not an answer to ambiguous rules. It’s like. Did he rob the bank? That depends. It is way too subjective, and even more so when you can choose who the “Depends” belongs to.

I think that was my main concern.
My protest was more about the prospect of choosing whom you wish to throw the TOS at. For example, my build is small. I removed the tavern…but it was already in my controlled area, not outside. So no one would have been able to build there. But it has been rectified. I have removed it and am in the process of removing my main base.

The harsh reality is that I do not want to play a game with my friends, in which a few people dictate the rules. If I violated the rule, then yes, I will make it right. As mentioned this only just came up a week ago, and I was there since just after Sorcery came in, when I left Siptah.

Thanks, Taemien.

I appreciate the information. I have not been banned or even warned. I am rectifying issues on my end. But there has been nothing actually done that makes me think I would be banned or even warned. The parent post of which this spawned did quote where I lived, so I explained my part. After hearing CodeMage give me advice (yourself included) I am taking care of things. It just takes a little to move things from one place to another.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Well, yes. Is it against the rules to have an outpost? No. Does that mean you can, for example, build an outpost that encloses a lore tablet? Hell no :slight_smile:

No, it’s not like “Did he rob the bank?” It’s like “What constitutes reckless driving?”

I’m aware that not every country necessarily has laws about reckless driving – not even every state in the US has them – but those are a perfect analogy for what we’re talking about. Here’s a definition from one of the states:

Note that it doesn’t say you have to be speeding. It doesn’t enumerate what kind of driving behavior constitutes “willful or wanton disregard”. It doesn’t go into any of those details.

Some states also offer a list of definitions of what automatically constitutes reckless driving (e.g. driving 25 mph over the posted speed limit), but even those don’t limit the definition, i.e. you can’t say to the judge “but I was only driving over 10 mph over the speed limit, therefore I was not driving recklessly”.

People keep complaining about how the rules are “subjective”, as if we didn’t have subjective rules in real life. It’s naive. We have plenty of “subjective” rules in real life. We’ve had to deal with them since we were kids, and we still have to deal with them as adults.


Also I might add, asking a judge in passing about whether something is reckless driving will get a response like “I’d have to see a case presented to me in court to give an opinion.”


“Just logged in to a public beta server. Read them rules, all up in your face”.

Thread has been up for nearly a week and someone finally figured out there’s a rule update :laughing:

Great job @DeaconElie you’re one of the few that checked it out.

See that is in the first post. I read through that and thought funcom is getting up in your face with the rules.
Imagine every time you log in you have to agree to each section of the rules. Not just click and go, or scroll and click and go, scroll, click, scroll, click, scroll…

Maybe during that time in front of people eyes they might actually read it.
Ya I couldn’t type it with a straight face either.

A better Conan Exiles would be one that requires no moderation. The ToS we have is not very efficient, because most players don’t read it. I’d like more game systems to prevent overbuild, exploiting etc.
In practice, changing game core mechanics to prevent players from hurting eachother works best. Right now, ToS is like “i’m going to give you this metal sharp knife, don’t go hurt other people with it” and expect thousands of players to comply with that. Would be better if the knife was a dull plastic object. Seeing how Zendesk is overwhelmed with tickets, ToS is not working. Expecting players not to over build is not working.

I’ve reported players for blocking bosses, and I got “hope the issue solved on its own” so many times. There’s also the fact that you put all that effort to make a report and player gets 24h ban, but they log in once a week and don’t even notice the ban. The boss is still blocked and the offenders couldn’t care less.

At least make new players to have a locked window with the ToS on display for 20min, they can’t get out of, before they can move their character and highlight “overbuilding is bad!!”.

Got my 5th one of those today. What is the point if admin is just going to blow reports off. One of the reasons I lean toward a automated system.

Seriously, set us up to be the server cops, then ignore our reports. Make me feel bad reporting someone, then make me mad by ignoring my report.

The way I look at it for every “they ignored my report” you see in the forum I’d bet you don’t see 30.
For every person that comes on convinced they are banned, or got the failure to retrieve error and complained, figure at least 10 didn’t.
For every post from some one that got a time out and lost “years of play time” there are 10 that don’t get here.

As far as I’m concerned anything that costs the game players, that can be fixed, needs to be on the priority list. And the poorly defined, haphazardly enforced TOS is costing the game players.

Have you considered this is already occuring?

When people talk about mass reports… It isn’t a couple reports and isn’t what you think. That’s again, all I will say on this specific subject.

Hmmm thinken they have some automation for collision detection, or under map hot spots.

None the less I’ve come to the conclusion that if funcom wants me to be the server sheriff, I need a gun and a badge.

There is a POI protection system for certain spots. My guess is it is too performance hungry to use widespread, or using it broadly would mean very few places to build when it tries to detect.