PC Hotfix (20.12.2018)

hotfix didn’t fix anything for me or friends, my friends have stopped playing, kind of sucks.

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This hotfix didn’t fix the issue for me, either.

I think there is a problem with bee harvesting from plants on official PVE server. At least no bees harvested with star metal sickle after the patch. So if recently i can gather 5+ bees from 10 plants, now there are no bees at all from 30 plants. Hardened steel sickle don’t gather bees either.

I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year :angel:


I am not religious, except for RP purposes, but hey, nicely done!

TLDR; We are showing you the problem/symptom via multiple videos and your developers are ignoring us, once again i’ve made a video which shows you the symptom of the problem. Don’t release hotfixes if all they are is hotair. STOP THE DLC, FIX THE BIG BUGS RE-PRIORITISE PLEASE

The micro-stuttering is caused by loading of distant textures and is repeatable by going anywhere on the map where you counter a micro stutter, typically 10 seconds in any direction from any starting point.

Run back and forward until you see the texture change in the distance. I used the ‘stat unitgraph’ command to show you the draw-calls at the actuation point.

Tested on Ultra & low settings.

This hotfix doesnt solve the problem. I’m not technical enough to know how to fix it as i’m not a programmer but i can tell you the symptom of the problem is visually changing textures in the distance causing micro stutter.

There’s so many videos on a thread about this specific issue here, and the effort that has gone into making these for your developers have been completely ignored, and this patch proves it because it doesnt fix it and should have never been pushed out without testing it, which literally takes 10 seconds to re-test…


Unfortunately for us, most of them are on holiday like we are. Personally, I hope they are enjoying it and having fun.

While I agree with what you say, and show in the video, I can repeatedly experience a half second delay while looking at the ground or walking backwards.

I agree with your analysis if loading the next cell is a function of distance, but I’m like you, not a programmer.

Enjoy the holidays !

Merry Christmas Funcom and everyone!

Official Server PvP EU
Bug: Lag/Performance Issue
I don’t know if this was already patched in the latest TestLive version, but I noticed something recently, that maybe could help you guys.
When i am standing in front of the volcano forge and moving the cursor to hit my forge slot (which by the way is very annoying and should be taken care of at sometime), I was able to locate a spot which seems to provoke a lag spike. It had nothing to do with the viewable enviroment, nor did you see the inventory of the forge, however it felt like the game had to process some kind of information related to the focused object (forge/bench). This might not be related to the lag spikes while running over the map but since this happens always at this spot, you maybe can reproduce and analyse this issue better.

Still getting stutters in single player.

No mods
Fresh character
No bldgs


For my wife and me, its still rubbering with heavy like spikes like befor, we dont know where they come from, but if we look around, move / run, on high or low settings, they are still there. Hope there will be some fixes soon / later to make it much more enjoyable, thx for the updates, keep working :slight_smile:

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Oficial Server PVE-C 1977 South America
Bug: Totally bugged
This server is facing severe issues.
It is not possible to equipe weapons and tools.
Even if you got lucky and manage to equipe a tool, it is not possible to chop up trees or get stones or any resource.
Wild animals and/or enimies do no get aggro.
In summary, it is tottaly broken.

Offical Server PvP
Region: EU
Bug: “Ice Tea” doesn’t provide described buff

Upon consumtion you receive a hint message of regenration but there is no effect running.

Side note: There is a typo in the item description of “Ice Tea” and “Herbal Tea”, too. You can see text formatting comands.

Cook and consume Ice Tea while being injured.
Notice no health regenartion but

Hey everyone,

For performance and stuttering/related issues, could you also post your feedback on this thread? This way it helps us keep track of this issue.

Thank you!


I play on 3 servers and the offline mode. I literally can not play on any of them beczuse of this stuttering. If this id the board to track issues. Some get me a tracking number. This is beyond infuriating.


i have this problem. not sure what to do. everything else works fin or if you can not see it look at my profile. i have a picture posed there.

[Uploading: image.png

Hey @patrick1964

I cannot see the picture you’re trying to share. If it is related to stuttering issues, could you try to share your feedback on this thread? Performance issues Feedback thread - Stuttering, lag

Made New video of stutter on testlive


Offical Server PvP
Region: EU
Bug: Game Crash

Since last Patch (not Hotfix) my game sometimes crashs or even the complete computer stops to operated and forces me to reboot. This happens occasionally while playing. Can’t make out any specifc event ingame related to this. But I didn’t had this issues a month ago.

Fight against Rhino´s still in them, can´t escape = dead
Game crash after select “Mods”
Trying go in a Modded Server crash sometimes after 500 try´s hey it works.
COmbat is much better only rhino´s still bugged.
Much server running very bad.
Laggs and Fps Drops are very high now.

Waiting for next patch still not playable to enjoy.

I keep coming back to this video, dang you’re really good. Thanks for demonstrating all the “hitch points” so well, as some coincide with achievements and leveling notifications. I played last night on a new server for four hours straight and it wasn’t until I reviewed the video I saw the same things. Mighty props.