PC Hotfix (20.12.2018)


I keep coming back to this video, dang you’re really good. Thanks for demonstrating all the “hitch points” so well, as some coincide with achievements and leveling notifications. I played last night on a new server for four hours straight and it wasn’t until I reviewed the video I saw the same things. Mighty props.


That looks great


Server #3780 & 3785

All i get is stuttering. Cant even play the game because of it. When will this end?


I have already pointed to these problems already after the mother of all patches. Developers do not care. I do not mind doing anything. I would have been to return the game to the day of the release and start over again


We have been having issues on our server.
The emotes cause rubber-banding and we have to use a new emote to stop it and sometimes that does not work either.
We have severe micro stuttering as well.
Sometimes the thralls sink into the ground and then stop helping.
When we walk away from cooking, or the stables for maybe 1 minute and come back whatever was in there is either A. spoiled or B. has disappeared.
The game freezes at death and the character goes into a ‘T’ pose and you do not know what happened until you’re suddenly naked.
Farming is sometimes difficult because you have to walk away and go back in order to get what you need from the animal you just killed.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


The LAG is a horror, soon a rabbit can kill me.
please fix it !!!


Also, a new development in my server is that the dancers have a weird judder around them when they are dancing. It is as if they are running at a separate frame rate than what you have the world set to. If you activate v-sync while your frames are capped at 60fps, it looks like the dancers are at 30fps. If you cap the frames at 30fps they look like they are at 15fps.

Thank you!


I have the same exact issue where my dancers are stuttering or lacking the frames on the animation no matter what settings I use


We have all of these issues on our servers too…


Hello. I went into the garbage collection setting as posted in another thread and noticed that the lag spikes were non existant to the point where I didn’t even notice them. I turned the following to false.


I made a new character and recorded some random gameplay. This is on singleplayer testlive.




We have a new hotfix available for the PC version of Conan Exiles.